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I wish I got FUSE, ugh, STUPID CABLE. I need to have Jon and Spencer roof tiems, plz. ETA: It's already up!! This is only made worse by the fact that my deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. is STILL not here yet. FBR, I AM GETTING IMPATIENT.

Some things you should partake of:

Manifesto by [ profile] ignipes. LOLARIOUS IMPLIED GSF. That's pretty much all you need to know. \o/

In The Middle Of Summer (or, How Panic Wrote a Musical and (Maybe?) Didn’t Know It). Also hilarious.

Something I've been thinking about lately is how we interpret things in this fandom. Until last June, I'd never been heavily involved in an RPS fandom; I was used to working with a fictional media and drawing from subtexts within. But RPS is a whole other animal - it's both fantasy and reality mixed together until, most of the time, differentiating between the two becomes sort of impossible after awhile. For example: I only learned a few months ago that Pete calling Patrick "'Trick" is a fanon thing. There's no "canon" proof that Pete's ever called him by that nickname, but I'd read it so many times in fic that I simply assumed somewhere along the way he'd said it. We take bits and pieces of what we read and *think* we know about these guys and draw our own conclusions, whether they're right or wrong.

Everyone has their own opinions and favorites and way of interpreting pictures/videos/interviews, etc., and that's awesome, that's what makes fandom great. But in the end, it's all relative. Mr. Foxx STILL doesn't see how SGA is all about Sheppard and McKay's epic love for one another, no matter how many times he watches it. He also doesn't see how Panic are hopelessly gay for one another. Granted, he doesn't view the world with slash goggles like I do, but still. Relative. I think it was [ profile] pearl_o who said a few weeks ago that one person's OTP is another person's epic friendship.

In the spirit of celebrating differences of opinions, let's play a game called Interpret the Gay. Behind the cut are a series of photos, and for each photo, feel free to tell me what YOU think is going on. I'll play, too!

Interpret the Gay )
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Last week [ profile] harriet_vane made a picspam of drummers she loves, and I told her I eventually wanted to do one for bassists.

So without further ado, here is said random bassist picspam!

my wasted Sunday, let me show you it! )

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[ profile] gigantic had this linked, and ugh, I'm all *__* over it: Pete and Patrick play the slap game. There are other episodes, too, but I've watched that one 35458045 times so far. However, watch the rest, as there are bonus points for Patrick washing dishes and Pete being a ginormous dork (or, as [ profile] adellyna says, being himself). BOYS ILU.

Hello to everyone on my flist NOT going to see Panic tonight! We shall be bitter and jealous together! (I kid, I kid, I'm very happy for everyone who gets to go.)

Yesterday I started thinking out this random bit of meta regarding the Panic interview on The Sauce. It really seems that the difference between the boys having an okay interview and a flat-out awesome interview is whether or not they like the person doing the questioning. Case in point: the Kerrang! podcast from last summer. The boys love that guy, and it shows in how open and comfortable they are with him; this is also true with Steven Smith. Others have said this, but Panic is a band full of inside jokes and secrets that most of us with never know, and they like to keep it that way. Where MCR is earnest to a fault and have no problem being open with whomever wants to sit down with them and listen, it takes a lot to get Panic to open up. I mean, how many times have they NOT answered the question about the differences between the new songs versus the songs from AFYCSO, outside of "Jon's playing on them"? Easy question, they just don't feel like sharing. And where Pete and Patrick feed off each other and then project that sense of affection and ease onto whomever's watching/listening, Panic internalizes it and keeps it between the four of them, with maybe a wink or smile to the outsiders. It's kind of irritating, but fascinating, too. /rambling
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Hi. We need this. :)

I L♥ve This Big Gay Fandom Meme
(i.e. Snuggles! Snuggles for Everyone!)

I'll go first: I love that Patrick Stump refers to Viva la Cobra! as "Justin Timberlake meets Nintendo". THIS MAKES ME SMILE FOR DAYS ON END.

How 'bout you?
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You guys. I am seriously a thirteen-year-old boy at heart.

This morning, Mr. Foxx informs me that his computer is dead. Completely dead. As in no hope, end of story.

My first thought? "OMG, BRENDON URIE ACID JIZZ." IDK, it helps alleviate the emo over not being able to afford new computers at the moment. Not to mention I find this whole Brendon Ride-My-Huge-Gaymo-Cock Urie Scandal INFINITELY HILARIOUS, and my reasons for this tend to border on my own personal TMIs that no one wants to hear. Safe to say, this fandom will never, EVER fail to entertain me. I mean, seriously, Frank sucks dick for $10! SOMEHOW, BRENDON MUST TOP THIS BEFORE HE DIES.

(In non-fandom news, I would like to go one day without wanting to stab my cubemate's eyes out. Yes, you have computer issues, but I am not tech support, and no, I don't know all the fucking answers even though I've been here three years and you've only been here six months. STFU and chill. Please.)

