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[Fontana] says that seeing Meloni and Tergesen in a fake romance was what inspired him to make it a real one: “The Keller/Beecher thing really grew out of the dynamic between the two actors, Chris and Lee, in the sense that my original intention was simply for Keller to be a classic sexual predator, using the Beecher character. But the chemistry between the two actors onscreen was such that I went, ‘Well wait a minute, there's more here and it's much more interesting than anything that I would have conceived of.' [...] It was exciting to see the dynamic between them, so that's why I stayed with that story in terms of Beecher's development as a character.”

Part of the chemistry between the two actors came from the extent to which they invested themselves in their roles, so that even in their unscripted moments they were believable as two men in love. In fact, over the next four seasons, some of their most memorable moments would be wordless: Keller casually running his hand over Beecher's arm; the look in Beecher's eyes when he goes in to visit Keller in hospital after he has been injured; Beecher anxiously running his fingers through his hair before going in to see Keller for the first time after a long separation. The way Keller pauses for a moment before turning around when Beecher says his name.

-- from here

Ten years, guys. ♥
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I'm taking a quick break from writing fic for [ profile] gpfg_studios OMG WTF to say that I watched "McKay and Mrs. Miller" today for the first time, which consisted of about forty-five minutes of me making cooing noises and saying "awww" about fifty gazillion times. Such love, GUH. *draws giant heart around Rodney* I must say that it's definitely my favorite SGA ep of all time (but I haven't seen "The Tao of Rodney" yet, so this may need to updated soon).

Fitting, because "Irresponsible" was probably, IMO, the worst ep of SGA EVER.

Anywho, this got me thinking about my favorite eps in all my fandoms. They are as follows:

Lost: "Outlaws", "Exodus Part 1", "Lockdown"

Oz: "Out o' Time", "Legs", "Cuts Like a Knife"

The Office: "Gay Witch Hunt", "The Injury", "Ben Franklin"

SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller", "Duet", "The Defiant One"

SVU: "Pandora", "Ripped"

BSG: "Home Part 1 and 2", "The Son Also Rises"

Firefly: "Heart of Gold", "Out of Gas"

Try it, it's fun!
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Yay for "new" SGA! I am so far behind the rest of fandom, but oh well. I like having something to look forward to on Friday nights, not to mention something Mr. Foxx and myself can watch together that's not related to Law & Order. *g*


For those of you who did not watch Friday Night Lights because you hate football/teen dramas/small town dramas/etc., you are so wrong pretty much missed out on one of the best new shows of the season. Please go see this post, and while you're at it, go read this. I bawled like a small child during the season finale, and I swear Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton make THE BEST married couple ever portrayed on television. I hate football and I'm not big on teen-heavy shows, but my god, my heart swells with love for this show.


Want to know how "Safety Training" really ended? Go read [ profile] juteux's Ten Thousand to One. Jim, Pam, and the bouncy castle. The end.


I may or may not be writing my Lyrical Spring Challenge fic for [ profile] oz_rapsheet around a Christina Aguilera song, thus ruining my rep forever.
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I've written 1,000 words so far of Chapter 7 of "Small Favors". Just in case certain inquiring minds wanted to know.

But my DVD of The Apartment is missing. WOE. :(


Mar. 7th, 2007 06:41 pm
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For those of you who didn't know, C5 Archive is back up!! YAY!
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I have the SVU marathon playing on every TV in my house. O_O

Ugh, [ profile] colleendetroit just posted this B/K vid and it is glorious and beautiful and has rendered me speechless and emo. OH BOYS. ILU SO.

Concerning my fic challenge: I'm thinking of doing a lyrics challenge. I wasn't around in fandom to do the Oz Lyric Wheel, and while I'm not going to copy it, I was going to compile a list of song lyrics and use them for prompts. I'm by no means a fan of song!fic, but I do like using lyrics for inspiration. Y/N? What does everyone think?
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See, this is why I love new shows with Oz alums--they get interviewed about Oz regardless of the show they're currently on. :D

The Black Donnellys interview with Kirk Acevedo via [ profile] thatlldopig:

UGO: Kirk, every time I talk to someone who was on "Oz" I ask what they think about how quickly the sixth season wrapped up. I feel that everything happened too fast.

