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Oh my god, everyone in Inception fandom needs to stop what they're doing and go read [ profile] sparkledark's fic, Late Night Phone Call, which is like a whole bunch of words about Arthur as sleep hotline counselor and his snarky, annoying, sexy British caller who happens to be named Eames. BASICALLY IT IS AMAZING AND RACHEL WROTE IT FOR ME FOR [ profile] dream_holiday AND IT IS EVERYTHING I COULD WANT FROM A STORY EVER.
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Sometimes I think Dinosaur Comics watches my life. Let me just say that when you're writing a long freaking regency story, you start talking like this ALL THE TIME. I caught myself saying "perhaps you shall" to Mr. Foxx last night. And then I start to hate myself because I'm putting all this into Captain America's mouth, ffs. What are my life choices??

So yes, the horror that is my Avengers regency fic is at 22k and...yeah. I told myself that I absolutely would not continue writing this if it wasn't done by November, since uh, hi, I have a big bang to write, but my brain doesn't work that way. GODDAMN IT, BRAIN.

I haven't been able to read much since, y'know, writing shan't and shall left and right, but I also haven't posted recs in a while. For those of you who follow me on Pinboard (same name, same station), you've probably already seen these, but for the rest, here are a few stories I've liked recently, i.e. in the last month:

Long Distance Relationship by cookinguptales (Tony/Steve) - Steve gets hit with sex pollen and in desperation calls Tony. Now, Avengers fandom gives a new meaning to the term "suit porn" and sometimes I get a little "..." at the abundance of Extremis porn and/or sex with the Iron Man suit. Yeah, I know, LOL COMICS, but I'm easing myself into it. This story, however, is fantastic, and plays up the sex pollen trope sooooooooo well, nguh. Desperate, befuddled, horny Steve is A+. My only complaint is that the story's not nearly long enough.

Lack of Restraint by often_adamanta (Tony/Steve) - Steve asks Tony to tie him up. I'm...pretty sure that's all you need to know. Do not read this in the company of others, unless those others understand the effects of reading supremely hot porn.

Mr. July by [ profile] jibrailis (Tony/Steve) - I cannot contextualize my adoration for this story. I mean, I really, REALLY can't. Let's just say that as far as movieverse!Tonys go, Nancy has cornered the market and nothing will ever be the same again.

That's About the Size of It by pluvial_poetry (Arthur/Eames) - Eames has a small dick. Yes, you read that correctly. EAMES HAS A SMALL DICK, and he knows how to use it. I love, love, LOVE that this fic transcends so many of the commonly used tropes in Inception fandom when it comes to Eames', um, girth. It's funny, sexy, and sweet. And the Arthur voice here is wonderful.

Since it's Friday, here's some random Tumblr shit I have liked this week:

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WHERE IS THE EXPLODING OVARIES GIF WHEN I NEED IT????? I feel like the biggest creeper when I say sometimes I just want to rub my face on his shoulders/arms and then stare at him all o___o.



Pavlov's Bell by [ profile] whiskyrunner - catboy!Arthur and werewolf!Eames SET IN CANON, OKAY. I cannot articulate the levels of hotness this fic goes to, no lie. Arthur goes into heat and there is MATING.

Lap It Up by [ profile] recrudescence - Okay, yes, another jailbait!Arthur fic, but I will pretty much read anything [ profile] recrudescence writes because it is like eating my favorite ice cream over and over again. Plus, there is car!sex and lap dances and Cobb being kind of hilariously obtuse. WIN.

And in case you didn't know, [ profile] ae_match starts today!!!!! There is already some great stuff posted, and you can rest assured there will be TONS MORE throughout the summer. &fandom;


Mar. 9th, 2011 09:35 am
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I love that bittersweet moment when you read something that is everything you adore and so incredibly well-written, and yet you're HORRIBLY JEALOUS you did not write it yourself. I feel this way about [ profile] thehoyden's Incipit, and now I have a canon fic to add to this list:

and the doors are open by [ profile] guns_and_butter, where Arthur is given a "love potion" as an experiment by Yusuf and falls for Eames, but every is not as it seems. This is one of the best Arthurs I've seen written in a long, long time, and the dynamic between him and Eames made me ache to the point of tears at certain points. If you want a good canon fic and a fantastic A/E love story and a finely-drawn portrayal of Arthur, read this immediately.
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Fuck, I love polar bears. IDEGAF I am going to Manitoba one of these days to see one in person.


