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[ profile] gigantic had this linked, and ugh, I'm all *__* over it: Pete and Patrick play the slap game. There are other episodes, too, but I've watched that one 35458045 times so far. However, watch the rest, as there are bonus points for Patrick washing dishes and Pete being a ginormous dork (or, as [ profile] adellyna says, being himself). BOYS ILU.

Hello to everyone on my flist NOT going to see Panic tonight! We shall be bitter and jealous together! (I kid, I kid, I'm very happy for everyone who gets to go.)

Yesterday I started thinking out this random bit of meta regarding the Panic interview on The Sauce. It really seems that the difference between the boys having an okay interview and a flat-out awesome interview is whether or not they like the person doing the questioning. Case in point: the Kerrang! podcast from last summer. The boys love that guy, and it shows in how open and comfortable they are with him; this is also true with Steven Smith. Others have said this, but Panic is a band full of inside jokes and secrets that most of us with never know, and they like to keep it that way. Where MCR is earnest to a fault and have no problem being open with whomever wants to sit down with them and listen, it takes a lot to get Panic to open up. I mean, how many times have they NOT answered the question about the differences between the new songs versus the songs from AFYCSO, outside of "Jon's playing on them"? Easy question, they just don't feel like sharing. And where Pete and Patrick feed off each other and then project that sense of affection and ease onto whomever's watching/listening, Panic internalizes it and keeps it between the four of them, with maybe a wink or smile to the outsiders. It's kind of irritating, but fascinating, too. /rambling
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I love how all this comes about two days after I post dirty, dirty porn. \o/ OH NOES, I CAN HAZ FLAG NOW? (LOL, my mood icon amuses me to NO END. Who needs cat macros when you can have Andy Hurley giving you the finger?)

Um. Speaking of, you know, dirty thoughts...

Let's discuss how this picture is pretty much Panic in a nutshell for me )
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Why hello there, boys made of win )

This, on top of the gayest group shot ever, on top of Fall Out Boy LOLcat shirt, has made this a damn fine week.


P.S. [ profile] oz_magi is back on again!! \o/ *continues fawning over fandom*
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OH HAI TODAY IS PREMIERE DAY FOR THE OFFICE AND I THOUGHT IT WAS NEXT WEEK. Thank GOD for my flist! So exciiiiiited, I feel like I haven't been able to participate in new TV flailings this week (except new SGA starts tomorrow night *SQUEE*). And the premiere of SVU was HORRID, gah. Cynthia Nixon, please to never be in the same room with my Meloni EVER AGAIN. SVU writers, stop ripping off Primal Fear, kthx.

How ironic that the day after I played hooky at work I actually DO feel kind of crappy. Oh, karma.

Guys, my birthday is in two months. I'd like to request a Jon Walker pillow, plz. You can double side it with Spencer. Then every night I'd have a choice! \o/

HAVE I MENTIONED [ profile] skoosiepants IS WRITING A SUPERSATURATION SEQUEL? It's only THE fic that basically turned me over to bandom and the wonderous love that is P!ATD. She's also adding an aliens-made-them-do-it SGA trope with Jon/Ryan JUST FOR ME. *flails around* I cannot, CANNOT wait for this fic.

[ profile] ethrosdemon is pimping out Patrick Stump, and I love it: This [...] illustrate[s] that even not autotuned, he really does sound that good. DAMN STRAIGHT. Speaking of, am I the only one that gets a little choked up whenever I listen to "The (After) Life of the Party"? I know most people consider "Hum Hallelujah" to be their heart-clencher, but my god, his voice at the end, the emotion...I love that song so, so much. For me, that song is a wonderful example of Pete's lyrics fusing to Patrick's voice to make awesome music.

In conclusion, TOP MODEL MCR! [ profile] bexless: Bob will funky diva your FACE. For. The. Win.
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I am writing Daemons! at the Disco fic! And trying not to distract myself! But failing!

Let's play a game called "Caption That Picture", because this? Seriously makes me LOL, like, A LOT.

So many LOLsome choices! )
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OR, Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating and Ignore the Wank!

Picspam to kill your dial-up! )
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Honestly? If loving them is wrong, I so, SO do not want to be right )

Also, they are so, so happy. Like, ridiculously so. All my flisters who were at Bumbershoot last night, I AM HORRENDOUSLY JEALOUS. YOU WITNESSED THE LOVE IN PERSON.

Spencer Smith is 20 years old today and I no longer feel like a dirty old woman. \o/

Now I shall go eat something and write my [ profile] blows_to_come fic, since it's, you know, due to tomorrow and I'd kind of like to finish ONE challenge fic on time. (*looks forlornly at half-finished [ profile] reel_band fic*)

P.S. What has now become The Bandom Kissing Meme is still going strong, you guys! I'm so blown away at the turn-out and the amount of amazing stuff being churned out! Keep on writing/commenting/pimping out to your heart's content, by all means. ♥
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Even though [ profile] makesomelove hates embedded videos, LMAO.


