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Reveals are up at [ profile] no_tags, and I'm actually really shocked no one guessed my fic, which was Won't Stop til it's Over. Jon/Spencer, restaurant AU, Jon's a manager of Spencer's cafe and they are ex-boyfriends still in love. IT WAS A STRETCH FOR ME, I KNOW, SHUT UP. Also, I can now thank [ profile] themoononastick for the very speedy beta. <3
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So everyone seems to be cleaning out their stalled fics, and I can honestly say I only have a few. Sadly, one of them is the Cruel Intentions AU, because I really can't figure out how to make this story not be completely miserable in the end. I don't like writing about making Jon sadface everywhere. :(

But first, here is 1000 words of a Brendon/Jon/Spencer fic that would've lead to a lot of porn at some point. *sigh*

Blindfold [WIP]
Brendon/Jon/Spencer | 1000 words

For once, Brendon was actually excited when the invitation arrived at the store. )

Aaaaand the infamous Cruel Intentions AU...

the kind you could sing [WIP]
Jon/Spencer | 2700 words

wanna see you have your way )
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Burn Out Brighter
Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon | 13,180 words | R

In which Lord Spencer Smith is kidnapped with his long-time servant, Jon Walker, and held for ransom.

Warning: A certain scene could be considered dub-con. Reader discretion advised.

Written for [ profile] bandom_hc and based (loosely, I'll admit) on prompt #150: A sex slave AU/random kidnapped-and-put-in-cages scenario where the Panic boys are forced to have sex with each other. Bonus if there's unrequited love. Lots of bonuses if it's between Ryan/Spencer. Huge, huge thanks to [ profile] lyo for all but writing the porn for me, and to my usual beta superheroes, [ profile] siryn99 and [ profile] themoononastick.

burn out brighter )
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what you need from me
baby!Panic | 1500 words | G

Greta never likes telling the boys that one of them is going to be absent for the day.

Today feels like a baby!boys kind of day. There are a lot of sad faces on my flist right now, so hopefully this will help. Like with most things written in this verse, this is unbeta'd, self-indulgent, and ridiculously fluffy. ♥

Jon Walker's mother calls that morning to let Greta know that Jon wouldn't be coming to daycare that day )
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shape the poet and the beat
gen, Jon-centric | 2180 words | PG

A chess game with Tom or tacos with his old high school bandmates doesn't really stand up to touring with Mark fucking Hoppus.

Why hello there, canon fic. Long time no see. :) Thanks to [ profile] wordsalone, [ profile] slowlikewine, and [ profile] siryn99 for beta help.

like starting from scratch )
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One Day We Will Sleep for Days
Brendon/Spencer, implied GSF | 2150 words | PG

"Hey," Brendon whispered, his eyes a little too bright. His breath came in thin white puffs of steam. "We should go in before we freeze. Okay?"

Spencer swallowed tightly, then finally nodded. "Yeah, okay." But he didn't move as he took one last look at the sky.

Sequel-ish coda-type thingy to I Dream a Nation of You set just after Jon and Ryan leave to rescue the dragons. You should probably have a vague idea of the storyline before reading this. :) Originally written for [ profile] sunsetmog, and then it somehow turned into my coping mechanism for the split. *hands*

Thanks to [ profile] slowlikewine, [ profile] amy13, and [ profile] shinshan for betaing!

we can wake up whole again )
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Let's Go, Don't Wait
Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer | 6400 words | NC-17

It's like a really cheesy horror movie, only no one is going to hack Brendon to pieces with a chainsaw. But being locked in an office building during a storm with his boss who happens to hate him might be just as bad.

Sequel to If It Kills Me, aka the FBI AU where Jon and Spencer are agents and Ryan is their boss. Oh, and Brendon's the brilliant tech guy who didn't get any screen time the first go around. He's getting his due this time. :D

Written exclusively for my amazing, awesome, wonderful [ profile] siryn99's super special birthday. I LOVE YOU, BB. ♥♥ I have been promising her Ryan/Brendon fic for AGES, including this very fic. LOL BLINK LYRICS.

Thank you to the ever-faithful [ profile] themoononastick for talking me through things, and to [ profile] universeunfold for the last-minute beta!

let's make this last forever )
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you can rest assured
baby!Panic | 1040 words | G

"See?" Vicky says. "Boys fight, but they don't stay mad."

