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MAN, I haven't done one of these in a while! Does anyone even remember how these things work? LET'S REVIEW:

- Comment with either a fic snippet/drabble/link in the comments! Be sure to list your rating and pairing (if necessary). Links to Tumblr and/or AO3 are a-okay!

- Comment with a prompt you'd like to see in any media form, be it fic, art, a song mix, or even a gif set. If someone fills that prompt, reply with a link!

- ALL PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS WELCOME, as long as it's related to the Agents of SHIELD 'verse. This means you are free to work within the realms of MCU, just make sure Coulson and his ducklings are involved!

That's it! Pretty simple, huh? In the interest of all the folks on Tumblr who may not have LJ accounts, anon commenting is on and ready! So let's do this!

And spread the word! I'm using the tag #Agents of SHIELD Fic Meme on Tumblr. Please remember to link back here if you post something!

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After today, would love to see a private moment between Protective!Coulson & Jemma Simmons (not as a couple, just feels-inducing) - Don't have LJ but am roseofskye13 on Tumblr.

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Really c/p what i said in my email but



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"This is ridiculous," Coulson said, and feinted aside from Simmons' prodding with swabs and a syringe. Unfortunately that put him in the path of Fitz's hands with stick-on sensors.

"So I took a zap from a stunner. I was wearing body armor, wasn't I? Stark-tech body armor. Felt like a joy buzzer." He batted away Simmons' hands when she tried to pull his eyelids open wider for a penlight exam. "This is ridiculous!"

"You are under orders from HQ, sir. Anything happens in the field that might affect whatever work they did on your heart, you go in to Medical for a complete workup," Agent Ward pointed out, arms crossed over his chest.

Skye held up the flash drive she kept on a chain around her neck and waved it, grinning wickedly.

"I've still got those pics and vids of your middle school cheerleading audition," she reminded him. May raised an eyebrow, and Coulson sighed. "There was a girl..."

Beside May, the Black Widow rolled her eyes. On Natasha's other side, Clint Barton held up a cellophane-wrapped sleeve of snack cakes. "Little Debbie Mini Diamond Powdered Sugar Donuts at the end if you're a good boy for the docs, Coulson," he called.

"You are enjoying this just entirely too much," Coulson complained to Hawkeye, and brushed aside more fussbudgeting from Simmons.

"Well, yeah," Clint said. "'Payback's a Bitch' is like a Level 1 secret, isn't it?"

"Better still. Be a good boy and we - " Natasha gestured to Melinda May "- won't kick your ass."

"Today," May qualified. "Right now he might enjoy that too much," she added in an undertone to Natasha.

"Please tell me you're almost done," Phil whined under his breath to Simmons.

"Almost done!" she chirped. "All that's left is the prostate exam -"

"ALL RIGHT, EVERYBODY OUT NOW." Coulson's shout was loud and resolute, and Fitz's monitors beeped out a merry polka of alarms. "Barton, that goes TRIPLE for you."
- finis

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A fucking lot of firsts happening here and I'm blaming Fox and the whole E-Mail crew for them ... what type of firsts? First time writing in months, first time EVER writing C/C, first time EVER writing Phil in any way ever, first time writing anything with the AoS crew in it ... but, gawd, it's C/C and an AoS meme and all YOU people and ... I just had to ... I needed to spread my wings and see what it would be like ... writing them.

Somehow, what in my head would be a short thing became ... this. Something caught between being an angsty semi-fix it and being a slightly rushed ... something. I don't know ... don't judge too harshly, maybe? *bites lip*

Approximation - Part 1/3


“Barton,” If he had been more awake, Clint might have cringed at the way his voice hitched, nearly squeaking at the end, sketchy from sleep. As it was, he was battling a serious case of “adrenalin vs. REM sleep”, which left him slightly dizzy and light headed. He fucking hated being called when he was out cold for once.

“Hawkeye, this is Agent May. We have a situation.”

Clint, who had been in the process of rubbing sleep from his eyes, still tangled in his sheets, at the same time as reaching for his alarm to check the time, sat up straight.

“Elaborate,” he snapped, immediately boxing the last traces of sleep away and letting adrenalin wash over, shaking him fully awake.

