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I Dream a Nation of You
Band(s): Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Empires
Pairing(s): Jon/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, pre-Panic GSF (with mentions of Pete/Ashlee)
Word Count: 46,000
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: It wasn't supposed to be like this; Jon and Helia were going to leave in the middle of night, silent and unnoticed. But now there were Government patrolmen on their heels, and it dawned on Jon that the time for simple getaways had passed.

(Or, a steampunk story about dragons and the boys who ride them.)

Notes: First and foremost, this story would never, ever have been finished without the unending support from [ profile] siryn99 and [ profile] themoononastick. They are both amazing and didn't think I was nuts to try to write a sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk story about band boys with dragons. Many, many thanks as well go out to [ profile] gobsmackit and [ profile] arsenicjade, who also beta'd and kept me going. This thing has been in the works in some form or another for six months, and I don't think I've ever loved a story of mine more.

(Title and lyrics taken from Franz Ferdinand)

art by [ profile] hyunbin
music by [ profile] themoononastick and [ profile] wavesofwood

i dream a nation of you )
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Amazing, amazing art was all done by [ profile] hyunbin, and all larger sizes can be found at her art LJ. (Seriously, I about cried the first time I saw bb!Jon and Helia in picture form. <33)

dragons, tattoos, sketches, and cover art )
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OMG, I could not have asked for better mixes!! They both make my face look like this: ♥;___;♥

mix #1 by wavesofwood )

mix #2 by themoononastick )
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[ profile] bandombigbang posting officially starts tomorrow! Oh MAN, you have no idea how happy I am to say that; there has been so much Debbie-Downer talk about the lack of fic for months, and I keep wanting to say 'THAT'S BECAUSE EVERYONE IS WRITING A SHITLOAD OF FIC THAT CAN'T BE POSTED UNTIL JUNE.' Seven fics a day, my friends. That'll give you pleeeeeeenty of fic to read. \o/

I guess I should also explain what this coming week is going to consist of for me. I am finishing up the edits for my own BBB story, and then I'm posting on June 11th. Then the next morning I'm flying to Hawaii for ten days to celebrate my five year anniversary, which is Saturday (which is BIZARRE, since I remember posting to LJ about my one year anniversary. Oh, how time flies). So in other words, expect a ton of posts on Thursday, followed by radio silence for the following week. I'm not even sure if I'll have internet outside of Mr. Foxx's iPhone.

In other news, I finally saw Up with Mr. Foxx this weekend. Stupid Pixar, you make me bawl my eyes out EVERY TIME. Not to mention that little short film beforehand, "Partly Cloudy"? Made me recast it in my head with Jon as the cloud and Brendon as the stork. IDEK.
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I'm at that weird state where I realize that I've spent SO long working on a story that I haven't posted any sort of fic in, like, months, and then it hits me that said story is almost ready for posting, but then what? What do you do after you've spent weeks and months stuck in a story? It's kind of like pre-postpartum depression, in a way. Ugh, a part of me is SO EXCITED to have it posted, while another part just worries that I've still got so much work to do on it that it'll never be presentable. Ahaha, in short, I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT THIS DAMN STORY. :(

While on the subject of [ profile] bandombigbang, if you still haven't sent in your story/art/mix, please do so ASAP!! The sooner we get everything received, the sooner we can start sending out those emails with posting dates!
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Flist! In case you weren't aware, [ profile] bandombigbang rough drafts are due today! More info is HERE, and if you're confused about HDT, fear not--as long as it's April 30th somewhere on the planet, you can turn in your draft.

I don't want to give anything away, but OH EM GEE THERE IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF FIC IN JUNE. :DDDDDDDD
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[ profile] harriet_vane insisted that we need more high school AUs that involve sleepovers. Because OBVIOUSLY. She's reminded me how much I simply adore stories where Brendon is just completely and utterly besotted with Jon, but thinks he's pining in vain, while Jon thinks Brendon is ten kinds of amazing. Ummm, this is basically every Jon/Brendon storyline I've ever written, including my big bang. I am apparently a one-trick pony.

Only NOT, because I have officially written Frank/Gerard into said big bang and I don't want to delete everything! \\o// (This is mostly for [ profile] crowgirl13's benefit, as she's been begging for MCR boys from me for a long time now.)

Just to warn anyone who might have just friended me here--I'm going to be babbling incessantly about my big bang in the coming weeks, because it's sort of consumed everything in my brain like the plague. And I'm too lazy to filter, so! Yay? :D
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In celebration of hitting almost 10k...

big bang snippet )

OMG, I feel like this story's going somewhere! /random FOB quote
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I'm trying to decide if I should have a separate writing filter for my big bang. It seems that me + trying to write an actual fantasy story = massive angst/anxiety. I blame a lot of this on Mr. Foxx; I love him dearly, but when it comes to trying to talk sci-fi/fantasy plots with him, it's like talking Liberal politics with Bill O'Reilly. Granted, yes, I don't read all that much sci-fi/fantasy, but that doesn't mean I don't GET it. But Mr. Foxx is the one who loves Phillip K. Dick and William Gibson and Tolkien and Robert Jordan; he does not get the whole combining fantasy elements into bandom fanfic, to say the least. And he REALLY doesn't get the concept of having four main characters as heroes.

What this boils down to is, I have self esteem issues when it comes to developing fantasy plots. But my big bang is progressing, slowly but surely, from point A to point B, and it helps immensely when I can just rattle off ideas. If anything, I need someone taking notes for me in the morning on my way to work, because man, I babble to myself nonstop in the car about dragons and Jon's empathic abilities.

Speaking of fantasy-ish things, this is an interesting read, especially since I...wasn't really blown away with Watchmen. But I was fascinated with certain elements of the plot, and am still thinking about Rorschach four days later (Jackie Earle Haley was amazing).
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A Little Piece with You
Authors: [ profile] foxxcub and [ profile] lifeslushlips
Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 29,169
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Author Notes: This entire thing goes back to a simple comment I made about how "Holy Spaces" made me want a fic in black and white set in the 1920s. Very special thanks to [ profile] andwristsintact, [ profile] clumsygyrl, [ profile] shleemeri, [ profile] harriet_vane, and [ profile] eleanor_lavish for all the betaing, hand-holding, and general cheerleading. Also, many snuggles to everyone who supported us in our little AU endeavor that completely ate our brains and made us desperately want Panic covers of Cole Porter songs.

Summary: The boys form a jazz band at a Chicago speakeasy in the late 1920s. (Mostly, a fic inspired by "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces".)

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