I need this verse in my life right now, so. Here's some baby boys fighting and making up. Set in the baby!Panic verse that I like to goof around in. TOTALLY NOT BETA'D, because I'm at work and being ridic.

For everyone who needs a pick-me-up. ♥

Greta thinks it was sometime this morning, when she broke out the Fischer Price band set )
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So, because I needed something self-indulgent, and because I spent a good part of today emailing [ profile] siryn99 about a Far and Away AU, I wrote what basically amounts to the scene in the empty house.

If you've never seen the movie, um...there's angsty kissing? *hands*

want, too [far and away au]
Jon/Spencer | 2000 words | PG-13

at this point, Jon figured they had nothing else to lose )
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Tell Me About Your First Kiss
baby!Panic | 3200 words | PG

Brendon gets up on his knees and spreads his hands out, almost like he's preaching. "It's like, everyone needs to get their first kiss out of the way, y'know?"

Slightly belated for Valentine's Day, sorry about that! This is a continuation of my baby!Panic 'verse, although this takes place a few years before the puppy fic (actually, pretend that fic never happened. *cough*). Betad by [ profile] gobsmackit. ♥

never felt this way, not for real )
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(It's Not So Much the Words You Say) It's How You Use Your Lips
Panic GSF | 8000 words | NC-17

"You bought a love potion." Brendon's voice piped up out of nowhere, and Spencer would've rolled his eyes had he not been so unbelievably turned on.

So yeah, here's the love potion (i.e. sex pollen, whatevs) fic. This never would've happened without [ profile] harriet_vane making evil polls and [ profile] siryn99 coercing me through AIM. Needless to say, this is for both of them. Also, it's quite honestly the porniest thing I have ever written. To everyone who looked this over very kindly--[ profile] emilyray, [ profile] insunshine, [ profile] maple_mahogany, and [ profile] sinuous_curve--thank you. ♥ Ridiculously long title stolen from We Are Scientists.

it started like a faint tingling just under his skin )
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All I Want for Christmas is a Puppy (I Already Have My Two Front Teeth)
Jon/Spencer | 7500 words | PG

"I'm not getting him a puppy," Spencer said petulantly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Ryan gave a long-suffering sigh as he stood back up. "Would it make you feel better if all of us bought him a dog together?"

Aka, Jon's Christmas Puppy. This is technically a sequel to my baby!Panic verse, i.e. the one you love and that's what counts, only set ten years later. You don't really need to have read those, but it wouldn't hurt, I guess! Merry Christmas, and thanks to [ profile] harriet_vane for putting the idea of Brendon and Marley skateboarding into my head, and to [ profile] siryn99 for betaing. ♥

make my wish come true )
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I'm kind of more than a little giddy that so many of you enjoyed baby!Panic, even if it IS basically my puppy!fic, only with, you know, boys. You all are so good at putting up with my self-indulgences, LOL.

Speaking of baby!Panic, today is [ profile] emilyray's birthday, I believe, and I promised her a fic-ish sort of thing. So Happy Birthday, Em! I think you're pretty damn neat. ♥

that's what counts
baby!Panic, wee little Jon/Brendon | 526 words | G

do you know what love is? )
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the one you love
baby!Panic | 897 words | G

Greta's glad her daycare group was capped at twenty this year; it gives her more time to learn each kid's idiosyncrasies and how they interact with others.

Yes, they're five-year-olds. This is [ profile] harriet_vane's fault. And [ profile] wordsalone for telling me a stupidly precious story about a five-year-old asking to be her boyfriend. I want to be embarrassed for writing this, but I'm so, so not. :D

The kids are having their afternoon snack of peanut butter and bananas )
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King of Wishful Thinking
Jon/Spencer | 34000 words | NC-17

"I're a really great-looking guy." Jon absolutely does not blush harder. "You could have any guy you want for free, and for a lot longer than a week."

"Thanks for the flattery, but like I said, I don't have time for the bullshit of dating. I want a professional."

Epic Pretty Woman AU where Jon is a hooker with a heart of gold and Spencer is the rich guy who loves him. This entire thing would never, ever have existed were it not for [ profile] siryn99 and her constant cheerleading and handholding. What started as flailing in an AIM chat got, um, a little out of control. She also wrote a fantastic epilogue, which I'll link at the end. ♥ Many, many thanks as well to my insanely amazing betas, [ profile] flickerofyou and [ profile] sweetrecovery.

There's also a soundtrack, because I'm ridiculous like that.

cause i'm the king of wishful thinking )


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