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You know what I hate? When you have really good, productive day at work, and suddenly everything goes to shit in the last hour and you end up leaving, wanting to stab everyone in the face. >:(((

Anyway, you know what I LOVE? NEW COBRA VIDEO!! Ugh, Detective!Victoria is ridiculously hot. Okay, so everyone in this video is stupidly hot. Cobra 101: No one in that band plays Hot Chicken with Gabe without a fight. And the video is the BEST Cobra AU! VickyT's in vice! She has a hot partner! They take down bad guys, who are also hot. Nothing bad can come out of this, my friends. Although, LOL, how many videos have now portrayed Cobra as criminal masterminds? Oh, &Gabe;.

ALSO! [ profile] disarm_d somehow read my mind and has brought back the porn/kissing meme! Go forth and leave ficlets!

OMG, [ profile] bandombigbang is almost over. Where did June go?
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Thanks to [ profile] imjustlikeme for alerting me to this bit of lolery:


So. Hilarious.

I would also like to give a giant smiley face to everyone who's commented to the kitten!fic saying it helped save their shitty Monday. I am happy to be saving people from shitty Mondays with ridonkulous fluff fic involving Spencer!kitty getting stuck in the rain, yay! *makes hearthands*

SPEAKING OF HEARTHANDS, in the video for Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", he makes them. In Hawaii, I believe. &JASON;
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I meant to post this, like, two months ago, ugh. Anywho, at Warped Tour back in July, I attempted to recreate the Panic backsides shot with Cobras.

It...kind of worked? )

[ profile] airgiodslv said she wanted a Jon-Hates-Shoes picspam, but as I was going through scads of Jon photos, I sort of just started thinking about his stupid face and. Well. [ profile] imntsaying is feeling down, and I feel like doing a gratuitous picspam.

I call this the "No Really, Jon's Face" picspam.

his band's kind of ridic, too )
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Ahaha, so. [ profile] txtequilanights is off seeing Metro Station, so I don't have her to flail at, hence my flailing here! I'd like to talk about this picture...

Cobras in the 80s! )
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from Cobra's MySpace:
i told my dad that it’s cool because every band sounds like shit on conan. but the truth is that i was nervous as shit. and ryland’s amp broke right at the end of soundcheck. they got us a new amp during taping, and told us we could have a few minutes to check it during commerical. but then, we got on stage and they’re like "you’re on in 5, 4, 3, - GO!" As if we weren’t nervous enough! what fucked me the most is that Ryland usually gives me the first chord before the song starts so i can hear the pitch. but we didn’t get to do that and i came in blind and went sharp. on top of that , playing conan isnt like playing Kimmel, where you have a real audience standing just a few feet from you. here the cameras were all in front of us and there were people sitting in the studio like 200 hundred feet away. just sitting. not moving. so surreal. felt like we were in a fish tank. ... if it sounded like i was screaming a lot, its because i was. that just happens sometimes i’m nervous. some people poop their pants; i get really loud.

i could go on, but these are all things that i’ve thought of after the fact, and really just to make myself feel better about doing a shitty job singing.

the truth is, i was just so psyched to finally play on conan and to just be there that i didn’t give a shit about anything but rockin out. which is why we looked so damn good... which at the end of the day is WAYYY more important than singing ;)

GABE SAPORTA, OMG. ♥__♥ I haven't seen their Conan performance, but I'm sure it wasn't as bad as he thinks it was (and yeah, a lot of bands DO sound shitty on Conan). Lately I've been thinking a lot about how much I LOVE this fucking band and how I would literally go every week (or every other DAY) to see them perform live. UGH, COBRA, YOU ARE MY FAVORITES with Panic and FOB, heh.
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Last week [ profile] harriet_vane made a picspam of drummers she loves, and I told her I eventually wanted to do one for bassists.

So without further ado, here is said random bassist picspam!

my wasted Sunday, let me show you it! )

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Now, please to be telling me "My Love Song to Patrick" was the working title for "It's Not a Side Effect..." AND I WILL BE SO HAPPY.