Oh god. *laughs herself into tears*
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MCR peeps! I was watching the video for The Ghost of You, and I'm wondering--is there fic out there written in this verse? Where they're all WWII soldiers? Kind of like how there's a whole sub-genre of FOB vampire fic based on the "A Little Less Sixteen Candles" video? If so...*makes grabby hands* Because seriously, I could SO get behind that. I really can't get over Army!Gerard. And FRANK. IN A INFORM. OMG.

I am sitting here with my Starbucks coffee and thinking about...well, this thing that's taken over my brain the past couple of months. I was watching parts of Life on the Murder Scene last night and you guys, I am so in awe of ALL of these boys and how much they freaking love each other. LOVE. EACH. OTHER. I am also in complete and utter ridiculous love with their dorkness and how they are just boys playing music and being together and that's all that freaking matters. They are earnest to a fault, admit to being addicted to video games instead of drugs, sing Alicia Keys songs in their spare time, and get excited about going to the zoo. I LOVE THEM ALL SO DAMN MUCH SOMETIMES IT HURTS.


ALSO COOL: [ profile] imogenedisease and [ profile] madsciencechick's Joe Troh/Spencer Smith epic porn tale of win. Seriously. If you have not read this, you are MISSING OUT. DO NOT LET THE PAIRING DETER YOU. It is possibly the hottest thing around right now.

Now, Let's talk about Panic! at the Disco for a moment whilst I cut to save my flist's sanity )
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A Little Piece of Mind That I Know Better
[Panic!, Jon/Spencer, 1,179 words, PG-13]

He's not sure when it began, like a vague tickle in the back of his mind, always present, but vague enough that it could be ignored for the most part.

Okay, so. There were pictures posted recently from the Kerrang! Awards or whatever, and there was fic born. Kind of. Decaydance, Kerrang!, hey it's all the same! (This is my way of saying dates and times are all over the place, LOL.)

like a vague tickle in the back of his mind )
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- Gerard Way is gayer than David Cassidy. Straight from the horse's mouth, y'all. WHY ARE YOU NOT IN BANDOM? THERE IS SHIT LIKE THIS EVERY DAY. \o/

- Evidently Mr. Wentz says my Panic boys are doing something with FOB at the VMAs. DAMN YOU, PETE, now I must watch MTV asf;sdjf.

- [ profile] mcshep_match is LIVE! Yay! Go over now and votevotevote TEAM ANGST. All the fic is anon for now, but you can also guess whom you think wrote what. I'm splitting reccing duties with [ profile] aesc, so expect to be spammed with angsty McShep goodies throughout the coming week or so. Members can't vote (*sad face*), but we sure as hell can pimp our little hearts out!

- BANDOM PORNOTHON is still going on! Please go over and write me #1 in today's prompts. DRUNKEN HANDSINESS, PEOPLE. I NEED IT BAD TODAY.

- I ♥ Tom Conrad. So sorry, Tom, I've been blind. I love Chiz, but you...yes. Love.

- I...think I'm going to die. Work is the devil and all I want to do is read porn. Or write porn. Either way, I'm totally screwed.
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First, go watch this.

Then, add omg! beach ball! to your interests. EPIC BANDOM INTEREST FTW.

Would anyone like a snippet of Indiana Jones!Jon Walker from my [ profile] reel_band fic? Yes?

He's so deep in mourning the loss of the Ark that nearly killed him (goddamn motherfucking snakes, and for what, a pat on the head?) that he almost doesn't hear his name being called as he leaves the building.

"Hey! Walker!"

A hand brushes his arm and there stands Spencer, clean and tidy for the first time in days, maybe weeks, the charcoal gray of his suit setting off the blue of his eyes. It makes Jon think all sorts of things he shouldn't, not after dragging his ass halfway around the world and nearly getting him killed, but damn it, he's never been able to resist a clean-cut, yes-I-am-this-gorgeous Spencer.

And on top of all this, he's touching Jon, his fingers sliding down Jon's arm to hover over his wrist before dropping away. It's completely unfair.

"What happened in there?" Spencer asks.

Jon shrugs. "They're bureaucrat fools, that's what. They don't even know what they've got." Ryan had tried to reason with them, convince them of the dangerous power of the ark and how it must be handled with the utmost care, but what did they know? He and Ryan are just diggers with doctoral degrees; they're nothing when it comes to politics and war games.

"Hey." Spencer tilts Jon's chin up, his thumb and forefinger rubbing slightly at the edge of Jon's jaw, and suddenly all the angst flies right out of his brain. Spencer's fingers are warm and soft, and Jon watches the way Spencer worries his bottom lip with rapt fascination. "We're alive. The Ark can fuck off as far as I'm concerned." His voice is dead serious, but his mouth is twitching into a gentle smirk.

Jon smiles ruefully. "I can always count on you to state the obvious." He lets his hand cup the back of Spencer's neck, pull him close enough for their foreheads to meet.

"Damn straight," Spencer replies, a little breathlessly as he reaches across what little space separates them and presses a kiss at the corner of Jon's mouth, and alright, okay, fine.

