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Okay, that? I'm sorry, but right now Michael/Sara > Sawyer/Kate like there's no tomorrow. They win the het OTP game with me. Yup. OMG, that was good stuff. Dude, spoiler rambling )

You know how I mentioned earlier that this day was awesome? It now ends with awesome OTP goodness, [ profile] lee_love telling me that is referring to AMPed as "Spike TV's much-anticipated new show" (translation: IT WILL MOST LIKELY AIR :D :D :D), and [ profile] rhymephile capping TV Guide Channel's SVU edition of "InFANity", which gave me this:

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Dear Prison Break,

You and your insanity win at life. Don't ever change.

Love, Me
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Tonight's Prison Break:



And yet... )
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Spent the entire weekend at my mom's. Good times. Finally got to see V for Vendetta, which somehow convinced me that John Hurt and Sir Ian should play brothers.

I'm feeling very lazy at the moment, so here are my thoughts on tonight's Prison Break, c/p'd from my comments to [ profile] ficangel's review:

Prison Break 2.03 )

SVU marathon was fairly awesome today, seeing as how it was mostly season five, which I haven't seen a lot of. Why have I never heard anyone mention "Debt"?! PEOPLE. Anything with Stabler running around in gray t-shirts and beating the shit out of perps needs attention ASAP.
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My heart is exploding with LJ love.

Prison Break 2.02 )
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Upon rewatching "Riots, Drills, and The Devil", I've come to conclusion that the entire situation could've been avoided with a S.O.R.T. Team. But then, there wouldn't have been opportunity for prime OTP action, so eh. Still, Fox River needs some security revamping, yo.

27 hours and counting...
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The Prison Break DVD has an ink featurette. *ded*

Is it August yet?
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[ profile] halfdutch, here are some things that are helping the mood. :)

1. Prison Break season 2 promos
2. Wolf/Universal = awesome
3. frosted!Meloni part 1 and part 2 (THE EYES ♥)
4. nominations!
5. more nominations!
6. butter-yellow ties

I ♥ my flist.
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...HOMG. O_____O

a;slfslfdslfsdlfs )
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FUCKING FOX. Yes, let's show THE ENTIRE ESCAPE IN ONE PROMO. I realize this is a given, seeing as how the title is "Prison Break," but really. Fuck.

Thank you for completely spoiling me so effortlessly.

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I'm a picky bitch, I admit.

*sigh* )
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*stands up*

Hello, my name is Aleesha, and I shipped Veronica and Nick tonight.

It's not my fault, dammit )
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In which Michael does crazy!eyes better than Jack )

Quote of the Day Night:
"I need some tits, man!" --Justin to me after I called Oz my heroin. *win*
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In which I throw up in my mouth multiple times and start to wish I wasn't so in love with Oz right now.

It's like one giant episode of Lost )
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Michael + stubble = hottest thing on earth. That is all.

And the rest? OMG )
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I bought my copy of the new Vanity Fair today. Among other things, it is a) heavy and b) smells wonderful. I feel like I've been behind in not giving my full attention to this issue like everyone else, so now I'm making up for it. OMG. Tom Ford, you lovely, lovely gay man, you. I thank you for putting a naked Scarlett on the cover. She is Botticelliesque amd I adore her muchly.

Also, I'm slightly obsessed with this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I can't stop looking at it. It's like I told [ profile] shleemeri awhile back; I've often thought lately that Heath really is an old soul trapped in a young man's body, and that shot captures it so well, it's almost creepy. Just guh. I love him.

There has been some moping around my flist about the state of the season so far, and quite frankly, this is going to be my only attempt to comment on that )

And I'd just like to say how incredibly excited I am to see more peeps on my flist getting into Prison Break. OMG MARCH!!!!!!!!11 I'm going to rewatch my torrent of "Riots, Drills, and The Devil" and wish to god the PB fandom wasn't so crappy. :(

I've missed my OTP so much. There must be more Michael/Sara porn in my life.
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*insert expletive here*

I feel used. Bastards.

I don't wanna talk about it )
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Prison Break 1.12 )


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