KIRK: HBO wanted to pick us up for another two or three years. But [Oz creator] Tom [Fontana] was like "No. Let's go out." A lot of us were ready to go. I felt that the second and third seasons were amazing. Four and five I don't remember. Six I only remember because it was the last. But you're right. They were trying to put too much into that one season.

UGO: Did you feel there was a satisfying end for your character?

KIRK: No. Me personally, I didn't buy it. But Tom did write that before the anthrax scare really happened. It was really weird foreshadowing.

**Note to Chris and Lee--you see?! It's okay to talk smack on season 6 in public. You'll still live to see another day!
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I have suddenly been attacked by the urge to host another writing challenge. This is probably what happens when I drink WAY too much coffee on WAY too little sleep. :P

Anywho, I posted this over at [ profile] oz_rapsheet, but I'm a little vague on the general concept. Should I do another prompts list, a la [ profile] drunk_fic? Is the "spring cleaning" idea lame? I need some guidance and reassurance that I'm not being a total goober. Which is normal for me, so never mind.



Feb. 21st, 2007 12:17 pm
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The Oz Drabble Tree

Explanations are here, as [ profile] ozsaur, who is quite of teh awesome, is basing this off same such Drabble Tree done in the SGA fandom.

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Ohhhh, JOY. I just spent a good hour and a half on the phone with my best friend in Boston, whom I'm going to see in nine days (!!!!!!!!!), and she starts telling me about this movie coming out that has Dean Winters (whom she loves) in it. So I ask her if she caught his guest role on 30 Rock, which she hadn't, and then I very casually (I swear) start in on Oz:

Me: You know, you really should watch him on Oz. I think you'd like it.
Her: I've thought about watching Oz, but I'm afraid it'll freak me out.
Me: How about I bring a couple of seasons out with me and I show you some episodes and you can decide if you want to watch more?
Her: Yeah, that sounds good.
Me: [*spazzes*]

And then, like, five minutes later:

Me: Oh, and I can show the episodes when Chris Meloni first shows up.
Her: Oh, yeah, I forgot he's in that.
Her: ...
Me: I mean, yes. He's in it.

OMFG I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. I'M GOING TO SHOW OZ TO MY BFF!! This might possibly be a very, very scary thing, as she has no idea of the extent of my love. She barely knows about my Lost love, and even that hasn't ever been full disclosed.
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Since "Oz episode picspam" almost tied with the "favorite boyz picspam" in my poll, and because I owe [ profile] luci_2 a Sister-Pete-being-seduced-by-Keller picspam, and because [ profile] callmerizzo wanted something Beecher-centric...and because I'm just a big ol' whore...I give you an Oz season three picspam featuring the fun of "U.S. Male", "Cruel and Unusual Punishments", "Secret Identities", and of course, "Out o' Time". And no, I didn't cap Keller in lingerie. Sorry. :P This will most likely kill your dial-up, too.

Oh, and gratuitous caps of O'Reily for [ profile] crystalkirk and [ profile] hkath. :D

And that's what this has all been about, hasn't it? )
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I finished my review of the Oz fandom for [ profile] newbieguide. It's here if anyone wants to take a look and let me know if I missed anything. :)

(Apologies for that last post; I accidentally deleted it and was too lazy to go back and retype everything, LOL.)
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I usually resist pimping [ profile] sarkastic's B/K picspams because...well, I'd be spamming the shit out of you all quite frequently if I did. :P

BUT I ADORE THIS ONE. GO SEE. It's season four's greatest hits, yo. a;fsk;dfksd

And LOL, SVU in Germany is called Law and Order: New York?! I don't know why I find this so fucking hilarious, but it is. That's like...Laguna Beach: California. Or something.

I am skipping the gym to stay home and finish the next chapter of Small Favors for [ profile] rhymephile. PLEASE NOTE MY COMMITMENT TO MY FLIST, KTHX.

ETA: ask;d;skf;sd!!!

