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GUESS WHAT STARTS TOMORROW NIGHT? That would be Rescue Me season four. And if you haven't been watching this show, you really, really should. Seriously. [ profile] crystalkirk did a fabulous overview of the show last year, and I've basically raided her caps archive to spam you all now, LOL.

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Rescue Me

Aug. 22nd, 2006 11:04 pm
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Rescue Me makes me feel schizophrenic, I swear.

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Question for my Oz flisters:

Is there a fic out there written from Sister Pete's POV as she tries not to watch the final goodbye between Toby and Chris in CLaK? If so, linkage please. If not... *ponders*

OH. I almost forgot, my slash writing was somewhat validated today. I've always kinda felt that by focusing the majority of my slash smut on teh oral, I was, I dunno, being a prude about rarely going for the "real" sex. But after a convo today with my ever-resourceful gay co-worker, I was told that "ninety-two percent of gays prefer oral" and that anal "doesn't happen as often as you think." Now, he very well may have pulled that statistic out of his ass, but to all you slash writers who don't go for the anal all that often, you're good. We're all good. *g*

Every slash writer needs a technical advisor, even if they have no idea they are technically advising you.
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I have held off ranting about the atrociousness of World Trade Center, because frankly, everyone has their own thoughts on it and Oliver Stone and what have you. But having a full trailer shown during Rescue Me...that's the final straw.

rant )

There. I've said my peace.

As far as RM goes, Janet can die now )
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So okay, I'm now back from my yearly camping excursion with my crazy friends who I only see once a year. The weather was actually gorgeous (best weather in the six years we've been doing said excursion) and much alcohol was consumed.

But, a slight moment of panic was brought about when two of my friends, in all seriousness, tried to tell me, in a conversation about how great SVU is, that RICHARD BELZER IS DEAD.


I have never wanted internet connection so goddamn badly.

Earlier today on the drive home I was talking TV with my BFF and telling her about watching Wanted because she'd seen it when it originally aired on TNT.

Her: Why are you watching that?
Me: Because of this one guy that's on it who I really like.
Her: Which guy?
Me: Lee Tergesen.
Her: Is he one of the hot ones?
Me: I think he's hot, yeah.
Her: Who did he play?
Me: The really snarky guy with the mustache who ran around all buff in wifebeaters. Eddie Drake.
Her: (smirk) Oh yeah. Him.

WTF. Plus, when we were talking Rescue Me and I said I wished they'd bring Sully back, she's like, "OMG, but do you know what he DID?!" YES I DO AND I BLAME TOLAN AND LEARY KTHX.

Urgh. But the good news is, according to IMDB, Richard Belzer is NOT dead. :P
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"I can help you"? "I CAN HELP YOU"?!?

*headdesk headdesk*

Oh Leary. You and Tolan so do not have your hearts in the right place. Fucking LET HIM BE GAY. It's okay, you won't lose your cool factor. You won't be pussies. You'll be REAL.

Gah. And I thought the pseudo-rape was aggravating.
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Holy crap, this cracks me up. And I thought the "Grand Theft Auto" logo was funny...

I tried looking for torrents of "Wanted" and there's nothing. Does anyone know where I could find some? And [ profile] halfdutch, I have finally gotten over my weirdness and joined [ profile] lee_love. I am no longer sooper lame, yay! :P

Thank you to everyone who helped me along with the AU...although thanks to you all, it's now kinda sorta morphing into Blade Runner. Ummm, yeah, we'll see how that goes. >.>

OMG last night's "Rescue Me" made me forget I wasn't watching HBO )
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for [ profile] crystalkirk:

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New Keane album = BEST THING EVER. I am utterly, utterly addicted "Atlantic", I think it even beats "Bedshaped", and that's saying a lot for me!

Finished season one of Rescue Me today, and salkflk;ksfds JANET IS A BIATCH. Not that this is a newsflash, LOL, but wow. That was low. And yeah, [ profile] crystalkirk, you're totally right--no Johnny at Momma Gavin's funeral? WTF? Not enough Johnny in S1, period. Franco also earned more points with me as well, and Sean is so much love. I'm still convinced RM has the hottest women of any cast of any current TV show. Guh. No wonder Tommy's all about the lesbian action.

I think one of the things I really love about this show is that it's not afraid to take risks where its characters are concerned. Like Oz, there aren't really any truly "good" people on this show--they're all inherently flawed, just like real life, and I think we tend to forget that most shows (at least on network TV) take the easy way out a lot of times. But to have a main character that is so massively self destructive and fucked up, and yet still make him sympathetic and vulnerable...that's just damn good writing. Denis Leary is so awesome, I really hope he gets an Emmy nod this year.

I'm fighting the urge to watch my torrents of 2.1 and 2.2 tonight, because I desperately need to write. Like, something. It's been too long.
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OMG, [ profile] crystalkirk and [ profile] khohen1--I'm on the phone with my BFF, who's a paramedic in Boston, and when I offhandedly asked her if she was watching "Rescue Me" and SHE FREAKED! She looooves that show, and now she's reading me RM quotes at IMDB, LOL. I pretty much have to buy the seasons watch the whole thing now so she can call me on Tuesday nights and squee. :D

Aaaand now we just sat and watched the comedy short on AOL. HOLY SHIT.

"He forked me." *dies*
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I am so enamored with this cap I can't even describe it.

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[ profile] khohen1 pretty much made my entire day.

Must. Get. Season. Two.
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Things I've learned tonight:

- The fact that Meloni!sex has not gotten an Emmy nom is a travesty against television. Also, I cannot, repeat CANNOT, take that man in tears. It makes me curl into a ball and whimper.

- DEAN WINTERS IS SEX OMFG. *pants* Yeah, um. That was damn good. And the rest of the ep wasn't bad, either.

- "I got Sister Mary Shovelface and you get Sharon Stone." Tommy > everyone



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