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Annie Proulx:

"Aside from the two-faced landscape, aside from the virtuoso acting, aside from the stunning and subtle makeup job of aging these two young men twenty years, an accumulation of very small details gives the film authenticity and authority: Ennis's dirty fingernails in a love scene, the old highway sign ENTERING WYOMING not seen here in decades, the slight paunch Jack develops as he ages, the splotch of nail polish on Lureen's finger in the painful telephone scene, her mother's perfect Texas hair, Ennis and Jack sharing a joint instead of cigarette in the 1970s, the switched around shirts, the speckled enamel coffeepot, all accumulate and convince us of the truth to the story. People may doubt that young men fall in love up in the snowy heights, but no one disbelieves the speckled coffeepot, and if the coffeepot is true, so is the other."

from HERE.

I love her. So, so much.

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"I'm constantly amazed by the perception of many men, straight and gay, that women 'won't be attracted to guy/guy action.' Do these guys ever get out and ask women about this? Roger Ebert said it the other night on some show, and Roeper agreed. Women just 'don't get off on guys kissing.'

"Well, hello...wrong. So so wrong. We just love it. Can't get enough. Not all of us to be sure, but sufficient numbers for there to be thousands of websites dedicated to the phenomen called 'slash.' Mostly derived from television shows and films, but many other fan fics and genuine gay romances.

"This is our movie...the slash movie we women have been waiting for forever. We own this film just as much as the gay guys, which makes for some fascinating territorial stakeouts and debates at times on the boards. But we generally enjoy the debates cuz we're all really on the same side here.

"And we're gonna be there in droves. Some of us will see it 10 or 20 times. It's hot. That idiot publicist who said Jake Gyllenhaal's career would be down the tubes because his teen fanbase would disown him should get a new job. His fanbase will multiply tenfold among women with this film." (from here)

PWNED. That right there is why BBM made more per screen this weekend than King Kong.

In celebration, here are some pretties stolen from [ profile] khohen1's recent Jake/Heath picspam (which is awesome):

*makes pics have sex* )
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For today, me > everyone. Why?


OMG. So awesome, I'm not even kidding. I screamed when I opened it (hon, you weren't online, so I couldn't tell you first, LOL. Wish I'd checked the mail yesterday. :P). It's so great to see not only the actors themselves talking in-depth about the story and their roles, but also the producers, Ang Lee, and even the rodeo techs talking candidly about how much the story affected them.


Also, if you haven't seen this weekend's edition of USA Today, do so now, because there's an entire page interview with both Heath and Jake, not to mention two of the hottest pics of them I've ever seen, especially Heath. It's two separate interviews, and I think the Jake one has already been posted to [ profile] wranglers, but the Heath one seemed new.

excerpts )

The RPS writes itself. *luffs to death* I'm still a little miffed that USA Today still refers to it as "a gay western", but oh well.
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Dear Santa,

...with baby oil a bow. Thanks.

A ♥
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[ profile] singingrl made me a new header for Christmas, ZOMG LOOK.

[ profile] foxxcub

And is it sad that I find it amusing that there's a 50+ comment post over at [ profile] wranglers concerning whether or not Jack was a virgin in the beginning? Or maybe it's sad that I read through all the threads, heh. :P
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Hi. More of teh boys. They are so much love.

Ready to kill me yet?

*runs away*


Dec. 10th, 2005 08:50 pm
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My Christmas cards are literally scattered about me, unfinished, and I'm writing BBM fic. WTF.

But, um, THIS?! Holy fuck. I words. Again, I hate you all who've seen it, especially certain people who've seen it TWICE. *glares at [ profile] halfdutch*

*runs to write fic and ignore Xmas cards*

P.S. [ profile] mediocrechick, I loved your card. You are too, too cool, yo. :D

ETA: Focus Features debuted Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain in five theaters and grossed an estimated $192,000 for a jaw-dropping $38,000 average in just one day.

HELLS YEAH. Gay cowboy revolution, baby.
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Can I just say that America's Next Top Model is FULL OF SHIT?! NICOLE, are you fucking kidding me?! *headdesk*

Bah. Tyra, I hate you.

Anywho. Lalala, BBM spammage, YAYZ.

*The truth is worth repeating: Enduring and unforgettable, Brokeback Mountain is an American masterpiece. (from here)

*"Brokeback will become the kind of movie that you hear about at dinner parties that you feel you have to go see." --Roger Ebert

*At Close Range with Annie Proulx (Seriously, I think she pwns my soul. I'm not worthy AT ALL to be writing fic off her.)

more LOGO personal favorites )

(caps courtesy of [ profile] oxoniensis)
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Because there is this.

Supload is ev0l or I'd have spammed the shit out of you all.



Dec. 4th, 2005 03:05 pm
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Hello, I've returned. Will now spam you with BBM hotness and the like.

"And then Lee made them repeat the sex scene 13 times." (from EW 12/9 issue)

Yeah. Damn.

more? HELL YES. )
Fabulous news: I finally called the AMC Theaters in KC and it IS opening December 16th...which is both good and bad news on my end, since I'm going to have to wait until I drive up for Christmas anyway. It's either Xmas presents or gay cowboy love, and I don't think my family would appreciate my honest choice. :P

More thoughts on teh book and my fic...basically, I suck )

Things I learned while away in KC:

* Everyone on my flist is small and blonde and makes me feel quite large and ogreish.

* [ profile] uberaeryn is pretty much verbatim what you get on LJ. Her and [ profile] crazydiamondsue taught me that it's okay to talk butt sex in Chili's, and with cousins who don't know any better.

* Aleesha + AIM on her cell phone + tequila = obnoxious fun. Well, fun on my end. [ profile] shleemeri, be glad you weren't online Friday night.

* I cannot have in-depth discussions about Lost with my mom. She simply refuses to scratch below the surface. She still believes Ana Lucia's flashbacks were a dream. o__O

* Goblet of Fire is good, very good. Krum is hawt, damn. Not enough Draco.

After I got to skip=500, I gave up. If there's anything really neat and interesting (i.e. fic, discussion, etc.) that I missed and must partake of, please let me know.

Just a warning to you all, my [ profile] lost_hohoho fic might just be the most cracktastic thing ever. And I don't mean that in a good way. I need to stop watching my Firefly DVDs and get my ass in gear--NO Mal/Inara p0rn until then!!

And finally, would you like to see what [ profile] crystalkirk made me for my birthday?



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