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The weather got so crappy, my boss sent me home at noon! But instead of using the extra hours to be productive, I've been reading fic. And wondering how on earth I'm going to get to my in-laws house tomorrow if the highways are shit, ugh.

But right now I'm flailing because [ profile] bluelittlepig drew ART of Jon's Bookstore!! GO SEE, IT'S SO PRETTY. *___* I'm going to sit and stare while wearing my Between the Lines bracelet [ profile] elucreh made me. ♥

It's been one year today since I posted that story, and it's still one of my all-time favorites. I'm still in amazement at the response it got! I've been meaning to write more in that verse, because I have this little angsty thread with the Frank/Gerard storyline I'd like to do, plus I kiiiiind of want to have Pete and Patrick get married. Or maybe just have Pete propose and have Patrick go "......"

So! Since the weather's nasty and I'm stuck indoors avoiding wrapping presents, I guess I'll open myself to questions about this verse! Or, conversely, is there something you'd absolutely love to see happen to someone or a pairing?

P.S. Looks like my dad made it out of his chemo okay. \o/
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I've been hit with a barrage of ideas for sequels all of a sudden. Like, suddenly I want to write the sequel to the FBI!fic with boss!Ryan and Techy!Brendon, where Brendon keeps asking and asking to go on a mission, and finally Ryan lets him, only Brendon ends up almost getting everyone killed, especially himself, and then Ryan's like "NO MORE MISSIONS EVER," and sticks him back in his cubicle thingy. And all Brendon wants to do is impress Ryan (and maybe get him to kiss him again like he did at the Christmas party last year when they were completely drunk off their asses), so maybe he lies to Jon and tells him Ryan okay'd him to go on another assignment. And more shenanigans happen, but somehow Brendon works out a dangerous code under pressure and saves the day. And there are sexy times at some point, though I'm not sure where.

And then there's yet another sequel idea to Jon's Bookstore, where it's another year or two in the future, and Ryan's about to graduate with his master's and start working on his doctorate to become a creative writing professor. But in the meantime, Jon and Spencer have had a really nasty break-up, and Spencer has moved out, and he and Ryan are living together because he can't afford a place on his own. He's still Jon's business manager, but things are tense. However, the Kinko's next door has moved into a bigger space down the street, so Greta and Bob have bought the space; they're going to tear down a wall and make Beloved Brew a part of Between the Lines. Pete and Patrick adopt a puppy and Pete refers to it as "their son"? Gerard publishes a comic book and Frank starts to feel inadequate next to all his successes? And somewhere along the way, Jon and Spencer get back together, because they are total failboats in stupid love with each other.

And lest I forget the Ryan/Brendon installment of my high school verse that I have more or less plotted out to two different people in the last, oh, five months. I am bound and determined to get my snarky, smirky little Ryan Ross to have his downfall in the form of this crazy kid from the performing arts school with the red glasses.

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Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying (Jon's Bookstore II) (1/3)
Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick | 15200 words | R

Jon likes to think his problems began when the coffee shop across the street opened up. In all honesty, though, they began the day Frank moved in with Gerard a month before Valentine's Day.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, insanely amazing [ profile] imntsaying. I present you with more bookstore AU that's probably ridiculous, but definitely full of love. Lots and lots of love. ♥ I hope you like it!

For anyone who hasn't read Jon's Bookstore I, it might help to do so before reading this. Many, many thanks to [ profile] gobsmackit, [ profile] sweetrecovery, and [ profile] siryn99 for kicking my ass on this fic. *g*

what if I lost my direction? )
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If it seems like I'm being a bad LJer, that's because I'm devoting all my time to attempting to finish the Bookstore sequel in time for [ profile] imntsaying's birthday. That means avoiding the flist and being way behind on comments. As [ profile] adellyna pointed out, I'm horrible at fandom multi-tasking.

Jon snaps his fingers as a brilliant idea comes to him. "We're so celebrating tonight. Here, at the store." Yes, brilliant. There hasn't a party of any sort since Christmas (this year there was karaoke involved; Jon kind of wants to forget drunkenly serenading Spencer with Barry Manilow--Spencer finds "Mandy" more than a little hilarious these days).

Ryan raises an eyebrow. "We are, huh."

"Yup." He points at Gerard. "Bring whoever you want, man, it's totally cool. I'll even make you a sign."

Gerard beams. "You'd break out the good Crayolas for me?"

"Absolutely." He'll even get Brendon involved. Brendon loves getting to play with crayons. He's pondering using the reverse side of the giant banner they made for Ryan's birthday last year when the front door chimes and the entire store is filled with Frank's loud, slightly irritated, slightly concerned voice yelling, "Gee, what the fuck, I told you I'd just be a sec, it's not like I was gonna be all day, god--"

He comes barreling around the corner of one of the stacks and skids to a stop at Gerard's elbow, panting. "So what the hell's so important?"