Panic actually did the Abbey Road walk. MY HEART IS SERIOUSLY GOING TO BURST WITH LOVE FOR THEM, I KID YOU NOT. Also, please note the ridonkulous look of love Spencer is giving Jon in the third picture. OH TEE PEEE. ♥

Three nights from now I can has Cobra! And I will hopefully be meeting up with [ profile] tigs and [ profile] babygotbass, and it will hopefully not be -4385456 degrees out. The Kansas City show sold out, so we're trying to beat the teenies and line-up super early. I WANT GOOD PICTURES, DAMMIT.
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My mother and brother just got in this evening from their week-long vacation in Vegas. I just learned that their hotel? Was behind the Hard Rock Hotel. Like I told [ profile] shleemeri, I'm waiting for my mom to show me pictures she took on the strip, and then say, "Oh! And here's this lovely young man who took our picture," and it's, like, Brendon Urie or something. The universe haaaaaaates me.

On a separate note, the fic that's out right now in this fandom is killing me. Dear fandom, please to not be posting long, amazing AUs all at once, I seriously have to work eight hours a day. [ profile] skoosiepants finally posted the sequel to Supersaturation (as well as another companion fic, OMFG *flails like a flaily thing*), [ profile] sweetrecovery finally posted her journalism AU, and there are Christmas exchange fics coming out of my ears. *rolls around in fic*

On another sort-of separate note, I've been seeing people talk about their "unpopular" fannish opinions, which has been fascinating to me. What's been on my mind lately is the music, namely why certain songs are popular and others aren't. And probably my biggest "unpopular" opinion is my ambiguity toward Gym Class Heroes. I'll just put it out there: I'm not a Travie fan. He's funny, sure, and Gabe loves him, but their music is really the least enjoyable for me out of all the bandom groups. Plus, I sort of find Travis to be a skeevy drunk a lot of times, just from the pictures/videos I've seen. *hands* Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means! But please, don't try to convince me that "Cupid's Chokehold" is a good song, because every time I hear it on the radio, I want to punch something. However, I love "Clothes Off" (PStump has a lot to do with that) and "The Queen and I" is good, but. Idk, I know everyone says they're amazing live, so maybe seeing them in concert one day will change my mind.

more ramblings on my favorite bandom songs vs. the universal favs )
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So, not only does my day start off sucktastic by me being, once again, THE OFFICE COFFEE BITCH (seriously, it is not that hard to a) refill the coffee pot or b) AT LEAST TURN THE FUCKING THING OFF WHEN IT'S EMPTY), but I then go on to realize I kind of made a huge mistake that is now causing others to clean up after me (woe), and THEN I go and fail to read directions, which causes me to vote incorrectly in this poll. *cries*

Good news? Cobra tickets go on sale tonight, which omg. This may sound stupid, seeing as how a huge portion of my flist/fandom sees these bands practically on a weekly basis, but this will be my first bandom concert ever. I'm so, SO excited to finally be able to, y'know, make my own recap and actually be a contributing member of fandom in terms of concerts. And the venue where I'm seeing them perform is tiny tiny. I should be able to get amazing pictures (if they allow cameras). Did I mention I got a snazzy new camera for my birthday? :D

Also good news: The Mistletoe Meme has been insanely successful! There's ALL kinds of awesomeness to been had, from every corner of bandom! If you haven't checked it out, you should.

Here are a few burning questions I have for you all:

* Query the first: Is Jon Walker, in fact, giving you the finger?

* Query the second: I have some very, VERY dirty blowjob fic that I typed up from some chatporn I wrote with [ profile] disarm_d the other night. I'm...sort of reluctant to post it because it's submissive!Jon and kind of has a slight dub-con slant to it, and know some people have issues with that. Is anyone interested in extremely filthy Jon/Spencer porn?
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Oh, iTunes. You are full of LOLZ.
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MY GOD. OH MY GOD. *flails about*

I seriously don't know who to stare at more.

Okay, FINE, I'll cut the rest )

And here I was all set to make this lovely post about how much I love all of you and then wave to all the tons of new people that seem to have descended upon this journal recently (*waves anyway*) and perhaps share a few random facts about myself, but THEN COBRA STARSHIP CAME IN AND BROKE MY BRAIN WITH HOTNESS.


Oct. 26th, 2007 08:09 am
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COBRA DANCE \oooooooooo/
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Wherein Gabe represents myself and Ryland represents [ profile] shleemeri:

a visual aid )



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