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Um, holy crap. (And I just now realized I never even linked Midnight Shakes the Memory at my LJ. *facepalm*) I AM SLIGHTLY FLABBERGASTED/SPEECHLESS.
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I'm a huge nerd, but my mom is buying me new glasses for my birthday, and I get to pick out whatever I want! I have decided on these Dolce & Gabbana frames (the black ones) and I'm SO INSANELY EXCITED. I've never had frames like these before, ever, so it'll be a new look for me!

As far as TV is concerned, I have three one-sentence comments to make about The Office, Friday Night Lights, and SGA:

comments )

Still working my way through all the ficlet requests, so thanks for being patient! I am determined to get them done. *g*

I want to picspam you. M'kay? Let's go for my OTPs. That sounds like fun.

Aleesha's OTPs )
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I hate living in a college town. BOO SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. I'm trying to get out of tailgating with my out-of-town friends, who've basically been at the stadium since eight o'clock this morning. They need to stop drunk texting me, I am NOT about to get my ass stuck in traffic. Missouri vs. Nebraska games make this town go INSANE, with the exception of Mizzou vs. Kansas.

I hate football. I need to move asfksfd;gdf. ;_;

Anyway, TeeVee last night was so awesome. Friday nights are my favorite right now!

Friday Night Lights, i.e. The Show That Will Eventually Kill Me )

Stargate Atlantis )

I am still in a state of shock/awe at the reception to Daemons! at the Disco. Thanks to everyone who's commented/supported it, you make me smile like you wouldn't believe. I was originally just going to post it for [ profile] shleemeri, but I'm so happy and flattered that so many of you enjoyed it. ♥


Sep. 28th, 2007 10:01 pm
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My Rodney is back on my TV again!

Adrift )

ETA: !!!!!!!!!!!!11
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- Gerard Way is gayer than David Cassidy. Straight from the horse's mouth, y'all. WHY ARE YOU NOT IN BANDOM? THERE IS SHIT LIKE THIS EVERY DAY. \o/

- Evidently Mr. Wentz says my Panic boys are doing something with FOB at the VMAs. DAMN YOU, PETE, now I must watch MTV asf;sdjf.

- [ profile] mcshep_match is LIVE! Yay! Go over now and votevotevote TEAM ANGST. All the fic is anon for now, but you can also guess whom you think wrote what. I'm splitting reccing duties with [ profile] aesc, so expect to be spammed with angsty McShep goodies throughout the coming week or so. Members can't vote (*sad face*), but we sure as hell can pimp our little hearts out!

- BANDOM PORNOTHON is still going on! Please go over and write me #1 in today's prompts. DRUNKEN HANDSINESS, PEOPLE. I NEED IT BAD TODAY.

- I ♥ Tom Conrad. So sorry, Tom, I've been blind. I love Chiz, but you...yes. Love.

- I...think I'm going to die. Work is the devil and all I want to do is read porn. Or write porn. Either way, I'm totally screwed.
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[ profile] foxxcub: THERE ARE SPENCER BITS
[ profile] foxxcub: THAT NEED YOUR THOUGHTS
[ profile] shleemeri: \o/


Also, my [ profile] mcshep_match fic is done and beta'd! *dances around*


Happy 4th!

Jul. 4th, 2007 11:59 am
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I found this while searching the internets for pictures of old carnival banners. Does this not just scream fandom to you? Or maybe it just screams "my LJ" to me, LOL.

Remember when I got all excited about the fanart of SGA people as Lion King characters? Well, guess what? Bandslash has them, too. OMG, Spencer's freckle spots asfkds;f.

I really, really think SGA and bandslash are connected in some kind of cosmic crack-filled mind link. David Hewlett and Jon Walker? Both completely made of so much awesome I can hardly fathom it, and they are both ridiculously cute with their significant others, who are also loved by fandom. They are surrounded by people who are also convinced of their awesomeness and aren't afraid to say so (Joe Flanigan = ultimate Hewlett fanboy, Brendon Urie = ultimate JWalk fanboy). They have fans who are crazy and run around the internets and fangirl them liek whoa. And they both LOVE THEIR LIVES AND THEIR JOBS. If I could put The Hewlett and JWalk in a room together, I'd die (and yes, that'd be an odd room, but STILL.).