Gerard bites his lip and smiles so hard, Jon can't help blurting out, "Your boyfriend's now a full-time department chair. All your kinky dreams are coming true, Iero."

Frank's eyes flare and his mouth drops open for all of two seconds before he's hauling Gerard to his chest and kissing him all sloppy and fast. "Holy fuck, I am officially on break, tell 'em I died if they come looking for me," he mumbles in between kisses as he drags Gerard toward the stairs leading up to Gerard's loft. "This calls for some serious head."

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE [ profile] siryn99, who is getting this in email form. ♥
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I have spent all morning listening to The Essential Electric Light Orchestra, and oh god, my life would be complete if Panic covered "Mr. Blue Sky". YOU CANNOT TELL ME BRENDON DOESN'T LISTEN TO THIS SONG 24/7. Or at least every other week before a show. (He owns Xanadu on DVD, I KNOW IT'S TRUE.)

Then, because my brain has been immersed in Bookstore 'verse (because I sort of promised someone very dear on my flist that I'd finish the sequel for their birthday--*cough[ profile] imntsaying*), I thought about Brendon taking it upon himself to teach Jon the bass part of the song, because Jon learned a little bass in junior high but never really took it up seriously. Jon picks it up pretty quickly, and eventually it becomes his and Brendon's ~song they play during music nights. And then Ryan's like, "Dude, you guys should really do 'Hold on Tight,'" and Jon's like, "!!!YES," and Brendon's like "OH GOD 'DON'T BRING ME DOWN' TOO," and pretty soon he and Brendon start doing ELO covers on Thursday nights. It's all very informal, nothing like Saturday nights, and then Gerard starts taping silver glitter stars to the windows on Thursday mornings as some kind of advertising.

IDK, okay? This is all very happy-making in my brain.
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I have exactly two hours before the NITA video premieres! \o/ So, I thought I'd let everyone know that I've started the sequel to Jon's Bookstore, and for some reason, I've also decided that "Falling For the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies is its theme song. *hands* If you're curious what the tone of this fic will be, listen to this song over and over again. IDEK, it makes me weirdly giddy, even though there is ANGST AND STUFF.

Basically, it takes place one year after the events of the first fic. Frank has moved in with Gerard, which makes Jon start seriously considering asking Spencer to move in with him. He agonizes over this for weeks, but before he finally gets the nerve to ask (on Valentine's Day), Spencer tells him he just found out he's been accepted to some university really far away for his MBA.

Meanwhile, a coffee shop opens up across the street from Between the Lines that's owned by Greta and Bob (Hushies Bob, not Bob Bryar). Of course, this severely cuts into Jon's profit, and he tries (politely) to convince Greta to move, but she's convinced they can share the business.

Also, Brendon wants to do something special for Ryan for Valentine's Day, which may or may not consist of him getting Spencer to give him embarrassing junior high pictures of Ryan that he then photocopies and sticks onto this giant, bright pink valentine that sits in the middle of the store, saying something like "I love you no matter how dorky you were, Ryan Ross," or thereabouts. Ryan is livid at Spencer, whom he's explicitly told never, ever to give Brendon access to old pictures.

There's also Gabe the sociology professor who's friends with Pete. He flirts shamelessly with Spencer and makes Jon glower a lot. There's the return of Mikey, who manages to convince Jon to start playing the bass again (and pick his photography back up). Jon's time hanging out with Mikey may lead to jealousy on Spencer's part, I haven't decided yet. Patrick and Pete get in a fight, and Pete expects Jon to help fix things.

I'm also toying with the idea of maybe having Alex or/and Ryland join up with Conceptual Sounds, which eventually leads to the two of them starting a band up with Brendon and Patrick. Alex gives Jon relationship advice (because, um, suddenly I'm kind of obsessing over Alex/Ryland, IDEK OKAY?)!

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Jon's Bookstore (A Few of My Favorite Things) (1/2)
Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick | 11,300 words | R

A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.

Merry Christmas, have some bookstore AU full of fluff and angst and spiked eggnog! TONS of thanks to my awesome betas on this: [ profile] adellyna, [ profile] siryn99, [ profile] sweetrecovery, and [ profile] shleemeri. You guys rock, seriously.

The store was more than reading, though; it was learning genres and authors and what covers would make Kat smile whenever someone dropped off a sack of unwanted paperbacks )
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Jon comes back to the store two days after the funeral, and it's the first time he's been inside in over a year. It still smells exactly the same way it did when he was five; he runs his thumb over the wood of the doorway, over the crude initials engraved there: JJW wuz here (he'd been ten, and afterwards Kat banned him to the back office for the rest of the afternoon. He also wasn't allowed to play with his grandfather's Swiss army knife anymore.).

