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I was not a fan of this past season of SVU, and I didn't like Meloni's "Emmy" ep for various reasons, but um...

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I'm still majorly pissed/emo/upset/squicked about last night's SVU. UGH UGH UGH. It was possibly the one and only time in the history of ever that I yelled the words, "NO, MELONI, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF." I couldn't even enjoy the ass shot, LE SIGH. Plus, canon is so fucked now on so many fronts. The good news? Perhaps now there can be a sense of fandom unity in that the Oliska fangirls can make peace with the sane fans the Meloni fangirls and there can a mass hating of Dick Wolf and Neal Baer.

God, if the rumors of Chris leaving the show a year early are true, I will be full of joy.


So I've been pretty quiet about the whole news about Lost ending in 2010. I'm pleased that ABC as well as Carlton and Damon can come to their freaking senses and realize that things cannot continue the way they are currently, and that they're not falling victim to the Chris Carter School of Mythology Writing. But if casual viewers weren't willing to stick it out for a four month hiatus, who's to say they'll last the rest of year waiting for a new season? I've become very pessimistic when it comes to this show, and maybe that's why, deep down, my reaction is really "meh". I guess three 16 episode seasons can only serve to make the show better in the end.

I feel bad for the cast, though. Remember the good old days when they all hung out and had parties and there was RPS everywhere? Yeah, pretty sure those days are long gone. And that makes me sad.


Since I don't want to end this post on a downer, has everyone seen David Hewlett's "apology" for the white nerd rap? OMG, I want to sew labels into his shirts that say "100% Made of Awesome". :D
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ETA: Okay, I'm just going to pretend that NEVER, EVER HAPPENED.

Oh, Elliot.
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"Chris Meloni in a groundbreaking performance..."


Oh man, I am SO EASY.

ETA: [ profile] rhymephile FTW. As usual.

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Happy Birthday to my darling Lynn (i.e. [ profile] themoononastick)! ILU! I don't have any RPF offerings for you, alas, although if you want, leave me a prompt and I can try to work something out. ♥

In other news, I should not be reading SVU spoilers at 8:30 in the morning. I'm now all grumpy.

SVU: "Sin"

Mar. 27th, 2007 10:02 pm
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I love how I form all these coherent, insightful, critical comments in my head as I'm watching, and then Stabler walks in wearing this blue polo with, like, the collar up, and then aaallll those shiny thoughts melt into "OMGSQUEE!!!!1" I believe this is what's commonly known as fangirl regression.

(P.S. I suck and forgot to wish [ profile] emiliglia a happy birthday, so yay you! Hope it was fun!)
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ZOMG, tonight's BSG? IS GOING TO MAKE ME SHIP LEE/SAM. I just...oh. *swoon*

And woot for Firefly fandom representation!

While I'm here, I want to state for the record that my new layout does not make me a hypocrite. I just really, really love this pic.

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So I'm talking to my lovely gay co-worker about SVU, and I start telling him about this week's episode:

Me: OMG, you should've seen what Olivia was wearing--a jumper with this white frilly blouse underneath. And her hair's always in a ponytail.

Co-worker: Was this a very special episode of Blossom?

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So I started this in honor of [ profile] tietuckluv's one year anniversary, but then [ profile] rhymephile proves once again that I lose at fangirling. Alas, I'm not as cool as you all think I am. :P



Feb. 20th, 2007 09:26 pm
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Dear local NBC station,

Yes, I'm quite aware of your "technical difficulties", thanks. Please to be fixing them NOW. Watching SVU like some kind of badly dubbed Hong Kong action movie is not the funnest thing ever.

No love,


On the other hand...

OMG LEEEE. Holy crap, you guys, HIS HAIR. It's...dark. O_O And ack, corpse!Lee, nooo...*cries*

ETA: *kills local NBC affiliates*

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*face palm*

Wha...I...just...NO. It's even worse hearing the words SAID OUT LOUD.

My Agent Meloni!Lust party has been seriously rained upon.

