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Man, bandom, you are a sneaky fucker. Not only do I have this to stare at/watch, but I cannot stop listening to The Only Hope For Me Is You on constant repeat. CONSTANT. I mean, if someone told me this new MCR album was going be vaguely Angels & Airwaves-sounding, I would have been MUCH less apathetic to new music.

And no, I am not filming my own Arthur/Eames fanvid in my head while I listen for the millionth time, why do you ask? >.>

This is not a newsflash, but Tom Hardy apparently likes to eat naked.

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It's not a press release, but it's close enough?

The thing is, maybe I'm just in severe denial, but I just can't help thinking that this is Pete in one of his really, really down phases? Where the rest of the guys have musical endeavors of their own that they're pursuing during the break, Pete does not--and being commander-in-chief of Decaydance doesn't count. It's not his music. I don't know, Pete flourishes best when he's in the spotlight, and without FOB it's not the same for him. They (the rest of the guys) have been so insistent that this was only a break, that they were burnt out and needing to try something different. I don't see Patrick's solo work being a jab against Pete at ALL; it's a testament to how far he's come in his confidence in himself and his abilities, NOT how much he can survive without Pete Wentz trumpeting his genius.

I just don't know. Perhaps this isn't just a fit of emo. Maybe the band I've loved since way before I ever knew bandom existed is really gone. Maybe Pete really is through.

But hey, believers never die, right?
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Sep. 14th, 2009 11:42 am
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Patrick would like you to know, once again, that HE IS A BADASS.

Sometimes I constantly thank God for Pete Wentz, idk.
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Q: I can't help but laugh and simultaneously feel bad for Patrick. How is he doing? Did his mom ground him?P.S. Tell him that he's gotta pay up, but that we all love him and want his safe and not doing anything illegal. hahaha.
Posted by: HastisticRevenge Aug 26, 2009

A: the dude is a monster. he had it coming forever. i feel bad that i didn't get a chance to go in guns blazing and break him out. i feel worse for the guys he was in with. he would kill you in your sleep.

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I had the best weekend! I went to the St. Louis Zoo (although 93 degree heat = hot, sleepy animals curled up in the shade/hiding from the sun), saw an amazing cover band with a Brendon look-a-like for a lead singer and a Singer look-a-like on guitar (they're also going to be playing my friend's wedding in March, I'm SO EXCITED! [ profile] siryn99, their cover of Sex on Fire is aweeeeeeesome), and then saw District 9. SO MANY THINKY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS MOVIE. Honestly, go see it, even if you don't like ~sci-fi stuff, because it works on many levels and is quite emotionally wrecking for a movie that has exploding body parts every fifteen minutes and prawn-like aliens who are obsessed with cat food.

There was also a trailer for 9, which ugh, I never knew how much I wanted an animated apocalyptic steampunk movie until now. ♥___♥

I would also like to talk about some boys I love, like Patrick Effing STUMP. I AM GOING TO CRY SO HARD ON WEDNESDAY, I AM NOT EVEN ASHAMED TO ADMIT THIS. Not to mention I will see these two being faily on stage. I can hardly stand it. *flails*

I am also fond of Jon Walker and the fact that this is his way of telling us he's on his way back to LA (thank you, Alex!). The best part of this timing? He's leaving Chicago the day after Panic played there. Just saying, he probably could have left at any time over the weekend! Or even on a Thursday! But instead he chose to stay to say hello to his boys. I highly doubt he went to the show, or the after party at AK, but I like to think there were at least some drinks involved, or even just quick meet-up for hugs. Honestly, if you can look me in the eye and tell me Brendon and Spencer DON'T think of Jon when they're in Chicago, you have no soul.

In that same vein (LOL VEIN), Jon and Ryan are going to make more musiiiiiiiic. \o/
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Like I expected, the Watch a Catch video made me blubber all over myself. Only I'm at work, and my boss came up right the end was all, "!!!ARE YOU OKAY? D:" and I had to explain to her that, oh wait, it's just a Fall Out Boy video and everything's fine.