The snakes were worth definitely worth this.

P.S. Please to be letting me be reincarnated as a bottle, kthx.
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Me: *shows him this pic*
Him: Oh, I like that. Who are they?
Me: That's Panic! at the Disco.
Him: Oh, I've been to that party. Panic is when the Seagrams runs out.
Me: They're straight.
Him: Prove it. It's still homoerotic.
Me: *shows him this pic*
Him: Uh-huh.
Me: *shows him this pic* I love them.
Him: And they love each other, apparently.
Him: "You guys, why is there always one bed and one shower all the tiiiime? Someone call the concierge."
"Well, but, we don't want to make a fuss, c'mon. It'll be a tight fit, but we can manage, kay?"
"Oh, alright."

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God. *massive hearts*

The rest here.

AIM fic!

Jul. 31st, 2007 11:14 pm
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[ profile] shleemeri: SO PLEASE ELUCIDATE

in which fluffy, slightly porny words spill out of my brain )
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Holy crap. I am lame, yes, but I am JUST now getting around to listening to The Black Parade and it is SO AMAZING. I love Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge a lot, but this is...yes. Wow. Two thumbs up, Gerard Way. I have no MCR icons. :(

Hi. :D

ETA: A 29-year-old co-worker of mine is dating a 19-year-old. I no longer feel guilty for lusting after Spencer Smith, FYI.
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First Justin and I got the brilliant idea back in December to go buy a Wii and have drunken fun while playing bowling. Of course, there are no Wiis within a hundred mile radius of us, so that plan failed horribly. THEN we get the idea to buy Guitar Hero for our PS2 and have drunken fun playing that. But, HOW In GOD'S NAME IS THIS GAME $100? AND ONLY COMES WITH ONE GUITAR? You gaming Nazis, GAH. Plus, the guitars themselves are hella expensive (I really want this one). WOE. :(

I simply cannot stop listening to the Panic Kerrang! podcast. It's like an awesome-filled sickness. And then today I started thinking that the interviewer guy sounds a lot like Dominic Monahan in a way, and god, if Dom interviewed those boys it would be amaaaaaazing.

Dom: Okay, right, so Ryan? I need you to make out with Brendon for a bit.
Ryan: Um.
Brendon: How long's a bit? Are we being timed? IS THIS A RACE?!
Dom: Less talking, more making out. With tongue, please.

And so forth.

I also can't stop listening to Fall Out Boy's Lindbergh Palace remix of Thanks For the Memories. So, so great, and it makes you realize just how fucking sexy Patrick's voice is. You know, just in case you didn't know it already.

P.S. Brendon Urie is amazing and adorkable. This is your PSA of the day.

P.P.S. Happy birthday to [ profile] kitestringer and my girl [ profile] khohen1!
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Several of you have said to me in the past month, "Aleesha, I know not these boys you are going on about, please enlighten me!" (Or more accurately, "Aleesha, seriously. WTF.")


Jon Walker Loves Them Lots and So Should You

Panic! Picspam of Win YAY )
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I come baring recs, mostly because [ profile] ambiguousreason asked for good Panic! fic (awhile ago, I know, BUT) and, well, I feel like flailing a little over these.

For the record, I am HORRIBLE, repeat HORRIBLE at commenting on fics over a couple weeks old. I always feel odd for some reason, even though as an author I know how much I love getting feedback on older fics. So yes, I am a hypocrite. But, I'm trying to change that. /random tangent

Nothing to Do With You by [ profile] disarm_d (Ryan/Brendon, NC-17) So, SO hurty and good. It's kind of all about Ryan and him trying to stay in control of the situation, and Brendon just struggling to hang on. As someone pointed out in the comments, it's really more of a Panic! fic featuring Ryan/Brendon; the bits with Jon and Spencer, and later Pete, are wonderful. Can't say enough about this fic, truly.

Out by [ profile] airinshaw (Jon/Spencer, I'll say PG-13) ADORABLE. HYSTERICAL. This fic made me squee and LOL and want to die at the cute. An interviewer accidentally "outs" Spencer and Jon, even though they're not even together. God, oblivious!Spencer makes me a happy panda. Plus, Jon = win. Duh.

Preschool!AU and its sequel by [ profile] shanalle & [ profile] clumsygyrl (basically the entire incarnation of the FBR universe, PG) I HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. I REALLY DON'T. It's exactly what it sounds like. Patrick runs a daycare and everyone else is five years old. I'm still making dolphin flappy noises over this.

Not to Know the Truth by [ profile] lordessrenegade (Ryan/Brendon, with a side of Jon, PG) It's funny how every fandom I come into introduces me to something new in fic, and in case of Panic! fic, the use of Sidekicks can be funny, sweet, angsty, silly, or all of the above. This fic is an illustration of the latter. Oh, boys. ♥

And finally, I give you Patrick Stump/Keira Knightley. Wince all you want, they would make the cutest couple on EARTH. Baby kittens would fall out of the sky around them, c'mon.


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