And I am so touched/happy that so many of you were worried about Puppy Frank! Here's a snippet of his sequel to keep you all from being depressed:

He doesn't have a plan because he doesn't need one. Frank has a super sniffer extraordinaire, and he has Gerard's scent memorized by heart; he could find him in the dark, even in the rain. Ray likes to say Frank's nose isn't all that great, but Frank knows better. He'll find Gerard. He has to.
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Today I dealt with tornado warnings! At work! And I spent almost an hour sitting in a basement as the sky turned into death! But that's okay, because I came out alright (tornado passed us fine), and then. THEN.



Blayne, aka [ profile] blondiusmaximus, DREW ME SPENCER AND CHAZ. It's gorgeous and perfect, and I am literally still staring at it even as I type this. Uuuugh, BLAYNE, THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HEARTS IN THE WORLD. ♥
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Okay, I tried to resist posting this last week

Anyway, I'm finishing up the flist and about to go to bed, and then I see this.

So. I suppose this is somebody's way of telling me I should post my Rescue Rangers Pete/Patrick AU idea )
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So yeah, I could honestly sit and stare at this for hours and hours. This, for me, represents four guys that are not just in a band together, but are friends, good friends, who can sit around with their instruments and Christmas lights and just make music and be happy together. I just. I really, really love them, okay, and I know a lot of you still shake your head at me and bemoan my starry-eyed adoration of this fandom, but they truly do fill my heart with so much joy.

And, um, I'd like to take a moment and comment on Tom Conrad being in ur journals and reading ur pornfiction. What's kind of hilarious to me is that a couple months ago I accidentally commented to Ryland's LJ USING THIS LJ USERNAME and didn't even realize it until, like, a week ago. I FREAKED out, even though I have not yet don't write any sort of Cobra-themed fic that would warrant any humiliation on my end should Ryland happen to venture this way. However, I have written Tom into my fic, and while it's not porny, it's still me writing him in fanfic.

Which upsets me more? RYLAND FINDING MY LJ. IDK, I'm odd, I can't explain it.

Here's what kills me even more: Tom reads the fanfic (good fanfic, mind you) and mocks it on MySpace. Pete Wentz reads fanfic (shittyshitty fanfic) and attempts to makeout with Patrick more on stage and tell the world that he approves of them being an OTP, without using his multitude of blogs. THIS IS INFINITELY AMUSING TO ME, and is probably why I'm not spazzing the fuck out more. LOLZ, sorry Tom, I will continue to write you with your Panic bassist BFF in non-sexual ways, and if you want to poke fun, be my guest. You'll just add to my list of reasons why I hate MySpace with a hot, burning passion. \o/
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Let me give you a scenario: in my office, when someone wants to order out for lunch, they usually don't involve the entire office, because that's fifteen people who, quite frankly, can never make up their minds. So they go to a handful of people whom they know share their same tastes in food and ask them if they want to order. Now instead of having fifteen people and their indecisive food orders to mess with, there are only, say, three. No hassels with paying, no bitching over ordering from the wrong Chinese place. It's simple. And easy. Yes, someone else in the office might discover later that these three people ordered lunch without them and sadface over it, but so what? They can order lunch with them the next day. Or not. The point is, everything in the end was simple and people were happy.

*waves* Hi. I was in a small Secret Santa fic exchange with some friends recently. It was fun, it was simple, and we were happy. We weren't trying to be elist snobs by any means. No, I'm not one of the mods, and no, I didn't have any say over who participated, but I do know that some fucking amazing fic came out of the whole thing and I got to know some people whom I'd never met before and probably wouldn't have otherwise.

And that's all that should really matter! Good fic was produced and friendships were formed. Isn't this the point of fandom in general? I hate that people seem to think there's something nefarious afoot just because it took place in a locked community. We're not trying out to exclude anyone! If that were the case, none of the fic written for this exchange would've been posted publicly, and I would be running around bragging about how [ profile] adellyna wrote 22,000 words of Pete/Patrick underage porn that NONE OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ EVAR HAHAHA *EV0L LAUGH*. But that did not happen, and Mandi's porn is available for the masses to love and cherish, because, dude, sixteen-year-old grumpy imperfect Patrick NEEDS to be shared, okay?

We're not out to exclude people; it's just that sometimes ordering lunch with whole office can be a lot of freaking stress.
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Okay, so I've had sort of a crappy last 24 hours and I desperately need something to make me LOL/smile/*heartclutch*/scrinchy face. In the interest of exploiting what this fandom does best (i.e. AUs!) and taking the popularity of [ profile] wolfshirts into consideration, I bring you

A Whole New World: A Bandom AU Meme!