But oh god. That video. :DDDDD: Patriiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Peeeeeeete.

Also, I'd love it if Twitter would fucking load sometime this century.

P.S. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER, even though it also scares the living fuck out of me. PATRICK, WHY ARE YOU NOT MY BOYFRIEND??
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OMG, I feel like I have been on a post-vacation hangover ALL WEEK. I have faked illness to get out of two separate social engagements, wtf. And today I have done nothing but nap, go to Starbucks, watch reruns of The Office, and read Big Bangs.

  • I am so happy that Pete's teasing us on Twitter about hearing the new Panic song. It could be a remake of a laundry detergent commercial jingle and I'd be happy, okay? NEW MUSIC. Man, if the new Panic album debuted close to the new MCR album, that would be amaaaaaaazing. I need new music/tours/interviews in my life...fandom has been stressing me out in so many ways lately, but I just want to sit in my corner and cling to it desperately. I love these boys a lot, and I don't want to give them up anytime soon, you know?

  • I saw this FOB New Zealand interview linked on my flist, and while the whole bit with the fake accents is HY-LARIOUS ("FUCK YOU, AUSTRALIA!!"), I'm fixated on the beginning, with Joe talking about getting tattoos. Because oh hey, apparently my brain has a super secret kink for Patrick getting inked! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT? I mean, he's the only dude without ink in a band full of highly tattooed dudes and just. It would be something small and hidden, maybe Michael Jackson lyrics? I AM JUST SAYING. Please let me not be the only one who thinks Patrick with a tiny set of lyrics on his wrist/hip/ankle is ridiculously hot.

  • While on the subject of kinks, dear god, go read [ profile] untappedbeauty's BB fic Give Me Just Enough. Wherein Jon is obsessed with Ryan's monstercock. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE, I ASK YOU? This has also gotten me and [ profile] themoononastick discussing why there isn't more voyeurism in bandom fic, i.e. boys watching/listening to other boys jerk off/get laid/watch porn/etc. Have I mentioned this is possibly my favorite kink in the ENTIRE world? I would pay someone a billion dollars to write me a billion words of fic surrounding people getting off to the sounds/sights of someone else getting off without their knowledge. There's this story in SGA fandom where Rodney finds a video feed into Sheppard's room and basically spends weeks watching Sheppard jerk off, until he realizes Sheppard KNOWS HE'S BEEN WATCHING.

    My life is made so much better with voyeurism fic.
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What to do when your father is almost cured of cancer, but there's still a chance he could have traces left, and instead of seeking more chemo he decides to opt for ketosis and some pure oxygen treatment? My dad has always been into herbal remedies and vitamins and stuff like that, so this shouldn't surprise me, not to mention he is utterly sick to death of chemo, which seriously, who can blame him? But...those other treatments are mostly crap. At least that's what I've heard/read. Ugh, idk, I have no idea how to tell a sixty-five-year-old man he's wasting his time and his money. :(

Happier things! There is a bunny burrow in my back yard. We discovered it yesterday afternoon when Mr. Foxx was weed-eating the backyard and came across the dead body of a tiny baby bunny (;_______;). When he looked around, he spotted a lump of fur on the ground that started squeaking when he poked it. Under the fluff was a burrow full of four babies. We couldn't tell if they were okay or not, because they weren't moving! Not to mention one of their siblings was dead. So I picked one up and held it in my hand, and he (why yes, they are all boys, HOW DID YOU GUESS? I may or may not have named him Brendon. I blame [ profile] harriet_vane) curled up and burrowed into my palm. <33333333 Anyway, we put them back and figured nature would take its course somehow. Fortunately, the mamma bunny came back, and has been spotted taking care of the burrow several times now.

