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Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying (Jon's Bookstore II) (1/3)
Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick | 15200 words | R

Jon likes to think his problems began when the coffee shop across the street opened up. In all honesty, though, they began the day Frank moved in with Gerard a month before Valentine's Day.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, insanely amazing [ profile] imntsaying. I present you with more bookstore AU that's probably ridiculous, but definitely full of love. Lots and lots of love. ♥ I hope you like it!

For anyone who hasn't read Jon's Bookstore I, it might help to do so before reading this. Many, many thanks to [ profile] gobsmackit, [ profile] sweetrecovery, and [ profile] siryn99 for kicking my ass on this fic. *g*

what if I lost my direction? )
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This is Not the Story of Your Life
Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard | 4200 words | PG-13

Patrick says, softly, "I'll still have this, right? I mean...I won't forget it all, will I?"

It's not really Brendon's place to tell him how time passes here. No one ever explained it to him, and he'd spent a long time feeling bitter about it until he realized that it wasn't that no one wanted to explain it--it's that no one *could*.

"It's different for everyone," he finally replies slowly, and it's not a lie.

Notes: An AU very, very loosely based on the song "Hotel California" by The Eagles. I started this fic way back in September after watching the acoustic performance over and over late one night. I've always thought the song was about being stuck between life and death (even though the band has stated that the song is about the dark side of Hollywood), and this story somehow came out of that interpretation. It's death!fic, only...not.

Tons of thanks to everyone I threw bits and pieces of this at over the last several months, and to [ profile] siryn99 and [ profile] adellyna for the beta work.

"The boundaries between life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and where the other begins?"
~ Edgar Allen Poe

Tonight they're celebrating a new guest )
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A Little Piece with You
Authors: [ profile] foxxcub and [ profile] lifeslushlips
Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 29,169
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Author Notes: This entire thing goes back to a simple comment I made about how "Holy Spaces" made me want a fic in black and white set in the 1920s. Very special thanks to [ profile] andwristsintact, [ profile] clumsygyrl, [ profile] shleemeri, [ profile] harriet_vane, and [ profile] eleanor_lavish for all the betaing, hand-holding, and general cheerleading. Also, many snuggles to everyone who supported us in our little AU endeavor that completely ate our brains and made us desperately want Panic covers of Cole Porter songs.

Summary: The boys form a jazz band at a Chicago speakeasy in the late 1920s. (Mostly, a fic inspired by "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces".)

I'm just taking in the scenery )
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Jon and Spencer Make a Porno
[Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Brendon | 4800 words | NC-17]

"Think of it as, I don't know, donating plasma or something," Jon sighs.

VERY loosely based on the plot for the upcoming Kevin Smith film Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I really have no idea what the actual movie will be like, but it sounds awesome. I also, in no way, pretend to know a thing about the porn industry. (And I'd also like to apologize for making one of the Cab boys a fluffer. *hands*) Beta duties performed by the usual suspects, [ profile] shleemeri and [ profile] adellyna.

This isn't how Spencer saw his life playing out. )
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Just Won't Do Without You
[Jon/Spencer and various other pairings, 2000 words, PG]

Spencer thinks the smell of sunshine is the best thing ever.

Yes, I did, in fact, write Panic, My Chem, and Pete and Patrick as Labrador puppies. I blame this video. Quite possibly THE most cuddle-filled crack I've ever written. I don't even know, okay? I WROTE BOB BRYAR AS A PUPPY. There's really no accounting for my brain sometimes.

The mornings are spent chewing on bright, rubbery things and wrestling Ryan into the carpet (Brendon doesn't wrestle, would rather have Spencer chase him until Spencer gets bored with it and eventually flops down onto his belly), but the afternoons are for naps )
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Jon's Bookstore (A Few of My Favorite Things) (1/2)
Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick | 11,300 words | R

A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.

Merry Christmas, have some bookstore AU full of fluff and angst and spiked eggnog! TONS of thanks to my awesome betas on this: [ profile] adellyna, [ profile] siryn99, [ profile] sweetrecovery, and [ profile] shleemeri. You guys rock, seriously.

The store was more than reading, though; it was learning genres and authors and what covers would make Kat smile whenever someone dropped off a sack of unwanted paperbacks )
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Title: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous)
Fandom: bandslash/His Dark Materials crossover
Rating: R
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 8200
Disclaimer: Didn't happen, and I am not Phillip Pullman.
Summary: Um, Daemons! at the Disco! Or something. In other words, an AU set within the general timeframe of Panic's Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour.
Notes: at the end <3

Also, a quick Daemon Primer for those of you unfamiliar with HDM. :)

Daemons can strip a person bare. But Ryan tries not to think too deeply on that very often )
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Dear flist and/or fandom,

Please post about Decaydence Fest soon. I KNOW YOU HAVE UPDATES.

*taps foot*

Impatiently yours,

* [ profile] enoughoflove, just so you know, the new prompt at [ profile] we_are_cities makes me want to write very long, very sad/angsty Jon/Spencer fic from Spencer's POV where Jon ends up leaving the band to go persue photography stuff and/or tour with Tom. It hurts my heart to even THINK about it. :(

* LOLZ, oh PStump, I love you so. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what your gorgeous, non-enunciating voice is singing on "The Carpal Tunnel of Love", but I love that song anyway.

* SPEAKING OF PATRICK, I actually wrote a snippet of Pete/Patrick for [ profile] shleemeri the other night and I am quite proud of it. It'll most likely be turned into a larger fic, because really, if you are not familiar with the joys of Gay Chicken, you are missing out!

Gay Chicken snippet )


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