A Secret Love by [ profile] sirona_gs - ARTHUR/EAMES REGENCY AU, so you know I love it. This was written for the Harlequin Challenge at [ profile] harlequincepted, and it embodies the spirit of this challenge PERFECTLY. Romantic, achy, lovely, I just adored it.

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Last week I made a post about how much I wanted a high school AU with shy!drama kid!Eames pining after popular!bamfy!student council president!Arthur.

And guess what? [ profile] toomuchplor wrote it for me.

Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry is basically everything in the entire world I could want in a high school AU with these two. But the best part is that it takes the tropes this fandom has created for the pairing and completely turned them upside down. The details are amazing, and I DARE you not to fall in love with Plor's bb!Eames. And did I mention he and Arthur perform scenes from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead? BECAUSE THEY DO. Ugh, this is seriously one of my all-time favorite fics in Inception fandom. Go, read, love.

Here's a few more recs you all might have missed:

Sickness and Shame by [ profile] recrudescence, i.e. the jailbait!Arthur/doctor!Eames hotness that is FILTHY AND WRONG AND DELIGHTFUL. She promises a porny coda, which adfkg;dfg *waits on bated breath*

Arthur has a hair trigger by anon. This is still a WIP, but IT IS STUPIDLY, STUPIDLY HOT and full of all my kinks. I mean, [ profile] cherrybina and I talk about this a lot, but really, I could read 36767867 words about nothing but Arthur coming in his pants.

On a totally separate note, apparently the techno version of "Night on Bald Mountain" that played during the opening Oscar montage is from TSN soundtrack? Should I just go find the entire OST, then? Got it, thanks!
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I feel like I shouldn't mention it yet because it might jinx things, but...there's a very good possibility that I might be going to Maui in May. *___________________________* Some friends of ours are getting married there, and while we hadn't initially planned on going to the wedding, some other friends of ours, whom we're much closer to, have suddenly decided to go, which ups the fun meter on this trip by like ten billion. The couple getting married are kind of stupidly rich, and they're having their own booze shipped out to Hawaii (granted, the groom owns a bar, but still). They're staying at the second most expensive hotel on the island--which I'm pretty sure is where a fictional murder took place on Hawaii 5-0 recently, lolololol. Needless to say, we will NOT be staying at that hotel, but we are all about free booze. My friend, whose husband is an old frat brother of Mr. Foxx's and also the best man, has vowed to be "drunk, on the beach, and in a bikini" for the whole trip since she's not in the wedding. I AM ALL FOR THIS PLAN. Oh my god, I want to go SO BADLY. This trip will be epic, you guys, EPIIIIIIC. Perhaps I could be drunk, on the beach, and stalking Scott Caan? MAYBE??

I have got to get my ass in gear again and start working out more, ugh. Stupid cold weather, you are not conducive to running. DDD: HAWAII BIKINI, YOU WILL BE MINE. *shakes fist*

Fandom-wise, have some things:

- [ profile] inception_art Fest!! This is looks like SO much fun, mostly because I am selfish and Inception fandom has some of the best artists around and I want ALL THE THINGS DRAWN EVER. Prompting starts tomorrow! Can't waiiiiiiit. \o/


- So there's this amazing WIP by [ profile] skellerbvvt where Eames is sixteen and the perfect embodiment of every lost, angry, frustrated teenager, and Arthur's somehow becomes the one to save/fix him, even though he's 25 and struggling desperately not to give in to poor moral choices and just afk;dskfsgd IT IS SO AMAZING, OKAY, SO AMAZING. This is my favorite WIP right now, and I don't even like WIPs. Heart-wrenchingly good, omg.