Speaking of precious things that put hearts in my eyes: needs moar Patrick )
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Remember when I wrote about Patrick having a red panda daemon named Mia?

brb, going to write a billion words about about bb!Patrick with his bb!daemon. *chinhands*
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Because of [ profile] sharpest_rose, I can experience this over and over:

To quote her, "Pete seriously pressed his entire forearm across Patrick's throat, and Patrick just folded."


me: I JUST
[ profile] adellyna: seriously
[ profile] adellyna: WHERE'S THE PORN?
[ profile] adellyna: *grabby hands*
me: my fic would consist of this gif and "...and then after the show they fucked for two days straight. THE END"
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Remember, oh, four or five months ago when I interviewed for an assistant director's position in my department and much angst and drama ensued, only to end up with me not getting the job and being depressed about for several days afterward? Yeah, I think I'm going to be going through that again soon. Possibly. Only with less drama. Apparently I'm the only internal person applying for the job? That happens to be offered only internally? IDK IDK we'll see. It's in a completely different department, with different bosses and everything. I REFUSE to get stressed out about it.

Anywho, you know what I really, REALLY want to see? An AU of this Jimmy Eat World video:

Now, you may ask yourself, who would be in this hypothetical museum field trip!AU? Who would be the shy, slightly dorky guy crushing on the scenester girl in this afternoon of anthropological shenanigans?

Well, I have a few ideas )


I'll be over here trying to end this stupid GSF o' Doom.

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How fitting that on a day full of amazing, awesome, historic things, I have the worst day ever. Things went into meltdown mode at work even before eight o'clock this morning. I literally sat at my desk and streamed the inauguration on and tried not to completely lose my shit. It is the most unwelcome feeling to realize you're going to have to be doing a fired co-worker's job for the next several weeks on TOP of your own, especially when said co-worker apparently did nothing for the past month. Shoot me now.

But in happier news, I am infinitely charmed by Pete blogging adorkably and Patrick blogging eloquently about the same damn thing, i.e. our new President. Bless you both, boys. ♥

Oh, and p.s., Brendon and Spencer are married. :)
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It's been all over, but seriously, fuck you, Blender.

While the two pals catch up, Patrick Stump sits in silence, awkwardly picking at his huevos rancheros. Though he’s ostensibly Fall Out Boy’s frontman, Stump inevitably takes a backseat to Wentz both onstage and in real life. Partly it’s good for business: Their well-known division of labor (Pete writes the lyrics, Patrick the melodies) keeps Wentz’s antics front and center, while Stump is largely a blank slate—a golden-throated delivery system for someone else’s emotions, the plain white cracker to Wentz’s cheese. But it’s also a function of personality. A self-described nerd, Stump says he has “terribly low self-esteem” and shuns the spotlight whenever possible. And though he’s a gifted producer who’s been invited to make beats for superstars like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, he always finds a way to say no. “I’m just a fat white dude from Glenview, Illinois,” he says. “As a hip-hop fan, I don’t want me doing hip-hop.”


Emphasis mine. God, I cannot even. And just this morning I was LITERALLY listening to The Pros and Cons of Breathing and thinking about how I would nail him to the wall. PATRICK. ;_;
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Thank you to everyone who expressed their good thoughts about my dad. I've been laying low for a while and immersing myself in things that make me happy, like fic about puppies and FOB songs and Starbucks Christmas blend. My dad goes in for chemo tomorrow, and thankfully it's only going to be a one day thing instead of five.

Speaking of FOB songs, I have developed a disturbing habit of doing interpretive dance to Cooperstown in my car. God help me if someone takes a moment to watch, because my interpretation of crickets that would convince me to call it a night is kind of epic. Also, as I told [ profile] airgiodslv, my favorite artistic moment of FAD right now is the very end of (Coffee's for Closers), with the extended bass line holding through the classical strings. For me, it represents perfectly the hopeful yet pessimistic tone of the entire song, and it gives me chills every time I listen. Lyrically, I am in love with

preach electric to a microphone stand

I am the LAST person on earth to contemplate tattoos of lyrics, but that right there...yeah. You done good, Pete. You and your stupid musical genius boyfriend of my heart.

