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I ♥ [ profile] blackchaps LIEK WHOA.
And on that note, I take Eddie go to bed.
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So I started this in honor of [ profile] tietuckluv's one year anniversary, but then [ profile] rhymephile proves once again that I lose at fangirling. Alas, I'm not as cool as you all think I am. :P



Feb. 20th, 2007 09:26 pm
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Dear local NBC station,

Yes, I'm quite aware of your "technical difficulties", thanks. Please to be fixing them NOW. Watching SVU like some kind of badly dubbed Hong Kong action movie is not the funnest thing ever.

No love,


On the other hand...

OMG LEEEE. Holy crap, you guys, HIS HAIR. It's...dark. O_O And ack, corpse!Lee, nooo...*cries*

ETA: *kills local NBC affiliates*

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Because [ profile] rhymephile is EV0L and keeps taunting me with evil little tidbits of the Eddie/Elliot fic of awesome she's writing for me, I decided to make an Eddie Drake picspam. I call it The One with All the Eddie Angst, although I've thrown in snarky!Eddie at the end, 'cause really, it's like a martini without the olive.

All caps are from eps 1.10 ("Lips Are Lips") and 1.12.

Eddie!Angst )

Eddie!Snark )

Karen and Eddie!! )
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Okay, that? I'm sorry, but right now Michael/Sara > Sawyer/Kate like there's no tomorrow. They win the het OTP game with me. Yup. OMG, that was good stuff. Dude, spoiler rambling )

You know how I mentioned earlier that this day was awesome? It now ends with awesome OTP goodness, [ profile] lee_love telling me that is referring to AMPed as "Spike TV's much-anticipated new show" (translation: IT WILL MOST LIKELY AIR :D :D :D), and [ profile] rhymephile capping TV Guide Channel's SVU edition of "InFANity", which gave me this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I meant to post about this a few days ago, but then RL got all hairy and stuff, and my fangirling was derailed, heh.

Thanks to the awesomeness of [ profile] fanfromfla, I got my hands on a copy of the AMPED pilot script. I'm now wondering if it's possible to be completely obsessed with a show without ever seeing an episode, because seriously. GUH. I realize it's mostly sides and that most scripts are altered many times before the final product is filmed, but if the actual pilot episode is anywhere near what's in the script, I'll be a happy little fangirl. It's basically The X-Files meets X-Men; I won't go into further detail since it sounds retarded when I try to explain it. But the dialogue is great, the action sequences sound awesome, and the characters seem fascinating. Lee is playing Detective Brian Spicer, who is quiet and brooding and hides all kinds of mysteries and can kick some ass. It's not Eddie Drake, but then it's not really an Eddie-type role. Let's just say that if this show makes it, I am soooooo all over the fic, OMG. It totally feels like classic Vince Gilligan/Frank Sponitz writing; several scenes were very reminiscent of "Small Potatoes" and "Bad Blood" (for all my XF peeps, LOL).

And I'm actually very happy and relieved that it's going to be on Spike TV instead of one of the bigger networks. The subject matter definitely leans more towards cult fandom, and we all know how those shows fair on network TV. :-/

I hope he gets to run around in a suit.

Now I shall go and drool all over an entire Photobucket account's worth of Lee pics, because like I said, [ profile] fanfromfla is made of awesome.

P.S. Meloni was #34 in TV Guide Channel's "50 Sexiest Men" -----------> O____O WTF.
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I love coming in to work after being sick the week before and getting blamed for something I did not do. It's awesome. /sarcasm

So, let's be happy, shall we?

via [ profile] fanfromfla and [ profile] lee_love:

Lee Tergesen has been cast in the lead role of Detective Brian Spicer, a sensitive and quick-thinking homicide officer who is legendary in the Department for being fearless and level-headed. Tony Curran portrays Detective Mark Jacocks, a tough cop who imparts his own special brand of survival philosophy onto rookies and whose method clashes with Spicer.

More details here!

It's a show called AMPED, which is going to be written by Frank Sponitz and Vince Gilligan. OMFG, I am SO. EXCITED. Pleasepleaseplease don't let Fox junk this one. It's Spike TV, which = DEBAUCHERY! >:D

Also, pretty Lost set pics here. TWO DAYS FOR NEW CANON!!!!1
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Damon and Carlton, I'm starting to trust you again and that never bodes well. But still. *flails around*


And my SVU squee is starting to come back, now that I know spoilers for season 8 )

This is totally random, but:

Beecher!love )

He's just so damn pretty. And [ profile] fanfromfla, I got your package! I'm actually beginning to have a Lee and Chris library thanks to you and [ profile] rhymephile, LOL.
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OMG I just watched "Lips Are Lips" and am ded. I need to know where I sign up for teh Eddie sexing, kthx.

Connie: Sorry to drag your ass out of bed.
Eddie: I...have not been to bed.

Sweet God, I love him.

[ profile] rhymephile, you were so fucking right about that ep, and to be honest, the series in general gets a lot better by the end. Although they really just need to bring it back and just call it Eddie Drake Is Made of Awesome. Pretty sure the ratings would be better.

And I just finished reading [ profile] rileyc's Elliot/Eddie fic Unlocked, which has made me very flaily and kind of even more in love with him. Guh. Would that I would write E/E, except most of my flist would simply shake their heads at me and move on. :P
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[ profile] halfdutch, here are some things that are helping the mood. :)

1. Prison Break season 2 promos
2. Wolf/Universal = awesome
3. frosted!Meloni part 1 and part 2 (THE EYES ♥)
4. nominations!
5. more nominations!
6. butter-yellow ties

I ♥ my flist.
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For [ profile] callmerizzo's birthday, I give you 11 Eddie Drake quote icons. I've watched most of my Wanted eps, but I may add to these later, LOL.

1) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

guns guns guns )

x-posted to [ profile] lee_love

Ahhh, spam.

Jul. 8th, 2006 01:31 am
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hope your day is awesome and I hope to have a little something for you later in the weekend. ♥

It's also a wee bit dangerous to let me compose birthday wishes to Lee, because I tend to withdraw into my fangirl tendencies and either clam up or say something really dumb. I hope mine was acceptable, seeing as how I posted my comment, like, a half hour ago, and I'm running on pure caffeine speed mode right now. I think Lee would understand. :P

And yes, in case anyone's curious, I am a smidge bummed that Lost got shafted from teh Emmys (although yay for Henry Ian Cusack!). But...LOOK AT HIM HOW CAN I BE SAD WHEN HE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EMO OVER HIS MARISKA SHADOW ANYMORE?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
courtesy of [ profile] colleendetroit

No, I'm not putting this under a cut. You all have lived without my fangirl/Meloni squee for far too long.
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This totally just popped up on my screensaver:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I'm...not even conscious of what's going on. All I'm aware of is THE ARMS. AND HAIR. AND CRAZY!BEECHER LAUGH.

Holy. Crap.
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Seriously, if my copies of "Wanted" eps from [ profile] fanfromfla aren't in my mailbox by the time I get home, I think I might die. Because, um, how did I not know Lee's hair was all longish and BLONDE AND HOT?!? He IS blonde when it's long, OMG. *dies*

And there are the manips that make me flail.

Must. Watch. Now.

And here I told myself I wouldn't get on LJ at work...


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