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OMG, I feel like I have been on a post-vacation hangover ALL WEEK. I have faked illness to get out of two separate social engagements, wtf. And today I have done nothing but nap, go to Starbucks, watch reruns of The Office, and read Big Bangs.

  • I am so happy that Pete's teasing us on Twitter about hearing the new Panic song. It could be a remake of a laundry detergent commercial jingle and I'd be happy, okay? NEW MUSIC. Man, if the new Panic album debuted close to the new MCR album, that would be amaaaaaaazing. I need new music/tours/interviews in my life...fandom has been stressing me out in so many ways lately, but I just want to sit in my corner and cling to it desperately. I love these boys a lot, and I don't want to give them up anytime soon, you know?

  • I saw this FOB New Zealand interview linked on my flist, and while the whole bit with the fake accents is HY-LARIOUS ("FUCK YOU, AUSTRALIA!!"), I'm fixated on the beginning, with Joe talking about getting tattoos. Because oh hey, apparently my brain has a super secret kink for Patrick getting inked! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT? I mean, he's the only dude without ink in a band full of highly tattooed dudes and just. It would be something small and hidden, maybe Michael Jackson lyrics? I AM JUST SAYING. Please let me not be the only one who thinks Patrick with a tiny set of lyrics on his wrist/hip/ankle is ridiculously hot.

  • While on the subject of kinks, dear god, go read [ profile] untappedbeauty's BB fic Give Me Just Enough. Wherein Jon is obsessed with Ryan's monstercock. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE, I ASK YOU? This has also gotten me and [ profile] themoononastick discussing why there isn't more voyeurism in bandom fic, i.e. boys watching/listening to other boys jerk off/get laid/watch porn/etc. Have I mentioned this is possibly my favorite kink in the ENTIRE world? I would pay someone a billion dollars to write me a billion words of fic surrounding people getting off to the sounds/sights of someone else getting off without their knowledge. There's this story in SGA fandom where Rodney finds a video feed into Sheppard's room and basically spends weeks watching Sheppard jerk off, until he realizes Sheppard KNOWS HE'S BEEN WATCHING.

    My life is made so much better with voyeurism fic.
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Because of [ profile] sharpest_rose, I can experience this over and over:

To quote her, "Pete seriously pressed his entire forearm across Patrick's throat, and Patrick just folded."


me: I JUST
[ profile] adellyna: seriously
[ profile] adellyna: WHERE'S THE PORN?
[ profile] adellyna: *grabby hands*
me: my fic would consist of this gif and "...and then after the show they fucked for two days straight. THE END"
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How fitting that on a day full of amazing, awesome, historic things, I have the worst day ever. Things went into meltdown mode at work even before eight o'clock this morning. I literally sat at my desk and streamed the inauguration on and tried not to completely lose my shit. It is the most unwelcome feeling to realize you're going to have to be doing a fired co-worker's job for the next several weeks on TOP of your own, especially when said co-worker apparently did nothing for the past month. Shoot me now.

But in happier news, I am infinitely charmed by Pete blogging adorkably and Patrick blogging eloquently about the same damn thing, i.e. our new President. Bless you both, boys. ♥

Oh, and p.s., Brendon and Spencer are married. :)
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Thank you to everyone who expressed their good thoughts about my dad. I've been laying low for a while and immersing myself in things that make me happy, like fic about puppies and FOB songs and Starbucks Christmas blend. My dad goes in for chemo tomorrow, and thankfully it's only going to be a one day thing instead of five.

Speaking of FOB songs, I have developed a disturbing habit of doing interpretive dance to Cooperstown in my car. God help me if someone takes a moment to watch, because my interpretation of crickets that would convince me to call it a night is kind of epic. Also, as I told [ profile] airgiodslv, my favorite artistic moment of FAD right now is the very end of (Coffee's for Closers), with the extended bass line holding through the classical strings. For me, it represents perfectly the hopeful yet pessimistic tone of the entire song, and it gives me chills every time I listen. Lyrically, I am in love with

preach electric to a microphone stand

I am the LAST person on earth to contemplate tattoos of lyrics, but that right there...yeah. You done good, Pete. You and your stupid musical genius boyfriend of my heart.

Jon Walker continues to be my favorite of favorites. He went sweater shopping yesterday. Just. What. Is fandom turning into an equivalent of that new Adam Sandler movie, but instead of telling stories we just write stuff that magically comes into being? Dear universe, [ profile] harriet_vane and I would like for Brendon to teach Marley how to skateboard, kthx. *waits*

Off to write more fic about buying puppies. This is more productive than wrapping presents or doing laundry, yes?

P.S. I love all Spencers ever. ♥
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Ummmm, I'm pretty much going to have to have a self-imposed mini hiatus to get this exchange fic done, because I fail at everything and seem to be progressively stuck in procrastination mode. Hence, this post. For those of you who email me on a constant basis, can you send virtual kicks-in-the-ass to me over the next few days?