Think of this as [ profile] wolfshirts in meme form! Comment with any AU idea you might've had floating around in your head and put it into fic form. It can be as complex or simple as you'd like.
Any length, pairing, and scenario is welcome! Go nuts!

([ profile] maleyka, I expected more Harry Potter 'verse, kthx. *beams*)
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Due to an AMAZING IDEA put forth by [ profile] stereomer, [ profile] siryn99 and I** are going to write a PATD Hacker AU.

computer bits under his bed instead of porn )

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My mother and brother just got in this evening from their week-long vacation in Vegas. I just learned that their hotel? Was behind the Hard Rock Hotel. Like I told [ profile] shleemeri, I'm waiting for my mom to show me pictures she took on the strip, and then say, "Oh! And here's this lovely young man who took our picture," and it's, like, Brendon Urie or something. The universe haaaaaaates me.

On a separate note, the fic that's out right now in this fandom is killing me. Dear fandom, please to not be posting long, amazing AUs all at once, I seriously have to work eight hours a day. [ profile] skoosiepants finally posted the sequel to Supersaturation (as well as another companion fic, OMFG *flails like a flaily thing*), [ profile] sweetrecovery finally posted her journalism AU, and there are Christmas exchange fics coming out of my ears. *rolls around in fic*

On another sort-of separate note, I've been seeing people talk about their "unpopular" fannish opinions, which has been fascinating to me. What's been on my mind lately is the music, namely why certain songs are popular and others aren't. And probably my biggest "unpopular" opinion is my ambiguity toward Gym Class Heroes. I'll just put it out there: I'm not a Travie fan. He's funny, sure, and Gabe loves him, but their music is really the least enjoyable for me out of all the bandom groups. Plus, I sort of find Travis to be a skeevy drunk a lot of times, just from the pictures/videos I've seen. *hands* Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means! But please, don't try to convince me that "Cupid's Chokehold" is a good song, because every time I hear it on the radio, I want to punch something. However, I love "Clothes Off" (PStump has a lot to do with that) and "The Queen and I" is good, but. Idk, I know everyone says they're amazing live, so maybe seeing them in concert one day will change my mind.

more ramblings on my favorite bandom songs vs. the universal favs )
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I thought about posting this to [ profile] wolfshirts, but I want to be selfish and keep it over here, heh.

So this morning I was reading this article in USA Today about kiddie bands, i.e. the sudden rise in bands made up of 11, 12, 13-year-olds. In case you didn't know, there is a punk band composed of an 11-year-old girl lead singer and her 13-year-old brother called Care Bears on Fire.

Even though I feel the name of this group would probably make Brendon cry, obviously the only response I can have to this is: OMG BANDOM AU.

I know [ profile] harriet_vane has already done the MCR kidfic of awesome, but think of it in terms of Panic! Ryan and Spencer start playing Blink covers at age 8, and by the time they're 11 and 12, they're playing gigs. Brendon is allowed to play said gigs as long as he's home in time for church! Jon gets shit from his friends for being an eighth grader hanging out with sixth graders (although his BFF Tommy sticks up for him \o/)! Ryan started a website for them where they post video of them performing live once a week!

I looooooove this, and I don't even normally go for kidfic.
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So, not only does my day start off sucktastic by me being, once again, THE OFFICE COFFEE BITCH (seriously, it is not that hard to a) refill the coffee pot or b) AT LEAST TURN THE FUCKING THING OFF WHEN IT'S EMPTY), but I then go on to realize I kind of made a huge mistake that is now causing others to clean up after me (woe), and THEN I go and fail to read directions, which causes me to vote incorrectly in this poll. *cries*

Good news? Cobra tickets go on sale tonight, which omg. This may sound stupid, seeing as how a huge portion of my flist/fandom sees these bands practically on a weekly basis, but this will be my first bandom concert ever. I'm so, SO excited to finally be able to, y'know, make my own recap and actually be a contributing member of fandom in terms of concerts. And the venue where I'm seeing them perform is tiny tiny. I should be able to get amazing pictures (if they allow cameras). Did I mention I got a snazzy new camera for my birthday? :D

Also good news: The Mistletoe Meme has been insanely successful! There's ALL kinds of awesomeness to been had, from every corner of bandom! If you haven't checked it out, you should.

Here are a few burning questions I have for you all:

* Query the first: Is Jon Walker, in fact, giving you the finger?

* Query the second: I have some very, VERY dirty blowjob fic that I typed up from some chatporn I wrote with [ profile] disarm_d the other night. I'm...sort of reluctant to post it because it's submissive!Jon and kind of has a slight dub-con slant to it, and know some people have issues with that. Is anyone interested in extremely filthy Jon/Spencer porn?
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I would just like to say that when that new Panic album drops? There will be a WORLD of squee up in this joint.

