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Roll Away Your Stone
Holmes/Watson | 40,000 words | NC-17

Seventeen-year-old John Watson is set to finish his final year of school with a flourish, until the headmaster assigns John as a "tutor" to an arrogant, yet brilliant new student named Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is not about to be put in his place by this popular rugby football player with the too-blue eyes, and John isn't going to let this impulsive fifteen-year-old get away with anything. Neither expects to become friends, but a series of unexpected events and a possible murder mystery bring them closer together than either of them thought possible.

A boarding school AU written for [ profile] holmes_big_bang. Many, many thanks to my excellent, exceedingly thorough betas [ profile] fitofpique and [ profile] sunsetmog, and to [ profile] yan_tan_tether and [ profile] lyo for letting me spam their inboxes on a constant basis. This story got me through some rough moments this past month, and I am very fond of it. Title and lyrics taken lovingly from Mumford & Sons.

**Warning for underage sex**

Extra Media:

Fanmix: The Distance Was Only Physical, My Love by [ profile] fitofpique
Art: Three Drawings by [ profile] alex2006band

stars hide your fire )
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Catch and Release
Holmes/Watson | PG | 2800 words

Watson is brought into the house after the Lady finds him shivering underneath the front steps after a long rain. He does not remember how long he has been wandering the streets, only that it has been quite a long time since the man with the angry sneer left his front door open, letting Watson take the opportunity to escape.

UM. WATSON AND HOLMES ARE DOGS, OKAY. This entire thing is based off of these amazing drawings by [ profile] sadynax. It got a little darker than I intended, but there you go. I wrote a puppy AU, basically. Entirely unbeta'd and cracky and ridiculous. I have no shame.

Warning for slight animal abuse. :(

Watson blinks slowly to find a rather scruffy black Pomeranian staring down at him with large, unamused brown eyes )
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Shock You Like You Won't Believe
Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr | 6000 words | NC-17

He can't remember the last time he went out for fun. Not that being out at a high-profile gala with his stupidly hot boss is *fun*, but it's certainly not work.

This exists mostly because of this comment from [ profile] sparky77, and, well. What came about was an AU where Jude is the lowly assistant to Tony Stark corporate mogul!RDJ. Totally self-indulgent and utterly ridiculous, okay, seriously. Also, I'm not totally sure they make stretch Range Rovers? But just go with it.

Thanks a whole bunch to [ profile] fitofpique for betaing and convincing me that there's always time to add porn. Title lyrics stolen from MGMT.

Corporate moguls with Fortune 500 companies don't give a shit if their lowly assistant likes supporting the local Shakespeare company )
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It's Nice to Know You Work Alone
Holmes/Watson (also Watson/OFC) | 12,000 words | NC-17

It's been two years since Detective Sherlock Holmes transferred to the Chicago PD from New York, surrounded by rumors that the relocation had been anything but a choice.

Detective!AU, i.e. the one where Holmes is a modern day detective and Watson is the chief medical examiner for the Chicago police. This started as a ridiculous idea in my head based on this photo and then [ profile] sinuous_curve (along with MANY others) talked me into actually writing it. She is also responsible for Captain Lestrade, fyi.

Many thanks to [ profile] elucreh and [ profile] gracefulfool for the beta work, and to [ profile] soloproject for creating fanart(!!) before this thing was barely even written. Title taken from the song of the same name by The Silversun Pickups.

look over your shoulder )
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A Hint of a Spark
Holmes/Watson | 2600 words | NC-17

Holmes did not judge those who would sell their bodies for money. It meant nothing to him how a person chose to make their living in the world; a sexual entrepreneur was no different than a man peddling watches on the streets. He was not affected in the least by these young men with their kohl-lined eyes and their lithe physiques.

Save one man, that is.

So yes, I decided to write a hooker!AU for Valentine's Day. I blame watching L.A. Confidential for the billionth time. Altered canon, sap, and porn. Beta'd by the ever-faithful [ profile] themoononastick.

it began out of necessity )
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What It Is to Burn
Holmes/Watson | 9300 words | NC-17

Adaptability was part of the human condition. There was not a living creature on earth who did not possess the inherent need to change and grow with their surroundings.

Set immediately following the events of the movie--without the whole Moriarty thing. Many thanks to [ profile] themoononastick for betaing and excellent Brit-picking, and to [ profile] lyo for talking me through my issues, lol. Title stolen from Finch.

a simple matter of conditioning )
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OH. MY. GOD. LOOK WHAT I DID. This is mostly [ profile] yan_tan_tether's fault.

Know Your Enemy
Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law (YES, I KNOW, STFU) | PG | 850 words

"In what universe does nuzzling beat out come-fuck-me eyes?"

I don't even know, okay? I really don't. Videos like this don't help. Completely unbeta'd and full of ridiculousness. You were warned.

Susan Downey, if you're reading this, I am SO SO SORRY. /o\

Sometimes he just didn't think before he opened his mouth )


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