“It’s Agent Coulson, sir.” came the calm and professional response. “Your presence is required.”

Clint was on his feet and halfway in his jeans before he really realized what he was doing. For a split second, he hesitated, phone held to his ear with his left shoulder and hands nearly cramping where they gripped the fabric of his pants too tightly. Of course it was Phil, why else would Melinda fucking May be calling him at 0400 hours. Her calm response did nothing to keep his blood from running ice cold in his veins. Being friends with Natasha had taught him not to trust that kind of voice.

“Your location?” his voice was cold, clipped, as he jumped into his boots and wrangled a T-Shirt over his head. Somewhere, a voice told him to ignore the call. Everything had been done and said, his presence wasn’t required.
“S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ New York, med center.”

Clint swore, yanking the shirt over his torso and grabbing his keys. He had never been all that good at listening to orders, least of all his own.

“Be there in 10,” he said, ending the call and jogging out of his apartment.

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Phil/Melinda - the good old days. What were they? What happened? How did that all work? Bonus points for including Nick, Sitwell or any other old school SHIELD folks.

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I didn't write this, but apparently someone fulfilled your wish ( yesterday. It's a little violent in spots and a little sad in others, but just in keeping with the characters.

Bonus points for managing to be about 50% Canadian Shack fic without an actual Canadian Shack.

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Some may already exist, but what about Clint and Natasha vetting the new team to make sure they'll be able to adequately keep Coulson out of trouble/save his ass when necessary.

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(some hints of clint/coulson if you squint, but mostly clint+coulson+natasha family ship)


"Agent Grant Ward," Natasha said, holding up the file, "What do you think?"

Clint hummed. "Seems to have almost everything."

Natasha nodded. "He's not good with people though."

"How do you figure?"

She turned the file around and showed him Maria's drawing.

"Is that a pile of shit?" he asked, "a spiky pile of shit?"

"It's a hedgehog," Natasha said, "he's bad with people."

Clint shrugged. "Phil's good with people."

"What do you think, yes or no?"

"Yes," he said, "he'll need someone else who knows how to handle a weapon."

"He's got Agent Melinda May," Natasha said.

"There's no way she's going to say yes," he said, "she has a desk job now."

"Exactly," she said, "there's no way she won't say yes, she's probably bored out of her mind."

"She can definitely handle a weapon," Clint said, "I mean she was The Cavalry."

"Phil likes her," Natasha said, thoughtful.

Clint narrowed his eyes at the file. "That's a good thing right?"

She smiled at him. "Yeah," she said, "it's a good thing."

"I guess she can stay."

"What about Fitzsimmons?" Natasha said, putting Agent May's file on top of Ward's

"Science division?" Clint asked, picking up the file, "They're two people?"

"Yeah," Natasha said, taking Fitz' file, "they're brilliant, but this one hasn't passed the field exam."

"Neither has she," Clint said, "Jemma Simmons, kinda young, don't you think?"

"I've seen younger," she said.

He rolled his eyes at her. "Not everything is about you, Tasha," he said, "young without field experience could be bad."

"You think it could be trouble for Phil?"

He shrugged. "Could be, you know how he gets attached," he said, "then again, how much are they going to be in the field?"

The door opened and they both froze.

"Barton, Romanoff," Phil said, "I believe you have something of mine."

"Sir," Clint said, closing Simmons' file.

"We were just-" Natasha started.

"Going over my new team," he said, joining them at the debriefing table, "What do you think?"

"You have some holes," Natasha said.

"Might be more trouble than they're worth," Clint said.

"Funny," Phil said, smiling faintly, "That's what they said about you. As for the missing pieces, I believe they can all make up for what the others are lacking."

"Phil," Natasha said, "this isn't the avengers."

"No," he said, "this is better, they're SHIELD agents."

Clint rolled his eyes. "We're not all perfect, Phil," he said, "in fact I noticed all the people you chose are or have been reprimanded time and again for disobeying orders, for illicit activities, I mean The Cavalry alone-"

"Don't call her that."

"Phil," he said, "they're not perfect."

"They don't have to be," Phil said, "but they're going to be the perfect team."