- Speaking of bb!Eames (sort of), this...

...makes me want the sequel to my boarding school AU where Eames gets into theater at college and discovers he's actually REALLY TALENTED and starts getting lead roles in the school productions, and Arthur of course goes to all his shows and is all af;dskfsd; *___* in the audience because yes, Eames is talented, but he's also coming into his own and having confidence in himself and learning to be comfortable in his own skin and it's SO GODDAMN HOT ARTHUR CAN BARELY STAND IT. And then afterward they go back to Arthur's apartment and fuck up against the wall or something and Eames keeps gasping things like, "Knowing you're there, watching me, it gets me hard sometimes while I'm on stage," and Arthur can't last after that.


HEY THERE ARE GOLDEN GLOBES TONIGHT! I hear that JGL fellow is presenting. There might be a live blog in order...
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So if you haven't already, everyone needs to go read Rough Trade by [ profile] whiskyrunner IMMEDIATELY. I cannot adequately express how much I am in love with this story; initially I thought it was just going to be an insanely hot piece of PWP (which, oh god, the porn is SO FILTHY HOT NNNGUH), but it's so, so much more than that. The levels with which this fic deals with homophobia and class prejudices are so fantastic, in the sense that everything feels extremely raw and real and achy. I cried a half dozen times, ngl.

In other news, I want this fic, please.

By day he was Arthur, customer service drone in a drab office cubicle. But at night he became Eros Apparent, sex god of the blogosphere, where he could express his true self in sizzling erotic fantasies. As Arthur he entertained aching, unfulfilled fancies about his sexy co-worker. But as Eros Apparent he was outspoken and demanding as he carried on a steamy cyberspace affair with the mysterious Tell_me.



...Or, if you're in a Hawaii 5-0 mood...

Steve McGarrett knows the score when he offers to marry his best friend Danny Williams. He's fixing a bad situation for Danny—that's all—they aren't making a real life together. Danny wants to stay on the ranch in New Jersey and Steve's got his studies and inventions elsewhere. Still, this arrangement is a good deal for both of them.

Until that one night...

A sexy interlude with Danny makes Steve rethink their relationship...and their future. But all his plans grind to a halt when Danny asks for a divorce. Once upon a time, Steve might have agreed. But now that he knows the chemistry they share, he's not giving up a second chance to be with his husband.

[I would read this so hard...]


Jan. 1st, 2011 04:47 pm
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Relating back to my earlier post, GO READ THIS FIC IMMEDIATELY:

To Capture, Conquer, and Court by [ profile] toomuchplor, i.e. HARLEQUIN RENAISSANCE ROMANCE OF MY HEART. Arthur is the prudent tutor and Eames is the rakish lord and a;fkdsfs I WISH I HAD WRITTEN THIS BUT I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE IT JUSTICE.

There needs to be an Inception challenge along the lines of [ profile] harlequin_bands, seriously. I THINK I NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. OR SOMETHING.

In conclusion, needs more Arthur/Eames Harlequin romances FOREVER.
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I wrote this out as way to get my mojo going again, because I'm in that rut where everything I write sucks.

So. Here's 500 or so words of Steve/Danny undercover gay club shenanigans.

too old to be a twink )

And here's some good Inception porn recs:

This Could Be Our Reward - I haven't read much from [ profile] dream_exchange because I get wary of everything being anon, but this is an excellent story with great characterization and fantastic porn.

untitled porn by [ profile] rageprufrock - Need I say more?

I'll probably do that end-of-year fic meme tomorrow, but I added everything up and, not including my current big bang, I wrote over 120k of fic this year! O_O

In other not-so-awesome news, the transmission in my car went out today. Could possibly cost 4k to fix. Blaaaaaaargh 2010 I HATE YOU.
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Thank you to everyone who gave their congrats to me yesterday! I promise I will respond to everyone's comments! Yesterday was a crazy EMOTIONAL DRAIN of every mood under the sun, and while I collapsed into bed at like 9, I only slept for a few hours before I woke up and my brain was all, "OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE I AM NOT CUT OUT FROM THIS NEW JOB ACK," and yeah. There was a lot of that. I'm much more zen this morning, thankfully.

