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WOW OKAY, SO THINGS! As of last week, I think we've officially decided to start working towards buying a new house. The one we're in currently is just too damn small, since we bought it when we were all OMG WHY IS MONEY and didn't want a huge mortgage payment. Which, don't get me wrong, a small mortgage is totes awesome, but tiny closets and bathrooms and shitty carpet is not. This time around we're buying the house we actually want, not just the one that's cheapest.

And uh, we're starting to save for a trip to New Zealand???? NERD TRIP 2015 Y'ALL. There's a chance we might add a quick Australia excursion in there, too, but we'll see, it might cut into my EXTREME LORD OF THE RINGS TOUR and since there's, y'know, 4623454 LOTR/Hobbit cons going on at any given moment, maybe my stalking time of Dean O'Gorman. I mean. What. >.>

I had a super long solo road trip this past weekend wherein I listened to Save Rock and Roll on repeat for like five hours. If you don't think FOB made a concept album about death and rebirth then I don't want to talk to you. Why hasn't anyone written a doctoral thesis on this shit?? And did I mention I'm seeing them in FOUR DAYS??? First time in four years I'll have Patrick Stump live in my face. Since I can't listen to "Save Rock and Roll" (the song) without crying, I think it's fair to say there will be tears. On top of this, I get to have a [ profile] slowlikewine for the entiiiiiiire weekend. Which am I more excited for, I DON'T KNOW!!!?

I'm writing again! Yay! It's ridiculous deaging fic where Phil is a moody sixteen year old who is a dick to everyone, idek, someone will read it I guess.
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Ugh, I did not mean to go so long without an update! :( Life has been a little crazy as of late, but I hate the thought that I'm falling out of practice with posting to LJ.

So! Things! Yesterday I completed my FIFTH half marathon, whaaaaat? It was by far the hardest race I've ever done, but that's kind of the point of it: if you know anything about Kansas City's Hospital Hill Run, you know it's all about the hills. But it's also ranked in the top 20 half marathons in the country, and some of the greatest runners in America have run this course. And the good news is that my time wasn't horrible (for me) and I feel really great about how I performed. Plus I got a ~snazzy~ track jacket.

Fandom-wise, I'm in a weird spot where no one is really talking about the fandoms I care about, and my Tumblr dash is full of things I don't care about. Whine whine whine, whatever. I just want ComicCon to happen and then everyone can get back to talking about all things Marvel, heh. I'm moderately interested in the new season of Teen Wolf, but the fandom's kind of burned me out on that show. We'll see if I've still got the werewolf mojo come next week.
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Oh my goodness, it's been a crazy past few weeks. The good news is, I started my new job! And it's pretty great! I'm not doing a whole lot besides training/shadowing/asking anxiety-ladened questions, but I'm enjoying everything so far. And after a comment from [ profile] torakowalski this morning, let me just say that if anyone has questions on how US college systems work in terms of credits/courses/graduation, I AM YOUR MAN.

So glad I got the Regency AU posted this week. FINALLY. I've been a bit blown away by the response to it, wow. Naturally, when I wrote the Clint/Coulson side story, I KNEW I was just torturing myself. You have no idea how long I agonized over how to fit those two into this story, and then suddenly it just came to me, and now I really do think it could be its own fic, sob. Mostly just Coulson having his life threatened and Clint swooping in to the rescue.

Saw Iron Man 3 this weekend and had allllllll the feelings. Still in a bit of a post-IM3 stupor. I will safely say without spoilers that it's MUCH better than IM2, and maybe on par with IM1. The dialogue is to die for.

The worst part is, I just want Avengers 2, is that so much to ask for?? I NEED THE TEEEEEEAM. ;____;
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Looking for Heaven
Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson | 32,000 words | NC-17

When young Lord Anthony Stark learns Steven Rogers has enlisted in the army, he thinks he's seen the last of his tiny, headstrong, haughty stable boy. But four years later, Lord Stark gets an unexpected visit from Steve, whose mother has fallen gravely ill and into financial ruin. Even more unexpected, Steve agrees to a shocking proposal: they will marry, giving Steve the necessary funds to save his mother, and Tony the much-needed reprieve from harassing would-be suitors. It is a business arrangement, nothing more. But as time goes on and circumstances arise, Tony begins to learn that keeping his heart away from his husband is easier said than done.

Written for Harlequin Big Bang 2013.

GORGEOUS Harlequin cover art by [ profile] ria_oaks can be found HERE. Please go have a look and shower her with praise (she drew a shirtless Steve and a swooning Tony--what more could you want??)!