Am off to clean my living room, then write. Toodles!
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[ profile] lillyjk: I've finally watched "First Strike", so if you still want to discuss, let me know! I was out of town all weekend at a wedding, so I'm just now starting to catch up on fannish things. My only thing is that spoiler cut on the off chance that someone hasn't seen the finale )

[ profile] shleemeri: I think I might've worked out an actual concept to get them into Em City. Just saying. It'd probs be super angsty, although I keep thinking Joe could be dealing with O'Reily. And the carnival AU is looking pretty good, askf;fkgd.

Vid pimp

Jun. 14th, 2007 06:52 pm
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Please, PLEASE go watch this, even if you have no idea what SGA is or who Rodney McKay and John Sheppard are. This is a work of art and should be viewed by everyone for its sheer awe-inspiring loveliness. THE best fanvid I have ever seen.

The Tree (John/Rodney) by [ profile] newkidfan

God, I LOVE fandom so. Much. ♥
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So, The Spaceys. SGA won Favorite TV Show, and Rodney McKay TOTALLY KICKED KATE'S ASS AND THEN SOME. \o/

And god, they really are the cutest cast ever. Besides The Office cast, of course, LOL.

Okay, am off to write porn now.
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Last week for [ profile] maverick4oz's birthday, I made her a McKay/Sheppard wallpaper. She graciously asked me to share it with the rest of my flist, so here it is. Enjoy!

As Mav put it, Trinity smiley faces! )

Since Mav asked about the lyrics: they're from "Aurora" by The Foo Fighters, which I went ahead and uploaded, as well as a couple of other songs from that album (There Is Nothing Left to Lose) that are very McShep to me. :)

M.I.A. (my ultimate McShep song at the mo)
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Okay, I HAVE to get this out of the way:


So yeah, that was going to be the extent of my post--I mean, now I finally know why he's an artist in fic all the time!--but then...oh god.

my squee was sorely dampened )
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Funny story: I actually thought I could somehow make myself somewhat immune to the massive mob of Joe Flanigan love that permeates SGA fandom. I was so, so, SO very wrong.

This man is so pretty it makes me want to cry )
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Um, this is quite possibly the best post ever, in which I kinda sorta write kid!fic and/or prove that I am incapable of writing in a fandom without somehow writing my OTPs as teenagers. AND THEN MY MADNESS SPREADS. \o/

I'm in an extremely odd mood right now, as I'm alternating between said madness and reading [ profile] synecdochic's Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose. Which basically means I'm alternating between cooing with fangirl glee and bawling my eyes out. And honestly, I never thought I'd be wrecked by SGA fic, not like the way Oz fic wrecks me. Never. Gah.

But I guess every fandom has those stories that just feel so damn real that you have to take intermissions from reading in order to compose yourself from either weeping all over the place and frying your motherboard, or dying from pure, unadulterated love.

I'm curious about what fics break people, regardless of fandom. What is it about the fic that devastates you? Do all breaky fics have to have a character death, or a severe break-up (romantic or otherwise), or post-canon, melancholy tone? For me, the answer, for the most part, is yes, because as much as we love to lose ourselves in fic and the escapism it provides, sometimes the greatest joy comes from the ache of reality that the characters portray. I'm not saying breaky fics can't have hope or happy endings, but it's always that moment where your heart clutches in that good-yet-painful way that makes you realize you're being broken. And you love every moment. (At least I do. *g*)
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- I'm addicted to R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt". ;__; And can someone explain to me why iTunes classifies some songs as "explicit" when there aren't any offensive words in them, but others aren't classified at all and are just FILLED with offensive stuff? iTunes is so fucking weird.

- [ profile] sluttyvegas!! Go now, sign-up! Also, go check out [ profile] rileyc's challenge, [ profile] better_when_wet. (Mine has a deadline, hers doesn't!)

- I'm too embarrassed to ask this over at [ profile] sgastoryfinders: Is there an AU fic of any sort in which Sheppard is a pro beach volleyball player? 'Cause if not...HOMG.