I was going to actually show some restraint and not listen to the leak of Folie a Deux until the actual drop date, but...ahahaha yeah, no. I have not completely gotten through the whole thing yet, but I've already cried twice and clutched at my chest about half a dozen times. Patrick. Fucking. Vaughn Stump. Marry me THIS INSTANT. I love him and this band so, so much, and this album is amazing and every other superlative you can come up with. Thumbs up, boys, thumbs way up. ♥

My favorites right now include [ profile] summertea for letting me get a peek of this awesome sex slave verse her and [ profile] tardis80 and [ profile] softlyforgotten are playing around with. But while I now a lot of us are fans of sexslave!Ryan and/or sexslave!Brendon, why is there no sexslave!Jon? I mean, I KNOW I'm not the only one who is pro-sub!Jon. I've already written more than one story about him being really good on his knees, just saying.

In conclusion, moar sexslave!Jon.
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So I'm pretty much not going to the FOB tomorrow night in St. Louis. Mostly, I don't want to fight the teenie crowd by myself, and I have a sinking suspicion that I would basically have to be in line RIGHT NOW in order to get tickets. Oh that my concert peeps were able to go, le sigh. Am also not at the huge AK DVD release shindig tonight in NYC, but I will be there in spirit through my phone and the power of text.

But hey, thanks to Rolling Stone, we now have the best Patrick canon EVER EVER. I am stupidly enamored with tales of how you utterly fail at doing pot, Patrick, and I will gladly take you to a bar and teach you socially acceptable ways of ordering beer. ♥__♥

And it's been linked all over my flist, but LMAOOOOOO I LOVE THEIR FACES. I want the albuuuuum.

In other news, PATDonline has put up scans of the photobook. For those of you still curious, this one is my desktop.

I'm plugging away on an exchange fic, but I've been listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas on a constant loop at work and I desperately want to write weather guy!Brendon and cameraman!Spencer being failboats in love on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm. IT WILL HAPPEN, I PROMISE.

In conclusion, if you haven't read [ profile] emilyray's precious high school AU where Jon and Brendon are fake boyfriends, you are making kittens cry.


Nov. 12th, 2008 07:19 pm
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But now, there's rumors swirling that the guys may have added another, not-yet-announced date in St. Louis at the Creepy Crawl. The show would be on December 3rd, right before the guys start out on the dates listed above.

WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME GET THESE TICKETS? I don't even care if it's in the middle of the week, I am SO THERE. Not to mention this is, um, eight days after my birthday. *beams*
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Guess what? I GET A NEW CAR TOMORROW. Well, sort of. It's a 2006 Ford Escape, and it's shiny and black and nnnnnnguh. *licks* I sold my old Honda today, and I go pick up the new car tomorrow afternoon. I've already decided I want to name it JWalk the Escape. ;_______; There will be pictures soon, hopefully.

God, I am SO entertained/amused/in love with [ profile] icecreamhdaches right now. Pretty sure I could spam the everloving shit out of my flist with all the massive glee. FTR, I would put up with a sixteen-year-old "Patrock" pissing in my room. Just saying. Also, GOD.

On that note, in case you missed it, [ profile] iphignia939 wrote a wee sequel to The Wolf Prince. I needed more werewolf!Pete/Patrick in my life like burning.

In Panic news, they are still dorks, btw. Uuuuugh, Spencer, I hope your gf isn't putting out for you until you TAKE THAT THING OFF YOUR FACE. Whoever coined Ron Jeremy!Spencer, I hate you. Cannot. Unsee. But the DJ calls FOB and Panic "Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins," and after that I spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure out which Care Bear Cousins Panic are (I got as far as Spencer being the raccoon). Other favorite moment? When a girl outside asks them about their ~fashion sense, and Spencer's like "[giant smirk] Oh yes, Ryan, do tell about our fashion sense," and Ryan's like, "LOL OUR PARENTS' CLOSET, DUH." I don't make this shit up, and I love it.

I don't think I'll be able to finish Pretty Woman!AU this week since a) my betas are going to be at Rock Band shows and b) everyone else is going to be at Rock Band shows.

In conclusion, Jon Walker is a giant failboat, hence the reason why he is my favorite.

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UGH, [ profile] themoononastick is my favorite at the moment, as she just called me from the FOB concert in Birmingham. I just had Patrick singing you want apologies girl you might hold your breath until your breathing stops forever LIVE IN MY EAR ADFL;D'FG'DF.

I need to stop listening to FOB while I'm menstrual, because they keep making me cryyyyyyyy. ♥♥♥
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Apparently the stress of the last two weeks made me sick! Awesome! And nothing makes one feel super after being out sick for two days than coming back to work and realizing that, wow, some people view you as hired help. I'm sorry, when did the mote and serfs show up in this castle? *frowns at everything*

Hence I will talk about things that make me happy and/or not want to stab things:

1. The new FOB song, oh my goodness. Maybe I'm being overly zealous, but I truly think that "Headfirst" is perhaps one the most mature and complex songs they've ever written. There's just so much to this song, both lyrically and musically, not to mention Patrick's voice is doing things it's never done before (and I think this shows just how far he's come in his confidence and his musicality). The layered guitar riffs with the piano lines and the vocals are fascinating to me; I hear something new each time I listen. And I'm not sure why, but "I didn't - I don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness" really, really strikes a chord with me. Ugh, this band. I am so insanely excited for this album to come out, I think it's going to be amazing.

