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Here, let's complete the cycle of my favorite things right now:



Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:43 pm
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Oh hey, so last night I may or may not have told Ryan Ross about my dad dying and made hearteyes at Jon before taking a rather adorable picture with him.

YES, THIS IS ALL TRUE, IDEK. It's all thanks to alcohol and [ profile] daisydust being fearless.

The show was probably the most low-key, laidback bandom-related concert I've ever been to, which was GREAT. The crowd was a good, enthusiastic size for TYV (lol adorable little fanboys running around with their vinyls of TAV) and Black Gold was really awesome. I think TYV as a group have grown even more solid in their performing, and Ryan is ten times more confident in himself than he was when I saw him two and a half months ago in Chicago. I really, REALLY love watching/listening to this band live, more than I did Panic, tbh (although nothing can replace Panic stage banter). Although I was dumb and passed up on having my own TYV beach ball--WHY DID I THROW IT BACK? DAMN YOUR DISTRACTING FACE, JON WALKER.

But yes, so afterward we were waiting for Rooney to go on because [ profile] babygotbass's friend wanted to hear what they sounded like, and I had already been informed (through secondhand eavesdropping on a fangirl's dad) that their van was right around the corner from the venue. I didn't think I'd go accost them, but Becky (aka [ profile] daisydust), bless her, was all, "You are missing an opportunity!" And what do you know, I had a sudden attack of guts, and was like, "Fuck it, let's do this."

So we went into the alleyway like creepers, lol, but fortunately, there wasn't hardly anyone stalking them! And the fangirls who were milling around were very polite! Becky went up to Eric and started chatting about the Black Gold album, and since I really like their style, I decided to jump in, too. Eric's super pretty in person, goodness, pictures do not do him justice. His face literally lit up when I said I thought his band reminded me of ELO, and he turned to the rest of the guys all, "OMG THIS GIRL THINKS WE SOUND LIKE ELO!! :D :D" I apparently impressed them. He was also impressed with the idea of traveling several hours to see shows, and thinks Midwest venues are the best venues.

Meanwhile, Ryan was wandering around in the alley behind us ALONE. So bizarre, seriously--I was waiting for covert fangirls to just descend upon him out of nowhere. Instead, Becky asked if she could take my picture with him, and he was all, "Yeah, sure!" and smiled all big. And then my (slightly drunk) mouth decided to inflict itself upon him, and I blurted out:

"I've had a rough month and my died and I have been really looking forward to your show and seeing you guys means a lot to me."


But Ryan was quite gracious, all things considered; he nodded, looked appropriately sympathetic, and said in his monotone, "Oh, I'm sorry, thank you," etc. Still, SO MANY MOTTS, YOU GUYS, SO MANY MOTTS. DDDDD: I kind of wanted to run away after that, but we ended up waiting on the two little adorable fanboys to stop babbling at Jon about music. In the meantime, I was standing near Nick White and Nick Murray, and I gave them thumbs up and told them the show was awesome. They were really sweet, and Nick M. said Columbia was one of his favorite venues so far on this tour. (Also, side note? Nick White is STUPIDLY HOT OMG.)

Once Jon tore himself away from the fanboys (literally) he looked at Becky and me, and my face was literally


with like, hallelujah choirs and shit. I am not even fucking kidding when I say his eyes got all wide and pretty and ugh HE WAS ALL SWEATY AND SMILING AT ME. Needless to say, I don't really remember what I said to him. I know I didn't mention my dad, thank god. I did, however, get a pretty decent picture with him, which is amazing, since I'm probably the least photogenic person on the planet.

lol my face )

And then I ran away, the end.
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Gratuitous "These Are My Musical Boyfriends" spam.

1. Jon Walker

2. Keith Murray

You're welcome.
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I love it when the universe knows exactly what I need in my life. \o/

boyfriends!!! )

And in case no one was aware...

Jon is at maximum hotness again )

Mr. Foxx has completely sucked me into an addiction to "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. Cannot. Stop. Watching. Is there an AU where Gerard or maybe Pete runs a pawn shop? Because this should exist.
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GREATEST THING EVERRRRRRRRR. These "A Softer World" remixes are awesome.