ETA: SOMEONE PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED ON THE CHRIS CHAT. I'm too tired and too afraid of rabid teenies to do it myself.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 07:16 pm
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IT'S LIKE MINE AND [ profile] arabella_hope's LOVE CHILD.
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Why You Should Watch Battlestar Galactica by [ profile] ack_attack. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Please, I need more BSG people on my flist. I've yet to really get into the fandom side of things besides being harrassed by babbling with [ profile] shleemeri and [ profile] rhymephile (and now [ profile] demonqueen666), but I'm really starting to think I need to. Anyone want to rec me some fic? I am not a raging Kara/Lee fan, but I'm willing to read things that do a good job showcasing the complexties of their fucked up pilot love. XD

That picspam also makes me suddenly realize that James Callis is ungodly hot. OMG. *pants* This show is loaded with pretty.

On a slightly different note, GUESS WHAT I'M DOING THE NIGHT OF FEBRUARY 13TH?! You get two guesses, and the first one is wrong.
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[ profile] arabella_hope linked me to a default icon drabble meme, and here's what my brain came up with in five minutes:

100 words exactly )

Go try it, it's fun!
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via Ausiello: "In related news, Chris and Mariska are on the verge of inking brand spankin' new deals with NBC. In fact, the paperwork may already be signed by the time you read this."

OH THANK SWEET BABY JESUS. NBC grew a brain!! (And LOL, [ profile] rileyc, I concur--I hate it when Ausiello Monkey makes me happy. This ALMOST makes up for him saying Lee always plays villains.)

ETA: Straight from the horse's mouth: "The drama is past and here are the facts. It looks like I'll be back for 2 more years on SVU. The negotiations were unpleasant to say the least (I'll have much more to say about that when my responsibilities to the show are done). I'm a proud little worker bee for NBC."

Um. I don't even want to know. Bastards. *hums in semi-blissful ignorance*

Entertainment Weekly thinks Children of Men was snubbed. I feel slightly vindicated.

Tricia Helfer, aka THE HELF, is going to be on SPN? Damn you people, I am determined not to watch this show again. For you SPN Heads who don't watch BSG, um...The Helf is Teh Hot and pwns Jensen's pretty.

And since I'm on the topic of BSG, I have a comment to make about this week's ep. It's probably not a popular comment by any means, just to warn--what, the five of you on my flist who watch? Heh. But anyway, BSG spoilers )
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[ profile] shleemeri, that Canadian dude is joining SVU.

If this a replacement and not an addition, I'm boycotting NBC.
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I've never seen "Class", and now that I have, um, WHY has no one ficced that Elliot backstory?! I mean, come ON--young, working class Stabler gets jumped by a bunch of rich preppies and he almost kills one in the struggle, only to be arrested by said kid's lawyer father?

*flails at possibilites*

People. Don't me make write this. I have enough shit on my plate.
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So I'm iced into my house and realize that I'm out of regular coffee. There's only decaf...which seems kind of pointless on a Saturday morning, LOL. I'm also a crabby old wench who just yelled at the neighbor kids for sledding repeatedly into the side of my house; said crabbiness may have been helped with caffeine, but who knows.

I didn't post my reaction to this week's episode of The Office, so thoughts on 'Traveling Salesmen' )

I've missed Friday Night Lights two weeks in a row now. The first week I totally forgot it had moved to Wednesdays, and this week NCAA basketball thwarted me ONCE AGAIN. Ugh. So if anyone wants to catch me up, I'd appreciate it! :)

A final note to SVU fandom writers: "massive man meat" is not sexy. In any connotation. Ever.
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I want all the women on this show to LEAVE ELLIOT THE FUCK ALONE KTHX. OMG. *stabs out eyes*

Can we please make him gay now? Please?
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Oh, USA. Sometimes I hate you, but then you go and make the bestest SVU promo ads EVER.

Has everyone seen the one for the marathon today? Where Elliot double perp!slams a guy, then lightly slaps his face and says, "Now we're done?" SERIOUSLY, I KIND OF SWALLOW MY TONGUE EVERY TIME IT'S ON. Not to mention the "How many times can you watch a ball drop, anyway?" tag line. *dies*

I shouldn't be watching this. I must be writing. Make me stop, I have smut to produce before midnight night!


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