2. [ profile] belle_bing has been entertaining me with this verse where Jon and Spencer are 40-something single dads falling in love. Jon is a high school photography teacher who has Spencer's daughters (twins!) in class! Spencer gives Jon's seventeen-year-old son Jake drum lessons! They are awkward and fumble around each other and gross their kids out! No, really, this has seriously helped me get through the last three days. (Jon with a little bit of gray in his sideburns just does something to me, okay??)

3. The I Borrowed This Suit From My Grandpa Tour -- [ profile] harriet_vane(tm)

4. [ profile] jocondite recently posted about Pet Salamander, i.e. Sooper Dooper baby!Panic (LOL ANGELFIRE ;__;), and oh god, it's lolarious but painful for me to read. Because, okay, I wrote a looooot of crap when I was 15/16, but thank happy Jesus none of it ended up on the internets (it ended up on the hard drive of my old Mac that has since expired and gone to Apple Heaven). Basically when I read the thoughts and ramblings of wee!baby!Ryan, it just reeeeeally makes me cringe, because, yeah, that was me. Although I never really used netspeak. And I was a little more pathetically romantic. STILL.

5. I get to go shopping this weekend. Screw the shitty economy, I can has new clothes! \o/
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It's weird, Pete and I have talked about it before. Pete, when he was a kid, he was a soccer prodigy, he was pretty much built for soccer, I think he had some crazy scholarship for it too. He doesn't talk about it much, he was totally built for it, and he chose to be a musician. It’s hard to say, because Pete just tries to make me feel good about myself, but he always tells me how good I am as a singer, and I personally don't think I'm that good or whatever. He was like, "Yeah, I was built for soccer and I didn't do that, and it's crazy to think you weren't a singer and you're probably built for it but you didn't even know. If you didn't do this band, you'd never be a singer, and that'd be a tragedy,” because he thinks I'm great; his support has meant the world. [source]

And I cried.
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....oh my fucking god, Patrick Stump.

*bites fist*

Yeah, I'll take that.
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asfks;dfk FBI!FIC IS DOOOOOONE. It is now off with betas. (OMG I WROTE ~ACTION SEQUENCES, WTF.)

I have no less than at least THREE PEOPLE on my flist who are going to a sooper secret FOB concert tomorrow at A&K in Chicago. My jealousy, let me show you it. This is a tiiiiiiiny place, and I would possibly kill small animals to have Patrick sweat on me. ;__;

Speaking of:

Patrick could sing the ingredients to a box of Cheez-Its and people would like it. This time it's important that we write song we are in love with as a whole.


I would say happy birthday to Mr. Ross, but I've suddenly become obsessed with the fact that Spencer will be 21 in three days omg. I WANT MASSIVE SHENANIGANS FOR THIS. AND BY SHENANIGANS, I MEAN FIC/PICTURES FROM BILL BECKETT.
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Bandom-related Merch 101:

The good: Empires air freshner

I am feeling very emo lately over the state of my RL friends and the fact that I'm just...floating around by myself without any real sense of connection at the moment. Um. Thus, a gratuitous, insta-gratification meme!

In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why?

Also, why is porn so hard to write lately? It's like I'm writing the same three phrases over and over again. Also, is it sad that I am this close to telling my co-worker that her birthday is the same day as Ryan Ross'? I wonder if they have black forest chocolate cake in New Zealand...

Here, stare at Pete's band for awhile.

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this is my mixtape for her )
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Thirty seconds of Patrick sounding like sex. I NEEDED THIS TODAY, NO LIE.

The viral marketing fuckery makes my brain hurt. I will just take more of this, plz kthx.
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I was watching the video for "Beat It" this morning and thinking to myself smugly, "Gosh, Pete, you sure know how to give good fangirlservice."

And then I get this:

things are changing but in some way its like a three hundred and sixty degrees because they are going abck to the way they were. not sure what to think. been spending tons of time with patrick. you know where this is going. no, not there. the other place.

UUUUUUUGH. I rest my case. <3333

My day has consisted of laundry, watching the top-ranked US men's beach volleyball team lose to a couple of precious Latvians (I mean, yeah, it sucked, but c'mon, those were some ADORABLE Latvians), and writing FBI fic for [ profile] harlequin_bands. Also constantly humming The Olympic March. Damn you, NBC. On the subject of the Olympics, I LOVE talking about them, so don't feel the need to filter me out of your Olympic babbling. The sad thing is that I realized today that I miss watching curling. *waits for [ profile] gobsmackit to make a comment*

In sadder news, Bernie Mac died today. The hell?
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I am not cutting this, sorry. \o/

I will be over here, staring at this all day. ♥PATRICK♥. My obscene crush, let me show you it.


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