- There's been so much awesome, awesome fic posted lately, and I've been meaning to post some recs but keep getting behind. Among others, we have:

* Invite First by [ profile] scribblinlenore - I always like it when John's portrayed as a bit of a manwhore. So many fics have Rodney being the, er, educated one when it comes to gay sex, but I, for some reason, tend to think John would be more worldly in that arena. *g*

* An Equation for Perfect Beauty by [ profile] aesc - Loosely based on the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, and the writing here KILLS ME DEAD. Seriously, do not read this once, read it several times.

* Talky Sex by [ profile] blacknblue2 - The latest entry in the [ profile] gpfg_studios 'verse. This fic quite possibly hits every single one of my major kinks, namely dirty talk without touching. Simply put, John making Rodney squirmy through words = HOTTT.

* And So it Goes by [ profile] khohen1 - Kelly wrote this when she was sick as a dog, but it's so fucking fantastic, I can't even say. I love her Rodney to pieces.
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These are visual aids for [ profile] halfdutch, although I guess I should've shown her these before having her beta fic. *facepalm*

Ahem, anyway...

This is Kavan Smith, who plays Lorne: um, guh?! )

This is Jonathon Young, who played Parrish for five wonderful minutes, LOL: he's quite adorable )

And here are the two of them together: the opening of Runner never gets old )

Uh, hope that helps, babe. ♥


May. 4th, 2007 12:32 pm
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[ profile] shleemeri, "TAO OF RODNEY" IS ON TONIGHT ZOMG. I thought it wasn't going to be on until next week, but I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED TO BE WRONG. \o/

All my SGA peeps need to be around tonight to flail with me. Am I the last person in fandom to see this ep? Woe.

Last night on AIM [ profile] khohen1 suggests a McKay/Shep fic with Lorne/Parrish on the side called "The Hitchhikers Guide to The Grunt and His Scientist". I just...*flails* You don't really even need the fic, it's that awesome.

Anywho. It seems every single person in my office watches Grey's Anatomy. Friday mornings around here are much like my flist after a new ep of SPN, LMAO. I just wish more people I work with watched, you know...what I watched.

OH, and before I forget, last night's Office ep, "Women's Appreciation", was full of win, but since when did Jan become scary dominatrix woman? O_o
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So this morning Mr. Foxx is driving me to work and I start telling him about this idea I have for an SGA fic. I didn't tell him it's for a fic; rather, I asked him what he thought of the idea of there being some sort of correlation between the Ancient gene and Atlantis in terms of trauma and stress concerning a loved one, i.e. you're traumatized over the possible loss of someone you love, and in response the city triggers something biologically within you that helps keep you more connected to the person.

Mr. Foxx: That makes no sense. You couldn't build a whole episode around that.
Me: Oh, but whales communicating through holograms to tell everyone the sun's going to explode is FULL of logic.
Mr. Foxx: They explained that.
Me: Whatever, it could be a subplot.
Mr. Foxx: I guess, but who cares?
Me: Uh, what if it's meant for romantic purposes?
Mr. Foxx: You're not going to have dudes fucking on the show.
Me: Duh, that's why I write fic.
Mr. Foxx: ...Fine, then. It's a wonderful idea.


P.S. On a slightly different note, THIS had me making embarrassing noises of fangirl glee just now. PLEASE TELL ME SVU WON'T SUCK TONIGHT, THX.
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Thank you to [ profile] maverick4oz for leading me to this.

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I'm taking a quick break from writing fic for [ profile] gpfg_studios OMG WTF to say that I watched "McKay and Mrs. Miller" today for the first time, which consisted of about forty-five minutes of me making cooing noises and saying "awww" about fifty gazillion times. Such love, GUH. *draws giant heart around Rodney* I must say that it's definitely my favorite SGA ep of all time (but I haven't seen "The Tao of Rodney" yet, so this may need to updated soon).

Fitting, because "Irresponsible" was probably, IMO, the worst ep of SGA EVER.

Anywho, this got me thinking about my favorite eps in all my fandoms. They are as follows:

Lost: "Outlaws", "Exodus Part 1", "Lockdown"

Oz: "Out o' Time", "Legs", "Cuts Like a Knife"

The Office: "Gay Witch Hunt", "The Injury", "Ben Franklin"

SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller", "Duet", "The Defiant One"

SVU: "Pandora", "Ripped"

BSG: "Home Part 1 and 2", "The Son Also Rises"

Firefly: "Heart of Gold", "Out of Gas"

Try it, it's fun!


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