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I signed a co-worker's birthday card "I miss your face" and she thinks it's HILARIOUS. Dude, thanks for thinking I'm a comic genius,

OMG, I am still sick and I don't want to be at work AT ALL. I would rather a) be home watching episodes of The Office on my DVR or b) be home writing ridiculous fic while listening to P.M. Dawn songs I obsessed over in high school when I was writing ridiculous romance stories. YOU THINK I AM KIDDING, BUT I AM NOT, I LOVE ME SOME P.M. DAWN. (And this is why, sometimes, I'm kind of relieved my old hard drive died, taking all my adolescent fiction with it.)

Speaking of fiction, I think I'm the last person on my flist to do this meme:

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you one thing I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing the story that didn't make it onto the page.

And because [ profile] saramir pointed this out, and I feel like sharing:

sekrit married boys are not so sekrit )
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Hey, look, it's a big ol' gratuitous Jon/Spencer picspam! (And a few of your other requests encorporated in for fun. ♥)

you smell like a Gingersnap Latte, Jon )
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*brain explodes into a million sparkly pieces*

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Apparently the stress of the last two weeks made me sick! Awesome! And nothing makes one feel super after being out sick for two days than coming back to work and realizing that, wow, some people view you as hired help. I'm sorry, when did the mote and serfs show up in this castle? *frowns at everything*

Hence I will talk about things that make me happy and/or not want to stab things:

1. The new FOB song, oh my goodness. Maybe I'm being overly zealous, but I truly think that "Headfirst" is perhaps one the most mature and complex songs they've ever written. There's just so much to this song, both lyrically and musically, not to mention Patrick's voice is doing things it's never done before (and I think this shows just how far he's come in his confidence and his musicality). The layered guitar riffs with the piano lines and the vocals are fascinating to me; I hear something new each time I listen. And I'm not sure why, but "I didn't - I don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness" really, really strikes a chord with me. Ugh, this band. I am so insanely excited for this album to come out, I think it's going to be amazing.

2. [ profile] belle_bing has been entertaining me with this verse where Jon and Spencer are 40-something single dads falling in love. Jon is a high school photography teacher who has Spencer's daughters (twins!) in class! Spencer gives Jon's seventeen-year-old son Jake drum lessons! They are awkward and fumble around each other and gross their kids out! No, really, this has seriously helped me get through the last three days. (Jon with a little bit of gray in his sideburns just does something to me, okay??)

3. The I Borrowed This Suit From My Grandpa Tour -- [ profile] harriet_vane(tm)

4. [ profile] jocondite recently posted about Pet Salamander, i.e. Sooper Dooper baby!Panic (LOL ANGELFIRE ;__;), and oh god, it's lolarious but painful for me to read. Because, okay, I wrote a looooot of crap when I was 15/16, but thank happy Jesus none of it ended up on the internets (it ended up on the hard drive of my old Mac that has since expired and gone to Apple Heaven). Basically when I read the thoughts and ramblings of wee!baby!Ryan, it just reeeeeally makes me cringe, because, yeah, that was me. Although I never really used netspeak. And I was a little more pathetically romantic. STILL.

5. I get to go shopping this weekend. Screw the shitty economy, I can has new clothes! \o/


Aug. 24th, 2008 06:04 pm
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[ profile] emilyray JUST SENT ME THIS:


ETA: From here, and man, I am kind of in a whole lotta love with everyone right now. ♥

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I would like to know, among other things, how it is humanly possible for Jon and Spencer to look like their legs are the same length. That said, OH HAI BOYFRIENDS ON THE RED CARPET.
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I wish I could have hours upon hours of Jon and Spencer making each other laugh and basically making heart eyes at each other. *DOLPHIN SQUEALS OF GLEE*

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Thanks for all the hugs and snuggles earlier, omg. I'm better now, just...the side effects of caring too much about the state of your workplace and not really being in a position to do anything about it. :-/

ANYWAY, before the breakdown of sorts, I was going to post the text message conversation I had this morning with [ profile] siryn99 (who was at the Panic show last night):

[ profile] siryn99: Jon and Spencer are bantering. <33333
[ profile] siryn99: Jon wishes he and Spencer were closer on stage.
[later] [ profile] siryn99: Jon admits to being a catcher. *hands*
[ profile] siryn99: Eric threw the shaker to Jon and Brendon made some remark and Jon said "I'm good at catching"
Me: Oh jesus christ <33333
[ profile] siryn99: I cannot make this shit up.
Me: If I didn't know how these boys act I'd say you were
[ profile] siryn99: I know, right? How are they even real?


On a separate note, I hate, HATE being torn between reading big bang fics and editing my own. Woeface.
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Dear Mr. Wentz,

Stop making me cry with your blogs. Seriously. Also, you lied to the internetz about about baby tiems, but I forgive you since, yeah, kinda saw it coming. Goodspeed, kid.

Me ♥

So hey, it's Friday! It's Friday and I am about to lose my fucking mind trying to finish my Big Bang fic by Sunday, when I leave for Kansas City and my last HCT show (*sniff*). You know you're insane hardcore when you call in sick to stay home and write almost 7000 words. I have a love/hate relationship with Google Docs right now.

You know what I love? My OTPs.

- I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to finish The Wolf Prince, and god, it about BROKE ME. BANDOM FAIRY TALES ARE MY FAVORITE, OKAY?? I'm so, so sad I only just discovered this fic a few days ago. Paaaaaaaaaatrick. Peeeeeeeeeete.


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I'm going to bed now. ♥♥
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[ profile] shleemeri: OH TO TOUCH KNEES WITH SPENCER

The rest are here.

