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fic: my insides are copper (wip)

Here's the thing: you would think I've been in fandom, as a writer, for so long that I would learn that ultimately, what I write is for ME and MY enjoyment and no one else's. Yes, it's nice to have people respond to your work and the words you spent time putting together into a story about characters we love. But in the end, it's about what I want to write.

This is not Bylines. Please don't tell me you're sad about this! I know I haven't updated Bylines in a while, BELIEVE ME, I KNOW. And let me reiterate that it is not abandoned. Bylines will be finished. But for now, what I want to write is a dumb high school AU. So bear with me, okay?


My Insides Are Copper
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | 5700 words (this part) | NC-17 (eventually)

Just once, Phil wished he could ignore Clint Barton. It would make his life so much easier.

(or, The High School AU Where Clint and Phil Hate Each Other, Only They Really Don't, and Feelings Happen)

You can track this story here, at my tumblr, or on AO3.

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You write whatever it is you want to write! "Copper" is FABULOUS, as is all your writing. And if you want to leave it there, thats okay, too! You haven't signed a contract, you don't owe anyone anything ;). Most of all, you have to love and have excitement for what you write :)

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Awww, thank you so much, hon. It's just been a little frustrating these past few days...I already feel enough guilt about not updating Bylines enough, and then people guilt me more. :(

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well, said raiining, i completely agree ::nods::

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Wait, do people really complain as if you owed them anything? That's horrible! O_O

As for me, when I got the AO3 notification I did a little happy dance, and when I read it was a highschool AU it turned into a celebratory conga line with me and my cat. \o/

(Seriously, write whatever you want, whenever you want to, as long as it makes you happy!)

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I don't read WIPs so therefore I haven't started on Bylines either but I just wanted to comment, you write whatever you want. Whenever you want. That's kind of the point of fandom, of a hobby, of something you do for fun and not something you get paid for and is therefore a "must-show-results" situation. Hope you find the fun of writing again and ignore expectations (easier said than done, yada yada ;)). I just wanted to pretty much say that you shouldn't have to apologize for doing what you want with your hobby

/steps off soapbox

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Thank you. ♥ Sometimes I just need to hear it repeated back to me.

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Cheering you on, bb! <3

And honestly, who turns down MORE HS!AU fic??

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There would not be one reason in the world why having two series by you on the go would make me sad. A NEW SERIES IS THE BEST NEWS EVER
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Now I have 2 great WIPs to look forward to. I don't see any problems here. :)

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First: forgive my crappy english.
Second: Hey, there! :)
Ok, well... you don't know me, but I've come across your LJ like six months ago and then read anything you wrote. You made me fell in love again with fanfictions, after years spent not giving a f*q about fandom anymore.
That's why when I read your last post I felt the need to thank you. You are an amazing writer, to me you could write a fictionalized version of the yellow pages and I'd be happy about it.
Don't feel guilty, there's no need; you don't owe anything to anyone.
Plus, I've read My insides are copper and it's lovely! So many feels already! :)
Great work.

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oh man, god bless you and all high school aus you touch, excuse me while I obsessively read and reread this over and over again.

I'm glad you're writing what you want to write instead of what people keep asking you about. Somehow, fics that you feel obligated to finish are never as much fun as ones you just want to work on. Cheering you on forever, love!