I began this story over a year and a half ago on a whim and an overwhelming desire to write an Avengers marriage of convenience fic. So many people have read snippets of this along the way, I've lost count. Many, many thanks to [ profile] themoononastick for the fantastic beta job and Brit-pick, and to [ profile] sirona_gs for being the best cheerleader. ♥
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Avengers Regency = 95% DONE. I have one last porn scene to finish, sob. As it stands now, this damn thing is at 31k and has taken me over sixteen months to complete. WHAT.

However, [ profile] ria_oaks art is amaaaaaazing and wonderful and even if my story is terrible, you will LOVE her cover, okay. *____*

In other news, don't talk to me about Vikings.
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Last Saturday I ran my fourth half marathon--and PR'd, which is nuts, considering how crap my training has been the last four months. But I beat my previous time by over a minute and half! I'm still slow as balls, don't get me wrong, but I'm super proud of that time. I paced myself great and had gas in the tank to haul ass the last mile, which never happens. I was looking forward to taking my runner's high and watching how everyone did in Boston on Monday.

Of course I'm devastated for what happened, as an American and as a human being. But as a runner, it's hit me especially hard; Boston is so special to people, such an accomplishment. You can't simply sign up and get the shirt and go home. Boston has no lotteries, and only a very select few get in on a charity case. 30,000 of the world's best runners are all in one place. Some of them are the elite of the elite, who train professionally and competed in the Olympics, and the rest of them are regular people with families and jobs. There was a lovely editorial in The New Yorker about the innocence of the marathon, how the openness of the race route is freeing and pure. And that innocence was ruined on Monday. It will probably never be the same again.

This is my sport, something that's become very special and life-changing for me. What hurts the most, I think, is knowing that this happened to people in my community--the runners' community. My heart aches not only for the people of Boston, but for the runners who will never run again.
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This is probably borderline creeper-ing, but I have literally had this open in a tab all damn day and I just. I JUST.


BB!CLARK GREGG, WHAT EVEN ARE YOOOOOOOOOOOU. I feel vindicated that all the teenage Phil Coulson fic I've written where he has ridiculously broad shoulders at 16-17 is FUCKING CANON.


/literal agony
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The reason I had to wait forever was because they were trying to get HR to approve my new salary ahaha. This is literally the best case scenario all around. My first day is probably going to be the end of the month, unless they decide not to have me start in the middle of a pay cycle--which, in that case I'd start May 6.

In case anyone cares, my new position will be academic advisor of distance education (i.e. online) students for the university I previously worked for, which is something I've been wanting to do for some time now.

THIS IS THE GREATEST. DAY. EVER. New job, new Fall Out Boy album (!!!!!!!!!!!), new Vikings, new Game of Thrones, I AM FULL OF FEELS. *____*
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I'm slow at work, which means I am literally sitting here all o___o at my phone waiting for that job to call me and let me know whether they're hiring me or not, and the longer today goes by the more I think I'm not getting it, so LET'S HAVE SOME DISTRACTION, SHALL WE?

1. What's making you happy in one of your fandoms right now?
2. What's making you happy in your personal life right now?
3. What's making you happy in your work/academic life right now?
4. Name one celebrity crush.
5. Name one food you currently enjoy.
6. Name one kind of fic that always makes you happy.
7. Name one pairing that historically makes you happy.
8. Be randomly happy.

ohhhhhh fandom )


Mar. 29th, 2013 10:25 am
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Bylines (Chapter 10)
Clint/Coulson, Tony/Steve | NC-17 (eventually) | 3700 words (this part)

Some secrets are finally revealed over rough drafts and Chinese food.

You can follow the tags for this story here or at Tumblr. :)
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Yes, I changed my default icon for the first time in, oh, four years?? I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE. Actually, that's not true; a black and white Hawkeye icon isn't all THAT different from a black and white panda icon...right? I just really love Clint Barton, okay. ;___; The panda's still around, don't worry. But for those of you who pictured me as a panda in real life, I'm sorry to throw your worldview out of whack.

I'm having some interesting live things happening lately. Yesterday I had a job interview with the university I used to work for. Long story short, I applied for a position with them over a month ago when my current job situation looked dire, and then forgot about it when things evened out. The thing is, this position is totally in keeping with my long-term career goals, and I applied for it thinking I wouldn't ever hear from them (when I worked there, I applied for a similar position and never got a response, but this was before I started working on my masters and had the appropriate experience). Let's just say the masters-in-progress on my resume makes a huge difference in who talks to you in higher ed. It's stupid, but true.

While this position will help immensely with making me super marketable in the future, it's not a pay raise. Also, I'll have to work later hours (although they will make compensations for the nights I have class). Not to mention I'll have to pay the remainder of my masters tuition out of pocket. But on the flip side, I'll be on a salary scale that will have me making more in two years than I ever would in my current job. And there's the whole "it'll make my resume shiny" aspect.