And yes, I may be buying a house within the coming weeks. Fair warning that I might be going on about that shiz. OH GOD WHAT, I'M AN ADULT NOW. *flails*


Feb. 21st, 2008 10:37 pm
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Okay, so. For those of you who haven't seen Panic's appearance on The Sauce from yesterday, it's here, and good lord, there's only so much I can say about these dorks until I completely run out of flailing adjectives. But seriously, whispering on camera with people watching. And then getting embarrassed when Steven says he can hear them. I mean, really. CANON AND STUFF. *__*

Then, according to [ profile] teaspoon, they came BACK and filmed more stuff for FUSE, which is going to air on Wednesday.

Here, let me inflict my OTP on you before bed!

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Oh, hai. I am horrendously behind on my flist and whatnot, but guess what! I WAS PRODUCTIVE! I wrote a Jon/Spencer manifesto for [ profile] bandom_ships that's mostly a ridonkulous flailing picspam told in a fairytale-like format.

When Vegas Met Chicago

If you haven't friended [ profile] bandom_ships, you really, really should. Laura has already done a Brendon/Spencer manifesto that's awesome, and Rachel made a post of The ABCs of Pete/Patrick that is the most precious thing ever. Go check them out!

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[ profile] foxxcub (9:43:39 PM): HOW ARE JON AND SPENCER SO BOYFRIENDS
[ profile] itchyloon (9:43:55 PM): SHALL WE MAKE A LIST ALEESHA?
[ profile] foxxcub (9:43:59 PM): YES

17 Reasons They Are Married )

Ahaha, um, the masterlist for [ profile] nightmare_xmas FINALLY went up, so here's my fic that I wrote for [ profile] lady_of_sadness. I call it my not-GSF Sex Tobacco fic! \o/

[Jon/Panic!, hints of Gabe/Bill | 4500 words | NC-17]

He's cozy-drunk when Gabe leans over and says, lazily, "Dude, have I ever had you try some of that shit I got in Arizona?"

Jon really should've known better )
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I never, ever thought I'd say this.

I want Jon/Spencer mpreg, oh god )

So, um. I was talking to [ profile] imogenedisease about how bandom sort of obliterates your lines? You say to youself, "God, I would never read/write rimming, never, what the hell," and then you wake up one morning realizing you just posted a rimming threesome, and you may or may not have outlined a sequel that includes fisting. I've seen my lines blur, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I mean, look *points up*--AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH OF FLUFFY RIDONKULOUS MPREG. AND I'M PROUD OF IT.

Sometimes I think Patrick is the equivalent of my life in bandom. Maybe once upon a time he thought to himself, "I'll never let Pete kiss me on the mouth on stage. That's too much." And then Lowell, MA happens. He flails a bit, staggers around in shock, and then carries on while Pete probably smiles smugly in the background and plans his next attack, probably with tongue.

Did you used to have lines? Or did Pete Wentz destroy yours, too?
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I'm curious.


I think I mostly tend to fail at fandom. /o\

While I'm at it, Jon Walker's belly, OMG HI )
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So [ profile] skoosiepants recently made this post about Dylan somehow turning in a real boy? And me, being the one with the rather embarrassing history of reading crazy-ass romance novels, suggested that hey, what if Dylan was actually a girl and no one knew? And she secretly wished to become a real girl and make Jon fall in love with her? AND HER WISH WAS GRANTED?

I told skoosie I didn't have time to write this. Umm, 2000 words later, I'm thinking I lied.

I'm such a sappy dork and I LOVE IT.

"Are you naked?" Spencer sounds both horrified and pissed off, like maybe somehow it's Jon's fault she's without clothes and sitting on his couch.

"I, oh, I'm staying with my cousin? Upstairs?" She points to the ceiling. "And, uh, I got locked out. After taking a shower. And, um, your door was unlocked?"

Jon takes a cautious step toward her, and oh. He's even more gorgeous through her human eyes. "You really, really shouldn't bust into people's apartments unannounced," he says carefully. Spencer just stands behind him and glares at her, arms folded across his chest.

"I know, I'm sorry, but I'm locked out." Wow, she can lie pretty well for only being a human for, like, ten minutes. "I don't know when she's getting home, and well..."

Jon nods. "Okay, alright. I...might have a spare pair of sweats around here - "

"Jon." Spencer is definitely pissed. Dylan tucks her face into the blanket and smirks.

"What? We can't just let her stay here naked."

"You're letting her stay?" Like she's not sitting there right in front of them. Dylan just blinks up innocently at Jon and ignores Spencer.

"She's locked out, Spence. Where else is she gonna go?"

Spencer sighs. "Fine, whatever." He doesn't look at Dylan as he crosses the living room and folds himself into the recliner.

Jon scrubs a hand through his hair and smiles sheepishly at Dylan. "Uh, come with me, you can change in my room," and Dylan wants to purr with satisfaction. She wraps the blanket around her body as tightly as possible and follows Jon down the hallway she knows by heart, only it seems strange now, viewing it from so high up. She's also a little in love with the fact that she's eye level with Jon, can stare at the back of his hair and practically lean in and press her nose into it.

Jon gives her one of his plain white t-shirts and a pair of blue plaid pajama pants. "They're kind of my favorite, so don't steal 'em or anything," he half-jokes, gesturing to the pants, and it's on the tip of Dylan's tongue to say yes, I know.
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Evidently I am incapable of going more than 48 hours without writing porn.

First, I wrote this for [ profile] audreysrev's Kink Meme. Jon/Spencer, wet dreams, etc.

THEN [ profile] imogenedisease comes to me and says "oh hai, let's expand on that, shall we?"

And thus, more porn. An AIM porn sequel.

Bed-sharing, electric toothbrushes, frottage )


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