"Well," Natasha said, sitting back, "if you like them, I like them."

"Yeah," Clint said, "just don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Phil was surprised into laughter. "That's a very short list."

Clint grinned. "Yeah," he said, "and getting shorter. Now, rumour has it that Fury gave you something to tug your team around in?"

"The Bus," Phil said, "come on, I'll show you." He collected his files and led Clint and Natasha out.

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Already put this plotbun on tumblr ( - WHERE is my Clint and Phil go Strawberry Festival-ing In the Country Together fic? How can someone not have written that the instant FZZT ended?

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yes yes yes pleeeease *wibble wobbles*

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clint has to go out of town for a while (and kate is probably off in a spaceship sleeping with noh varr and taking instagram selfies) so the only person that can watch lucky is coulson. oh no, things happen, and they have to take the bus to some remote location! good thing the bus is big enough to handle having a dog aboard. coulson doesn't tell anyone why/whose dog/how long, so the team takes in upon themselves to figure it out. fitzsimmons designs a way for lucky to, ahem, use the 'toilet' while they're in the air, melinda runs with him on the treadmills, skye starts teaching him tricks (because lol of course clint hasn't). maybe lucky sleeps in ward's bed with him? I DON'T KNOW- LOOK! A PUPPY ON A PLANE!

tl;dr - coulson (& the team) dogsit clint's golden retriever-like mutt. puppy shenanigans and bonding while on the bus ensue.

(p.s. first time i've done a fic meme since they got rid of comment titles. weird.)

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oh god, I have some friends with a dog who is addicted to the treadmill and the dog has figured out how to relieve itself while not squatting, so from what I can tell of Lucky (having not read the comics), they'd want to figure that out quickly. I suspect May would be Not Impressed with this canine talent.

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Prompt: birthday cake
Pairing: Fitz/Ward (it makes my friend happy)
(I think that May and Ward have awesome friendship potential and snark capabilities.)

May raised an eyebrow at Ward, looking at him out of the corner of her eye as she ran her weapons check. “You stopped for cake?” she asked.

Ward side-eyed her right back. “It didn’t contradict mission parameters,” he replied, a smug grin in his voice.

“Because no one else thought to stop by a bakery in the middle of a fire fight to buy cake. Ever,” May replied dryly.

Ward outright grinned. “Their loss, my gain, then.”

“Why did you buy a cake?” May asked, stashing her supplies away. As the pilot, she hadn’t carried much. As an active combatant, she carried more tools of the trade. Being prepared had a lot to be said for it. Namely being alive.

“Because it’s cake,” Ward shot back.

May shot him a distinctly unimpressed look that spoke volumes.

“Look, it’s one of SHIELD’s three guesses on Skye’s birthday, and she’s never had one before. Not one worth mentioning. So even if it’s wrong…”

May snorted. “You do realize she’s still not obligated to sleep with you, right?”

“You do realize you’re behind the times, right?” Ward replied.

May smiled faintly, mostly in her eyes. “So did you remember candles as well?” she asked, as close to an apology as she’d get when she didn’t see fault in what she’d said.

Ward tossed a mangled packet on the workbench in front of her. “Yeah, I’ll just have to see if Fitz or Simmons can… fix them.”

May picked them up and schooled her expression neutral to keep from laughing at how disgruntled Ward sounded that his candles had been shot. “How did your candles become a casualty while your cake doesn’t have an inch of icing out of place?” she asked. “Also, patch yourself up, you’re still bleeding.”

“Yeah, but if I go to the labs like this, Fitz will yell,” Ward grumbled.

May raised an eyebrow at that admission. “Then suck it up,” she advised. “Or suck him. A distraction should be in a specialist’s arsenal and repertoire.”

“Oh god, just quit before Coulson puts us all in sensitivity training. Again,” Ward pleaded.

May scoffed. “For fraternization? He has no legs to stand on.”

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i just want may snarking at everyone forever and generally being the queen of the world.

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Some of the above comments made me think, Natasha and Melinda would totally be bros. right? right :D?

selenay: Made by <lj site="" user="inkvoices"> (coulson 1)

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I think that I mentioned this one on the crazy giant email thread but...