ETA: Here's a scan of the article in Rolling Stone (thanks, [ profile] _avenues!). Hey, [ profile] halfdutch--"Kinks-inspired"! They can't be all that bad, right? *g*

*sits on hands*

Also? Someone write me fic where Patrick's psychic. Does this exist? IT SHOULD.

Work tomorrow. Do not want. I can haz Thanksgiving?

I have 700 words of one exchange fic so far and 0 for the other, which just so happens to be THE ONE THAT'S DUE ON SATURDAY, HI. God, my brain. All I want to do now is roll around in my shiny new high school 'verse and make Jon and Spencer have awkward makeout sessions in the back of Jon's car, and Pete gush to Ryan about his new boyfriend, who goes to the performing arts school ten minutes away with this other kid, who's equally cool, and then he and Ryan and Patrick and Brendon all double date at Waffle House. See, [ profile] shleemeri, I TOLD YOU I CAN WORK IN THE CHOCOLATE SYRUP.

For some reason, I also want The Butcher to be the drummer in Jon's band. He inadvertently crashes Jon's mini golf date with Spencer because he heard Jon mention something about wanting to play, so he shows up, only to see Spencer and promptly say, "Oh, you're Spencer, aren't you, the band kid Jon's always talking about," which makes Spencer go all "asdljfdsldf" inside.

Ugh. Someone make me write my exchange fics now, plz.
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I never, ever thought I'd say this.

I want Jon/Spencer mpreg, oh god )

So, um. I was talking to [ profile] imogenedisease about how bandom sort of obliterates your lines? You say to youself, "God, I would never read/write rimming, never, what the hell," and then you wake up one morning realizing you just posted a rimming threesome, and you may or may not have outlined a sequel that includes fisting. I've seen my lines blur, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I mean, look *points up*--AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH OF FLUFFY RIDONKULOUS MPREG. AND I'M PROUD OF IT.

Sometimes I think Patrick is the equivalent of my life in bandom. Maybe once upon a time he thought to himself, "I'll never let Pete kiss me on the mouth on stage. That's too much." And then Lowell, MA happens. He flails a bit, staggers around in shock, and then carries on while Pete probably smiles smugly in the background and plans his next attack, probably with tongue.

Did you used to have lines? Or did Pete Wentz destroy yours, too?
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Pairing wars make Jon Walker sad, yo )

Let's not discuss wank anymore. Let's also not discuss how my day started off sad and ended sad and then went up a little from sad with this and new Office (!!).

Instead, let us discuss things that make us not sad. Like boys. In bands. Who are dorks.

I call this my Ode via YouTube:

Brendon Urie is your perfect Idiot Boyfriend, and while The Butcher can serenade you with Alicia Keys, Guy Ripley's True Things will always prove that Ryland's the better guitar player (sorry, Chiz). Jon smells like Christmas and thinks flying at 550 miles an hour is pretty freaky and that Panic's kinda shitty live, and although Spencer tries to curb Jon's swearing, it's really nothing compared to the reminiscing of thick, sweaty underwear. William really doesn't think the internet's for porn, and Frank just thinks that's adorable. Patrick loves his Honda Civic, but fangirls who crave slash kind of scare him.

In conclusion, I really, really, really LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH.

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God, sorry for all the spam, s;kdkad;fd.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a hypocrite. While I was completely fine with Patrick's "I read the fanfic" comment a few months back and thought it was kind of hilarious, evidently I cannot take nearly the same thing being said by Brendon and Ryan. This is most likely due to the fact that, um, I haven't really written a lot of porn starring Patrick and I wouldn't cringe and curl into a horrified ball of woe if he ever happened upon this journal.

Okay, on the one hand it's hysterical the way Brendon embarrasses Ryan so badly, oh my goodness. He doesn't even think twice! On the other hand, um. I can't help the way my palms break into a sweat at the mere THOUGHT of simple Google searches.

Yes yes, this isn't anything new, and while I DO like to entertain myself with wonderful scenarios involving Brendon reading pornfiction out loud to Ryan via his Sidekick, I also tend to think when it comes to this fandom, ignorance is fucking bliss.


Nov. 1st, 2007 01:50 pm
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Of course Pete was Ryan. ♥

ETA: No, you're not dreaming, THAT'S PETE, NOT RYAN.
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A Strange Way of Saying
[Jon/Spencer, 2000 words, PG-13]

He learns about the Halloween party from Tom, and it's not the usual "hey, party tonight" said casually around a quick drag of a cigarette; instead, he says, "So. Pete's throwing a Halloween party tonight and I'm pretty sure your little drummer boy's coming."

This is me indulging [ profile] shleemeri, who asked for Spencer and Jon and "applebobbery". I love how everyone else is cranking out all this wonderful angst, while I'm writing ridiculous Halloween parties. Idk, it's Jon Walker and apples. *hands*

Thanks to [ profile] imogenedisease for the super fast beta!

applebobbery, yo )


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