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Ugh, his little faaaaaace. His little feeeeeeet. *__*

I'm not sure the Bones AU is going to make it in time for BBB. I'm kind of stuck and kind of hate everything I'm writing lately that isn't porn. I just don't know if I can finish it anymore, even though I really want this fic to exist. :(
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I am, like. Insanely in love with my fandoms this morning, y'all. JMont is writing me fanfic about Jon and Ryan, and Jon is talking about how he likes meeting his fans. ♥___♥

Then [ profile] fitofpique showed me this interview with Susan Downey, and omg, "The Miracle Who Saved Robert Downey Jr.," I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES. They are the biggest OTP who ever existed.
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Hi, hello. This weekend consisted of the following:

1. Beer
2. Threadless t-shirts
3. Chicago
4. fangirls
5. The Young Veins

my weekend of debauchery, aka The Young Veins @ The Beat Kitchen, Chicago 4.10.10 )

Tomorrow I'm going to possibly spew a bunch of flaily, meta-ish babbling about the RDJ interview in Men's Journal, which I read on the plane home. Needless to say, I should not be allowed to partake of RDJ-relate things alone in public with strangers. D:
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I have been far too weepy and lol overinvested in fannish things lately. It's a side-effect of RL things, I know, but still, WTF self. But anyway, here are some things that have made me weepy recently:

Faster than you go when you're alone by [ profile] subterrain - Jon/Spencer summer 2006 fic, but unlike any summer 2006 fic you'll find out there. This is the treatment I wish the pairing would get more often, a treatment that's reserved a lot more for Ryan/Brendon. Jon is fucked up and passive aggressive, Spencer is fucked up and trying to be the grown-up, and ugh ugh ugh, this story. It reminds why this pairing is my die-hard bandom OTP. *draws hearts around fic*

Insignificant Possession by [ profile] paperflower86 - Holmes/Watson fanart that's gorgeous and utterly heartbreaking. By the last frame I was a wibbling mess.


This Holmes/Watson fanvid set to Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hookup". SO adorable and cute!

All In by [ profile] fictionalaspect - Panic GSF, cabin era! OMG, I haven't read good GSF in forever, and this one is HILARIOUS and full of kinks you wouldn't be caught dead reading normally, but here it just works (um, that's my way of warning for watersports, I guess? >.>). Seriously, though, totally awesome.

This picture of Jon Walker:

not photogenic my ass )

I am determined to make this week be happier than last week. In a week and half I'll be in Chicago? :D?


Mar. 24th, 2010 10:01 pm
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This week is turning out to be not so great. I made a post about the state of my dad last night, but I deleted it, because frankly, I am tired of talking/thinking/dealing with it anymore than I already am. But thank you for your thoughts nonetheless; I swear, I really do constantly thank god for fandom, because without it, I would be a mess right now. Also, my flist. ♥

Anywho. Here's a whole bunch of stuff that makes me happy.

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Describe your sound in your own words.

As opposed to someone elses word? I think it sounds alright!

What are your musical influences?

Everything from Chuck Berry to Buck Cherry. If only it were true.

How did you choose the band name?

You could say it chose us.

What's in your festival survival kit?

Sunglasses, water and band aids.

Who was your first celeb crush?

Alex Mack or Patty Mayonnaise

What's your musical guilty pleasure?

We don't believe in that kind of thing.

What's the craziest thing you've seen or experienced while on tour?

A lion ripping the head and spine off of a gazelle, Seriously, Ryan has a picture.




@iamjonwalker: Happy Birthday Boyd and thanks again for the wonderful hospitality

Adding this to Brendon's earlier tweet today about it being his dad's birthday, I'm guessing Casa de Urie had some guests crash last night on their way to Texas. :DDDDDDDDD
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I could stare at this all damn day.

gorgeous )

Pensive!Watson is pensive and beautiful. ♥__♥

Hello, I feel like I'm finally making it back from the dead. I have not been eating, but rather gorging myself on the Olympics and episodes of Burn Notice. The US Mens Curling team is killing me and I am stupidly enamored with that crazy Shaun White guy. Figure skating last night was insane, but in the best way possible.

I also never fail to be amazed that Jon Walker is basically living fanfic. He is almost as completely ridiculous as that Robert Downey Jr. guy (whom I am also kind of stupidly fond of, in case anyone was wondering).
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@iamjonwalker: These guys are tired

Like. He honestly knelt down on his bed and quietly made hearteyes at his babies all snuggled together and then posted their picture to Twitter.