Coulson doesn't like being poked. Except when it's Clint doing very specific poking with very specific intentions ;-) There needs to be a fic. Or more than one fic.

Also, I really hope there is some Skye/Simmons fluffy adorable fic being written right now *hints* And fanart. Skye/Simmons fanart.

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"You really do have such lovely hair." Jemma runs her fingers through Skye's hair, making her smile and blush. It's the twisted comment the baddie of the week had given her when she was captured, and at the moment it had made Skye want to cut off all her hair. Now however, with Jemma playing with the long strands lightly, she couldn't imagine cutting it "You have a lovely everything."

"Yeah?" Skye looks into Jemma's eyes and finds nothing but warmth and affection there. Its a change from how some of her other partners had looked at her, and its a welcomed change. When Jemma kisses her again its long and slow and it leaves Skye feeling warm and wanted.

"I think that answers your question." Skye smiles and leans her head on Jemma's bare chest, enjoying the quiet of the evening and the way Jemma occasionally stops twirling her hair to trailing her fingers in unknown patterns on her back.

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I've wanted to see this since ep 1: No offense to Ward, I didn't even like him until this last ep.

The team is in the middle of a dire situation, Coulson is doing his 'redemption talk' to the baddie. Ward is suddenly taken out by the non cooperating baddie who then goes for Coulson. Enter Hawkeye who happens to be in the right place at the right time and just found out Coulson's alive.

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I am going to do something with this but it may take a while as I've got Feelstide to do first :D

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Fitz/Simmons and more realizations like last episode when they realize just how much they mean to each other and can't live without each other. Because you can't tell me you saw Fitz's face in that last scene and he wasn't thinking "Well, shit." I NEED IT.

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Fitz/Ward and any snarky argument or whatever and someone tells them to just get over it already and kiss AND/OR Fitz protecting Ward like Ward wants to protect the rest of the team <3

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Oooooh! Shiny!

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Five incidents that Fitz and Simmons will NEVER SPEAK OF AGAIN

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I totally back this one up.

I'd write it myself but I'm a bit busy. But yes, somebody please write this one.

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Coulson doesn't sweat, he glistens.

Clint can attest to that fact.


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prompt: May/Cavalry feels
pairing: none

[Cavalry! Cavalry, do you copy?] Control demanded in May’s ear, panic edging into the operator’s voice. [We’ve lost Cavalry, I repeat, Cavalry is down!]

May pulled herself up, standing mostly from grim determination and willpower, unable to stop the grunt of pain. She really wished Control would shut up. She wasn’t out of the fight yet. By the time she caught her target, they would only wish she was. The target had murdered the three field agents running the initial op and sent the director the dismembered corpses as a message. “This.. is Cavalry,” she managed to grit out before letting her mind blank out into mission mode.

When she came to, she was on the Helicarrier in sickbay. She didn’t say a word through her stay, silently fighting to regain control of muscles and reflexes she’d shattered beyond their limits, knitting her bones back together. Upon her release, she dropped the paperwork off at the director’s office before the mandatory psych eval.

“Agent Melinda May, formerly codename Cavalry, requesting transfer to Administrative Duties,” was all they said. She got her desk the next day, ignoring the loose tongues in the offices around her. If bullets didn’t kill her, office scuttlebutt certainly wouldn’t.
Edited 2013-11-08 18:10 (UTC)

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After Phil 'goes to Tahiti', Clint finds a red, vintage car among Phil's possessions. He knows Phil had just bought it, planning on refurbishing it, but never got around to it. Clint starts the process himself.

In other words, Clint is the only other person who's ever allowed to touch Lola.

(bonus points for Clint installing flamethrowers)

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omg, yes!

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Fitz/Simmons/Ward and some kind of sex pollen (affecting one, two or all three).

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Possible trigger, here...

There's a reason Coulson goes all Papa Wolf when someone hurts his baby!agents. He's lost a child.

Clearly, I want to cry buckets. Is the prompt too dark, anons?

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Coulson/Skye - spanking

Skye is being bratty and breaking rules again; Coulson decides a good spanking would sort things out.

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Oh yes please! Someone!