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Sep. 27th, 2007 08:57 pm
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"You don't know me, you've just seen my penis."

You can't beat rabies! )
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"Oh Dwight, you ignorant slut."

God, I love this show.
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I'm so sorry to spam, but...EEEEEE OMG!!!

*Spoilers for all of season three and the upcoming ep

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SO FUCKING TIRED OMG. I love doing manual labor at work when it's so not in my job description. :(

Anywho, The Office is all kinds of love. Jan wins at the universe tonight, although Jim's snort when Michael says he's going to attempt to free himself from "massive bondage" is equally awesome. It kind of hit me tonight that this the only one of my main shows that I'm consistently satisfied with every week. kind of sad.

And how massively nerdy am I that I flail about like a freak EVERY TIME there's an ad for The Black Donnellys? So. Excited. Must watch the "good" pilot again. And do a picspam before Monday night. Yes.

Ugh, I was going to read fic before bed, but I've lost the will to read English as well as type it. 'Night, all. *collapses*
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quotes of win )
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The Office )

But damn you, stupid, let me see the producer's cut!! *shakes fist*
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So I'm iced into my house and realize that I'm out of regular coffee. There's only decaf...which seems kind of pointless on a Saturday morning, LOL. I'm also a crabby old wench who just yelled at the neighbor kids for sledding repeatedly into the side of my house; said crabbiness may have been helped with caffeine, but who knows.

I didn't post my reaction to this week's episode of The Office, so thoughts on 'Traveling Salesmen' )

I've missed Friday Night Lights two weeks in a row now. The first week I totally forgot it had moved to Wednesdays, and this week NCAA basketball thwarted me ONCE AGAIN. Ugh. So if anyone wants to catch me up, I'd appreciate it! :)

A final note to SVU fandom writers: "massive man meat" is not sexy. In any connotation. Ever.
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I swear, not since last season of "Rescue Me" have I cried, laughed and died in the space of five minutes.

This show completely wins at everything.

*flails with love*
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Gah, what a week. Seriously, I've been a zombie for the last, oh, five days. But the office move is finally over, for the most part. Now I just need to sleep for the next week or so.

But I have most of my Christmas shopping done! And I'm about to finish the rest of my Christmas cards, so if you wanted one from me and haven't received it yet, it's on the way. :)

SO much good TV this week, OMG. I need to catch up a bit, so here goes:

The Office )

Battlestar Galactica )

P.S. Thank you to [ profile] rogueapprentice, [ profile] storydivagirl, [ profile] rileyc, and [ profile] philomel for the Christmas cards! ♥
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Oh, my heart. I love this show.

I'm between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther. )
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I went to Starbucks this morning and found that they've put out all their Christmas stuff, including the Christmas Blend. Do you know how excited I get when my coffee is in the red Christmas Starbucks cups? VERY. :D

Two things that go with the red Christmas Starbucks cup-induced pleasure:

this )

And, since it *is* Office Day...

this )

Good morning, flist. :)
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Since The Office was a rerun tonight (but ANY excuse to rewatch "Gay Witch Hunt" is a good one), I give you:

The Office main credits if the show were Battlestar Galactica.

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asdsl;fds PEOPLE. It's not even nine yet and there's, like, a crapload of fic on my flist. Why do you do this to me on a Friday morning?!

[ profile] cmonkatiekatie wrote angsty-hurts-your-heart Office fic and I want to snuggle it. But, I have to say that while last night's ep was HILARIOUS ("My cousin Mufasa was strampled by wildebeasts" OMG LMAO), the Jim/Karen makes me so infinitely sad. Because she's Carla from Wanted, and dammit, she had some sort of weird sexual tension with Eddie Drake, and now she's got Jim and. *pouts* DAMN YOU STAMFORD. Jim does win at life for being the Chip Master, though.
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ZOMG people are making Oz moonshine!fic prompts at [ profile] drunk_fic. *dies* See, [ profile] rhymephile, that late night almost-porn ficlet will have a home.

Also, I love The Office SO MUCH. I want a mini!Jim to carry around in my pocket and feed him Skittles or something. I'm only through disc one of S2 and I keep thinking about what [ profile] ambiguousreason said after the premiere; you DO want these people to be real. How much would we all love to get drunk at Chili's with Jim and Pam?

*Am trying to get the next chapter of "Small Favors" done, I SWEAR. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me. :)


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