Am I a horrible person if I say I do not want to read a 20k+ Sherlock Holmes story if it is rated below R? Sorry, I JUST REALLY NEED PORN. I mean, I guess I'm like this with most fandoms? But really, if I wanted to read 20k+ PG-rated Sherlock Holmes fic, I'd read canon.

Speaking of porn, I owe people boxing porn. I plan to make good on this promise.

Also! Have another Hawaii 5-0 fic rec, which is AMAZING: Tell You What (You're Gonna Do) by [ profile] giddygeek. Absolutely fantastic banter and delicious UST that has equally delicious pay-off. Not to mention DANNY WILLIAMS. ♥♥♥
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Hey, does anyone want to read an awesome Hawaii 5-0 fic? Of course you do. Everyone should go read You Can't Carry It with You by [ profile] waldorph. It's a story told completely from Rachel's POV, and while it delves a lot into her backstory and how her marriage to Danny fell apart, the way she observes the little things about Steve and Danny's relationship is so wonderful and subtle. I can't recommend this fic enough! And when you're done with that, go have some filthy, filthy porn as written by [ profile] svilleficrecs (SNOWBALLING. HUMILIATION KINK. STEVE BEING A CREEPER. READ IIIIT).

Other things making me happy!:

[ profile] holiday_heist continues to be amazing. Arthur/Eames fic and art every day until Christmas? UM, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Five days in and I've yet to be disappointed. And today [ profile] liketheroad is featured! GO TELL HER HOW AWESOME SHE IS. ♥

Fic rec! and if somebody loved me like she do me by [ profile] frantic_allonsy - "Arthur curled around the radiator on the bare wooden floor with a book wearing one of Eames' old sweatshirts...." It's not quite as fluffy as it sounds, which makes it perfect.

Art rec! Late Night at the Warehouse - Slow dancing in the dark, ahhhhhhhhh. *______*

TOMORROW IS ARTIST CLAIMING DAY AT [ profile] inception_bang. I AM EXCITED/NERVOUS/TERRIFIED. I, um, tend to have bad luck with artists and big bangs. :/

I had a dream last night where someone asked me a question and my answer was "Robert Downey Jr. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt." I...have no idea what the question was. I have been amusing myself trying to figure this out, though.
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Okay, so while I'm not a fan of the anon meme, I have to say that this MADE ME LOL SO HARD. If my J.Crew obsession is the only thing people will remember me for in this fandom, SO BE IT. :D

SO HEY THE KISSING MEME CONTINUES! I think I speak for a lot of you when I say that it's definitely been my happy place this week.

Before I list some more of my fic favorites, here is an art round up! ARTISTS, I ADORE YOU, FULL STOP.

- Eames kissing Arthur's hand by [ profile] innueneko

- A/E makeouts by [ profile] platina

- Eskimo Kisses!! by [ profile] aredblush

- Ghost!Eames from a Hogwarts AU by [ profile] platina

- Fischer/Saito by [ profile] johanirae

- Deadly Peck by [ profile] loobeeinthesky

- Just a Little... by [ profile] red_rahl

And now, another batch of my favorites!:

- Royal Pain by [ profile] daisy_chan Monarchy AU!

- crimson and clover (over and over) by [ profile] sometimesalways Soooo intense and hot and yummy, ugh.

- Temeraire crossover by [ profile] edoraslass I still have yet to read this series, but Eames as a hyperactive dragon who loves his captain, aka Arthur? YES, PLEASE!

- the morning after the first night by [ profile] jeannedecarnin Sweet and hesitant. Boys. ♥

- canon!fic set during the movie by [ profile] eleveninches This is my personal canon from here on out, omg.

- Arthur has a revelation by [ profile] airgiodslv I mean, it's Jen, so you know it's awesome. Trust me!

College AU is, um, still going as well. Be patient? I am rubbish with WIPs, seriously.