"I wondered when I'd see you around."

He looks up and sees Ryan leaning against the counter by the register, his expression neutral. Ryan has worked at Between the Lines for nearly four years - basically, the entirety of his college career. Kat had hired him after a five minute interview that consisted of Ryan naming all his favorite authors during high school, and then promising to tell her about everything he'd eventually read in his English classes. Jon's pretty sure he's a semester away from a Bachelor's in English Literature - or maybe it's creative writing. Either way, Jon likes to half-joke that Ryan's the grandson Kat always wanted.

And now he's sort of the manager, or has been for quite sometime, ever since Kat grew too ill to manage the store on her own. Jon doesn't know what's official and what's not in terms of titles; Kat didn't work that way. He's fairly certain Ryan's promotion was nothing more than Kat handing him a spare key and telling him to make sure the electric bill got paid.

Ryan has never expressed an opinion on Jon, for better or worse. Jon knows he's protective of the store, and of Kat's wishes, but whether or not he knows about her will is another story.
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I just told people on AIM I was going to bed, because my day was loooooooong (oh hai, no lunch break and staying until six) and I am le tired. But I have to share this/put it out for Ashley myself.

Jon's grandma dies, leaving him her used bookstore. He loved his grandma (Catherine Walker, aka Kat Walker, WHY DO I THINK THIS IS THE COOLEST GRANDMA NAME EVER?) so much, and the bookstore was a big part of his childhood (even though he's never been a huge reader, much to Kat's dismay). Eventually he went off to college and wasn't around as much to help out/be a part of it. He comes back to take over, and in the meantime he meets Ryan, who's worked for Kat all through college. Ryan is kind of testy with Jon at first, and he drills Jon on the book inventory, which makes Jon promptly go "...." Inevitably, Ryan becomes Jon's right hand guy. Spencer goes to school with Ryan and sometimes drops by the store to hang over Ryan's shifts, and he's very stand-offish with Jon, to the point where Jon keeps his distance, or tries to, which only leads to the two of them bumping into each other's space and touching by accident. Ryan rolls his eyes and is not amused.

Meanwhile, Gerard lives in the loft above the bookstore and is an adjunct art professor at the local college. He LOVED Kat, who hung Gerard's artwork in the store even though she thought it was "a little too Tim Burton" for her tastes. Gerard makes all his students buy their books at Kat's store, because she always liked to keep those giant coffee table art history books in stock (and she gave Gerard's students a discount). He hangs out in the store on his off hours and reads the old pulp magazines Kat somehow got her hands on, and he totally doesn't make excuses to go make copies at the Kinko's next door, where Frank just so happens to work. He always comes back a little flushed, his head bowed, and again, Ryan is not amused. But Jon thinks Gerard is adorable.

After awhile Jon decides to start up a little coffee bar to bring in more revenue (it means taking out the mystery section, which Ryan just will not have, so they compromise and throw out the Nora Roberts section. Jon loses a good half dozen middle-aged female regulars, but it's a fair trade). It's a hit, and then he starts thinking about a sound system to play CDs. Ryan knows a guy who works in sound systems, and when Patrick shows up he's more than happy to set Jon up with something state of the art, but not obnoxiously expensive. He's there for several days installing equipment, and in the meantime Pete, the store's delivery guy (also a huge Kat fan), is completely smitten. He demands Jon tell him the days and times of Patrick's installations. Patrick is a little flustered, but lets Pete buy him a latte at the end of the week.

Eventually Jon moves up to live music (even though the staging area is, like, two feet by two feet), and Ryan once again supplies Jon with another friend who happens to not only be musical, he also plays gigs with Patrick. On the first night Jon schedules a real performance, Brendon shows up with nothing but his keyboard, and he doesn't sing at all, just plays and plays, classical to Queen. The store is packed as the night goes on, and Jon ends up closing two hours later than usual.

This all culminates in a Christmas party Jon throws at the store for the regulars and whoever else wants to show up. Brendon and Patrick play/sing, and Pete ends up spiking the eggnog. Spencer ends up kissing Jon on the couch in his grandma's office--a big, squishy couch that's a thousand years old and should really be thrown out, but Jon can't give up the memories. Spencer kisses him (they are a bit tipsy from eggnog), runs his hands up under Jon's shirt, but there are pictures on the walls of baby!Jon and baby!Jon with brothers. Jon can't makeout in front of the pictures, let alone on his grandma's couch. So they end up fucking against one of the ancient bookshelves after everyone's left for the night, and when the shelf eventually breaks in half, Harlequin romance novels spill everywhere. But it's really okay, because Ryan's been wanting to get rid of those things for years.

You guys, I'm so excited for this fucking story. \o/


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