Boys of Oz

Jan. 5th, 2007 04:43 pm
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Oz alums prove their weight.

Oz was an HBO drama about prison life so vividly depicted, so chillingly told, so violently real, so sexually charged, so brilliantly portrayed that many TV critics would rank it among the best series of all time.


Lemme put my fangirl hat on for a sec. While it bugs me that they site the run of the show starting in '99 instead of '97 (duh, research!), and that Eamonn Walker's main cast role on Justice is referred to as "reoccuring", AND they misspell Vern's name (although the irony kills me, OMG), I love that someone took the time to lay this all out. If anything, it's just proof that Dick Wolf truly is a whore for Fontana's cast, LMAO.

Except they don't list AMPed for Lee, which...makes me fret. >.>
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In case anyone was in any doubt, I win at Oz fandom. [ profile] bana76 asked me which ep had Keller confessing to his murders to Father Mukada (although for Bana, we'll just say Chris and Wong, LOL), and I said season four, "Word to the Wise", or 4.6. I was TOTALLY right. \o/

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Behind this cut, I give you many, many reasons why Beecher/Keller is pretty much the awesomest thing in the universe, and why my Meloni owns you and everyone else.*

*Unless you know absolutely nothing about Oz, you know that the following is NSFW. :D

I was remembering what hell felt like )
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Yes, I'm spammy tonight, wot of it? I'm making up for lost time.

[ profile] themoononastick, this rec is for you:

Eye of the Beholder by [ profile] rileyc

Much Ado About Nothing a la Beecher/Keller. Chris is Benedict, Toby is Beatrice, and all is right in my world.

Oh, love.

Dec. 10th, 2006 09:56 am
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All my O'Reily whores fangirls need to look at these icons. They're amazing, AND there are two season one Beecher/O'Reily icons, including the one I'm using here. THEY ARE SUCH CUTE LITTLE JUNKIES. ♥

To Do List:

* go to the gym
* write Christmas cards
* watch the rest of my BSG S3 eps only four more to go!
* watch more of my SGA S2 eps
* work on [ profile] oz_magi and [ profile] tietuckluv Christmas fics
* work on next chapter of Small Favors

And somewhere in there I need to do laundry, too. O_O
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Hi, could everyone on my flist stop having birthdays? Good grief. O__O

Since I fail and forgot it was [ profile] sarkastic's birthday yesterday, I give you:


*not dial-up friendly, and on the safe side, probably not work friendly

And many moooooooore )

P.S. For all the Lost girls on my flist having a birthday, you're next. :D
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[ profile] sparky77 on being brainwashed by Stargate: Atlantis: How can I resist the funny? And they way John Sheppard's hair sticks out at random angles apparently dependent on his current mood. It's like his hair is the world's most adorable mood ring or something. LMAO XD

But, I'm really thinking I fail at this fandom. I can't keep up with the fic and I've yet to watch any of the new eps. Bah.

On another fandom note, I am loathe to flail about the extreme awesome that is Battlestar Galactica because then [ profile] shleemeri will be able to MOCK ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. And yet...asldjsfsld. *flails* This is show is so unbelieveably good, it's insane. The acting and the plotting are right up there with Oz, I swear. And I'm in loooooove with the music--this show has the best soundtrack next to Lost, and like Lost, the show would not be the same without the music. I'm almost done with season two, and my only complaint is that Lee/Dee kind of makes me cry. :(

Oh, and "Final Cut" TOTALLY made me think of Oz and "Medium Rare", LOL, because I am incapable of separating my fandoms. Lee and Kara sing in the choir together, yo. *is a nerd*

Finally, before I head off to bed, everyone on my flist MUST watch this if you haven't already. Paul Newman and James Dean flirting. No words for the guh.
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Holy crap. Tonight was Oz Night on NBC, in case anyone didn't know. Prison Mike and Dean Winters!! YAY. :DDD

"I'd so rather be in prison."


If Michael had hit play and the Oz credits had started rolling, I would be in the ground dead right now.

GIP brought to you by [ profile] rhymephile, who is made of awesome.

Weather update: Um. Pretty much never leaving my house again until March. O__o


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