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If you've ever loved Arthur/Eames, or ever loved Inception fic in general, there is a story that requires your attention immediately, and I'm not just saying this because I beta'd it (although, really, "beta'd" is a very loose term, because it mostly involved me sobbing and flailing my hands and then sending emails full of capslock):

Metaphors As Mixed As You Can Make Them by [ profile] halflinen is basically a love letter to Eames. It's a story about Eames wanting Arthur, falling in love with him, losing him, and then slowly, painfully, finding his way back to him. It will wreck your heart and then some, but I promise you, it's so, so worth it. But it's also a story about family, about the things you're willing to do for someone once you realize they've become a part of you. Every single character is real and fully-formed, and her Arthur is just...very few renderings of Arthur in fic have made me ache like this one. And don't even get me started on her Eames, or I'll blubber all over the place.

In short, [ profile] halflinen wrote the epic of my heart and this fandom will never be the same again. ♥
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My awesome douchebaggery moment of today? Making my student workers go to Panera to buy me bagels AND get me coffee exactly the way I like it. As in putting in the cream/sweetener/cinnamon ALL OF IT to my specifications. Yes, I know, I'm an asshole. But it's Friday morning, no one is in the office today, and the girls get bagels out of the deal, too, so. /tyrant

I am slightly disturbed that The Social Network is getting insanely good reviews. I'm ambivalent on my feelings toward Aaron Sorkin, having never watched an episode of The West Wing in my life (although I do love A Few Good Men), but I do like David Fincher movies. However, all the hype and "it's-really-a-movie-about-RELATIONSHIPS" doesn't change the fact that it's a freaking two hour film about freaking Facebook. Is this really supposed to be the "defining film of a generation"? Because it uses tech-speak accurately? Ugh, idk idk, I am just adamantly against this movie on principle. And if it ends up stealing all the Oscars/Golden Globes from Inception, I will be LIVID. DO NOT MAKE ME RELIVE THE AWARDS SEASON HEARTBREAK OF BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, HOLLYWOOD, FFS. (I will say, though, that Justin Timberlake getting Oscar buzz is really awesome. LOL never making music again. /o\)

Am back to writing on Cupid!Eames, because I can't help myself. I think I'm really just channeling Jeremy Piven, but oh well.

[ profile] hackthis has already made a fantastic recs post for the week here, but here are a few more for you all.

Technically a Virtue by mirabella - A mark's execrable taste in kitsch means that Eames has to convincingly forge wings. He's extremely bitter about this, until it becomes obvious that wings have some impressive fringe benefits. WING!FIC! This isn't usually my bag, but dear god, this is everything I would ever want from a fic like this. Not to mention there is toppy!Arthur and copious images of Eames shirtless and tattooed and WEARING SWAN WINGS. as;kfsdkfsdjf

Plus One by [ profile] someidiothasice - Eames follows Arthur one night to see where he disappears to. He ends up at a gay club and to his surprise finds out that Arthur is an absolutely dirty dancer. He loves grinding with all the guys and this makes Eames unbelievably jealous. Cue him making his claim on Arthur. Yes, I have a thing for the club trope, WHAT IS YOUR POINT? Basically my entire thought process on this fic boils down to "OM NOM NOM DELICIOUS PORN" in my best Cookie Monster voice.

Most Likely to Succeed by alex_bl - Eames drags Arthur to his high school reunion. Being around the same age as Arthur, I totally identified with his reluctance to face the people he went to school with ten years ago, but Eames here is just so...SO HIM.

Personal Eternity by [ profile] veritas_nescio - slave!fic, where Arthur is bought by Eames. This is not the fic you think it is! It's quiet, unassuming, and somehow works its way around canon in the most interesting ways. Incorporating an imperialistic AU to the dreamscape 'verse is fascinating, and my only complaint is that this story is not nearly long enough--it really should be novel-length.

What else is new, bbs?


Mar. 29th, 2010 09:33 pm
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Path of the Ordeal by [ profile] starlingthefool - Holmes/Watson/OFC as well as BDSM AND EVERY KINK I NEVER KNEW I HAD. I HAVE READ IT TWICE SO FAR UNFFFFFFFF.