Jon Walker continues to be my favorite of favorites. He went sweater shopping yesterday. Just. What. Is fandom turning into an equivalent of that new Adam Sandler movie, but instead of telling stories we just write stuff that magically comes into being? Dear universe, [ profile] harriet_vane and I would like for Brendon to teach Marley how to skateboard, kthx. *waits*

Off to write more fic about buying puppies. This is more productive than wrapping presents or doing laundry, yes?

P.S. I love all Spencers ever. ♥
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Thanks to everyone who tolerated my last post of emo and self-pity. I'm much better now, mostly because I'm tired of BEING emo and full of self-pity, and would much rather flail about Patrick's FACE (STUMP-O-MATIC AHAHAHA ♥) and talk about this ridiculous Christmas rom com I'm writing for [ profile] disarm_d and [ profile] harriet_vane and all the other Brendon/Spencer girls on my flist.

I remember the days when I DIDN'T just write Harlequin stories with band boys thrown in. Those were perhaps darker days, idk.
They were supposed to be broadcasting live for the six o'clock news; Patrick always liked live weather feeds on holidays, and the best shots of the city were from the roof of the news building. No one really took into account that a freaking snow storm would take out the power and lock Brendon out with the grumpy, slightly weird camera guy whom he suspected hated his guts.

It was fine, though, everything would be fine. "Are you sure?" Brendon squeaked, swallowing hard a few times as he wrapped his arms tight around himself. "I mean, the power's out, wouldn't that mean--"

"Emergency locks," Spencer sighed. "Precautionary measures."

Brendon dug his cell phone out of the pocket of his coat to see if Patrick or Jon, their editor, had texted him any good news.

His phone told him there wasn't any service currently, and that his battery was low.

"Nononono," Brendon said, holding the phone up as snowflakes clung to the screen. "It can't be fucking Armageddon on Christmas Eve!" He looked over his shoulder and tried to meet Spencer's eyes, but the snow was coming down fast and heavy, making the darkness look slightly gray and fuzzy. He thought he could see Spencer hauling his camera over to the wooden picnic table that sat in the covered smokers' corner. "Are you sure it's locked?"

"Unless someone suddenly welded the door shut, I'm pretty sure it's locked." Spencer had that tone again, the one where he made it very clear he thought Brendon was a moron. "Looks like we're stuck out here until they get the power back on."

Stuck? With Grumpy Camera Guy? The same guy who rolled his eyes when Brendon wore his 101 Dalmatians tie on air? The same guy who once told Brendon skateboarding was for thirteen-year-olds and idiots with good insurance plans? That guy?

Oh, god.

Speaking of Brendon/Spencer, in case you missed it, Rachel posted wonderful, heart-clenchy fic: Don't cut your hair (Do you think it's gonna make him change?). Duh, it's Rachel. Go read it. ♥

P.S. &[ profile] arsenicjade;
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So I'm pretty much not going to the FOB tomorrow night in St. Louis. Mostly, I don't want to fight the teenie crowd by myself, and I have a sinking suspicion that I would basically have to be in line RIGHT NOW in order to get tickets. Oh that my concert peeps were able to go, le sigh. Am also not at the huge AK DVD release shindig tonight in NYC, but I will be there in spirit through my phone and the power of text.

But hey, thanks to Rolling Stone, we now have the best Patrick canon EVER EVER. I am stupidly enamored with tales of how you utterly fail at doing pot, Patrick, and I will gladly take you to a bar and teach you socially acceptable ways of ordering beer. ♥__♥

And it's been linked all over my flist, but LMAOOOOOO I LOVE THEIR FACES. I want the albuuuuum.

In other news, PATDonline has put up scans of the photobook. For those of you still curious, this one is my desktop.

I'm plugging away on an exchange fic, but I've been listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas on a constant loop at work and I desperately want to write weather guy!Brendon and cameraman!Spencer being failboats in love on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm. IT WILL HAPPEN, I PROMISE.

In conclusion, if you haven't read [ profile] emilyray's precious high school AU where Jon and Brendon are fake boyfriends, you are making kittens cry.


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