I don't even know what to do with myself, seriously. And it's not like THIS IS A SURPRISE.

Fandom: creating Jon Walker with their collective minds.
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Can we please talk about how gloriously ridiculous Jon Walker is IRL and how he is the old lady to Ryan's old man? I mean, seriously, today he watched Twin Peaks and drank wine, and yesterday it was mimosas and cookies for breakfast, followed by a CHRISTMAS COOKIE PARTY WITH SMALL CHILDREN. I feel like he is live-action role playing a fic I would like to have written about him. This doesn't even include the fact that he and his adorable ladyfriend went to a 20's mystery dinner theater party together. Or that he honestly needs to know if his house is haunted.

I just. Gah. ♥_________________♥
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Why must everyone reach maximum hotness apart from each other??? WHAT CONSPIRACY IS THIS?
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I had the best weekend! I went to the St. Louis Zoo (although 93 degree heat = hot, sleepy animals curled up in the shade/hiding from the sun), saw an amazing cover band with a Brendon look-a-like for a lead singer and a Singer look-a-like on guitar (they're also going to be playing my friend's wedding in March, I'm SO EXCITED! [ profile] siryn99, their cover of Sex on Fire is aweeeeeeesome), and then saw District 9. SO MANY THINKY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS MOVIE. Honestly, go see it, even if you don't like ~sci-fi stuff, because it works on many levels and is quite emotionally wrecking for a movie that has exploding body parts every fifteen minutes and prawn-like aliens who are obsessed with cat food.

There was also a trailer for 9, which ugh, I never knew how much I wanted an animated apocalyptic steampunk movie until now. ♥___♥

I would also like to talk about some boys I love, like Patrick Effing STUMP. I AM GOING TO CRY SO HARD ON WEDNESDAY, I AM NOT EVEN ASHAMED TO ADMIT THIS. Not to mention I will see these two being faily on stage. I can hardly stand it. *flails*

I am also fond of Jon Walker and the fact that this is his way of telling us he's on his way back to LA (thank you, Alex!). The best part of this timing? He's leaving Chicago the day after Panic played there. Just saying, he probably could have left at any time over the weekend! Or even on a Thursday! But instead he chose to stay to say hello to his boys. I highly doubt he went to the show, or the after party at AK, but I like to think there were at least some drinks involved, or even just quick meet-up for hugs. Honestly, if you can look me in the eye and tell me Brendon and Spencer DON'T think of Jon when they're in Chicago, you have no soul.

In that same vein (LOL VEIN), Jon and Ryan are going to make more musiiiiiiiic. \o/
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[ profile] gobsmackit: OH HAI MY DOG AND I ARE GOING TO THE GUN SHOW.
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Oh god, so. I have this ritual during the week where I come into work, turn my computer on, read my Outlook/check my Outlook calendar, then open my Gmail and Twitter. I do this without any commotion or anything, except for the past two or three days, I have literally yelled, "OMG BRENDON!! :DDD" at my computer because of something ridic on Twitter. THIS is a pefect example. Oh em gee, he is such a dork. ♥

Someone come talk to me about how Jon tweeted this:

iamjonwalker: Goooooodnight, Sleeeeeeeep tight.

Just after Spencer tweeted this:

TheSpencerSmith: 17 hours later and Im exhausted. Such a fun day though. Had a lot of extra weight on my shoulders, but got through just fine. Excited!!

I mean, it was within the same hour? LOOK, I TAKE WHAT I CAN GET. Like, in my head I imagine Jon reading his Twitter and seeing Spencer's comments, and he bites his lip and pauses for a second when he reaches for his phone to text him, because, well, it's really late? And he hasn't texted Spencer in a few weeks with anything important, and he feels weird and a little awkward to be texting Spencer about his late night tweet about recording and stuff. He can't decide which words to use without sounding kind of lame and a little heartsick at the whole thing (STILL, even when he thinks he's getting a lot better and things are working out), so he types out a tweet that's not in @reply format, so at least it doesn't look TOO pathetic. Then he shuts his laptop and goes to bed.

Five minutes later, his phone buzzes with a text. It's from Spencer.

you too

Jon smiles as he turns the light out.

...DAMMIT, I just made myself cry. /o\
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No idea, but:


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