I haven't even been offered the job yet, so this may all be a moot point. But if I am offered, it'll be a tough decision. Ugh, adult things. :( Ugh, life. :(
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I don't know, y'all, but if I were included to write a Vikings AU it would, sadly, probably be a How to Train Your Dragon(ish) AU where Athelstan is the geeky smart kid researching all the dragons and Ragnar is the ~cool~ kid Athelstan's been crushing on from afar who just wants to ride dragons and set shit on fire!! But he knows Athelstan's up to something, so he keeps an eye on him, and idk maybe gets him drunk one night to find out what he's been hiding??

This is dumb, I know.


Mar. 19th, 2013 10:55 pm
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Bylines (Chapter 9)
Clint/Coulson, Tony/Steve | NC-17 (eventually) | 4300 words (this part)

The morning after. (And Natasha makes a mean breakfast.)

This is a WIP for now, but I promise to update regularly! Explicit warning is for the porn that will, uh, be pretty far down the line, sorry.

You can follow the tags for this story here or at Tumblr. :)
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I've been out with the death flu since last Friday, so I hadn't been in the office until this morning. And lo and behold, I am greeted with the most FANTASTIC NEWS: remember the horrible VP of my department who was making everyone miserable and was the cause for my sudden frantic job hunting? HE WAS FIRED ON FRIDAY!!!!! Along with the equally horrible director who served under him, who was at one point supposed to be my new boss.

\o/ H A L L E L U J A H \o/

I no longer need to look for a new job! I can keep the one I like! It's like Christmas in March.

Even with the death flu, I managed to turn in my [ profile] harlequinbbang rough draft. And I have an artist? I'm just praying I don't experience my usual big bang drama and get totally screwed out of my art. :/ (I shouldn't say that, I've had some really great collaborations with artists! Just...sometimes the bad experiences stick with you.)

And holy hell, y'all, if you haven't had a chance to start watching Vikings on The History Channel, PLEASE DO SO. It's tropey to the max and has everything from gorgeous, smirky blue-eyed Norsemen (aka Ragnar Lothbrok) to SWEET CAPTIVE ENGLISH MONKS (aka Athelstan, aka that adorable kid from Les Mis). And also bad-ass warrior women (aka Ragnar's awesome wife, Lagertha). And proposed threesomes. I'm just saying. THREESOMES. Seriously. Go read this, and if you like that, read this.
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As I said on Twitter last night, they are going to start filming Game of Thrones in my front yard because I NOW LIVE NORTH OF THE WALL. DDD: Seriously, this back-to-back snow storm bullshit can fuck right off. I know people who live in Michigan/New York/Colorado/Canada are all "lol that's cute" but if I wanted to live in a frozen tundra I'd move there. This is Missouri, we don't get 24 inches of snow in six days.

I have been the worst at writing lately, and [ profile] harlequinbbang is right around the corner. To keep myself motivated in order to finish my Steve/Tony marriage of convenience fic that I've literally been sitting on for over a year (!!!), I've started posting snippets to my Tumblr. Check those out if you like--or wait another month or so and read the whole complete thing! BECAUSE IT WILL BE COMPLETED.
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I've officially been snowed in for the last two days. Yay? Mostly yay. Except Mr. Foxx is trying to quit smoking and being stuck indoors with a dude who is going through nicotine withdrawal is not the greatest.

Anywho, here's a screencap from this gif set of Clark Gregg being unbearably hot and ruining my life.


As [ profile] sirona_gs pointed out, it's college professor!Phil, which af;kdsfskg;d YES PLEASE.
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So the last few days have been FULL OF FEELINGS FOR FICTIONAL PEOPLE OH MY GOD. Firstly, this week's Elementary completely slayed me, as in reducing me to blubbering tears, because Sherlock Holmes, y'all. Johnny Lee Miller is SPECTACULAR and has ruined me for BBC Sherlock (but not Downey!Sherlock, c'mon, RDJ > the universe).

Then I spent the entire weekend reading Captive Prince instead of writing a paper. Yes, I know I'm behind with the times, but in my defense I did not want to start this story way back when since it was a WIP and I didn't want to get sucked in. I mistakenly thought the whole story was complete once I heard it had been published on Amazon, but OH NO there's still one more book, sob. I am now obsessed with casting Damen and Laurent, and this graphic collage comes pretty damn close to being my headcanon. I also have MANY MANY THOUGHTS on spoilery things, so if anyone wants to discuss, hit me up. But I will say: bless you, S.U. Pacat, for putting all the best tropes from all my favorite romance novels as a kid into one gloriously epic story.

ALSO IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS STORY YET, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. It's Game of Thrones meets allllll the best epic gay slavefic romances.

And thirdly, hoshit SHAMELESS, i.e. KISS KISS KISSSSSSS. My favorite filthy, white trash OTP forever, ugh. WE'VE BEEN WAITING THREE SEASONS FOR THAT KISS, OKAY? ;____;


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