Not only do I have awesome porn, I have Jon Walker singing to me live in my voicemail courtesy of [ profile] siryn99 and reports that there was JON AND TOM HUGS AND BFF TIMES TONIGHT. *___*
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I have been far too weepy and lol overinvested in fannish things lately. It's a side-effect of RL things, I know, but still, WTF self. But anyway, here are some things that have made me weepy recently:

Faster than you go when you're alone by [ profile] subterrain - Jon/Spencer summer 2006 fic, but unlike any summer 2006 fic you'll find out there. This is the treatment I wish the pairing would get more often, a treatment that's reserved a lot more for Ryan/Brendon. Jon is fucked up and passive aggressive, Spencer is fucked up and trying to be the grown-up, and ugh ugh ugh, this story. It reminds why this pairing is my die-hard bandom OTP. *draws hearts around fic*

Insignificant Possession by [ profile] paperflower86 - Holmes/Watson fanart that's gorgeous and utterly heartbreaking. By the last frame I was a wibbling mess.


This Holmes/Watson fanvid set to Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hookup". SO adorable and cute!

All In by [ profile] fictionalaspect - Panic GSF, cabin era! OMG, I haven't read good GSF in forever, and this one is HILARIOUS and full of kinks you wouldn't be caught dead reading normally, but here it just works (um, that's my way of warning for watersports, I guess? >.>). Seriously, though, totally awesome.

This picture of Jon Walker:

not photogenic my ass )

I am determined to make this week be happier than last week. In a week and half I'll be in Chicago? :D?
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Ugh, please go read [ profile] candle_beck's The Greek Problem right now, for it is everything I adore about Holmes/Watson IN THIS WORLD. Pining!Watson breaks me in half (in a good, achey kind of way).

My life would be perfect right now if I could a) read pining!Watson 24/7 or b) finish my damn story. Or c) both.

Also! I feel horribly n00bish asking this, but is it actually canon that Holmes is younger than Watson? And if so, what is the age difference? I can't seem to pin it down...

Tonight I am starting the final week of my third boot camp. \o?


Jan. 31st, 2010 04:20 pm
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Remember when I posted a week or so ago saying I wanted a story about Holmes turning into a kid? Well, [ profile] zarah5 went and WROTE IT FOR ME!! A Silly Phase is everything I could have hoped for with a fic like this--clueless-yet-exasperated Watson, grossly-intelligent-bb!Holmes, and wonderful resolution. And there's adorable art, too!

Go read iiiit. *_______*
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I almost, ALMOST got Mr. Foxx to go see Sherlock Holmes again tonight, but the only show was really late, and we're old. Still, I'm kind of :DDD that he had no qualms about me getting a fourth theater viewing in.

I have been kind of raping Delicious for dirty Holmes/Watson lately, um. So have some recs (All are rated NC-17):

Annoying Little Things by [ profile] longleggedgit and [ profile] reallycorking - desperate, semi-public sex! With bonus art (that is really, really NSFW)!

The Art of Balancing by [ profile] blacktofade - more fighting-turned-sexy-times fic, with a hurty ending that's kind of perfect.

Unconventional Cures by [ profile] toestastegood - Blackwood drugs Watson, telling Holmes that the only way to save him is through sex. Very much dub-con and all sorts of wrongness, but NNNUGUH, I cannot express how this hits all my kink buttons.

Scientific Inquiry by sasha_davidovna - Holmes convinces Watson to fuck him for the sake of science. :DDDDDDD

An Interesting Little Problem by cimorene - Fall-out from Holmes returning from the dead. Features virgin!Holmes and great angst.

Tales from Malvik Hall by [ profile] ingridmatthews - Delicious h/c with injured!Watson and scared!Holmes. Om nom nom

I forgot to mention that when saw The Book of Eli I saw a trailer for Repo Men, and damn it all, I am apparently VERY ATTRACTED to Jude Law now. *shakes fist weakly* I think it's all a conspiracy.

Things like this don't help:



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