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Not that I don't fangirl her enough, but oh man...

Five Times Beecher Never Cried by [ profile] callmerizzo

No one in this fandom writes perpetually broken, hurts-your-soul Toby better. If you want several reasons why he's one of the absolute best characters ever rendered on television, read this. Nothing breaks my cold dead heart more than this fandom, gah.

The Five for Six Challenge at [ profile] oz_rapsheet owns my soul and wins at life.
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Revisionist History by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie

READ OMG. Jack/Sawyer future!fic at its very, very best. Quiet, subtle, hot. So love much for this fic, I can't even say.

Megan Day!

Apr. 7th, 2006 09:29 am
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Happy [ profile] eponine119 Day (i.e. Megan is Teh Shit Day)!

I have a special affinity for Megan, not just because she is an amazing writer who I admire and look up to, but because we're veterans of The X-Files fandom, and can bond over our gripes over the darkness of seasons 8 and 9 as well as flail and gush over our old fav Mulder/Scully fics, LOL.

To create a simple list of her best stuff is enough to make my brain hurt. It's practically impossible--but I'll try my damndest. :)

Many of these I've already rec'd during my turns at [ profile] crack_van, but they bear repeating.


Kissing Games
My [ profile] crack_van review: I'm slightly obsessed with Jack/Sawyer first-kiss fics, which is exactly what this is, and I love it to death. Everything's just so spot-on here, you can almost squint and see canon.
Pain Management and its sequel Fix
Eye of the Needle
Test Drive
My [ profile] crack_van review: This fic is set further into season two, and Sawyer is back to stealing and hording supplies. Jack, in his desperation to keep the respect of the other survivors and his reputation as a good leader, decides to teach Sawyer a lesson. He leads him out to The Black Rock and quickly loses control of the situation. Warning: much, MUCH darkness and other twisted things occur, but it's so good (and hot) it hurts. One of the best Jack/Sawyer fics out right now.

[ profile] jackjames_verse fics

The Deep End


A Job Half Finished (Sawyer/Kate)
In a Sydney Hotel Room (Sawyer/Kate)
Red Sky (gen)
A Man Like This (Sawyer/Cassidy)
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I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday [ profile] lillyjk!

And to all the Jack/Sawyer fans on my flist: if you haven't read [ profile] halfdutch's post-Lockdown fic Lay It Down, you're missing out. Seriously. I feel like J/S has been reborn in this fandom.

Speaking of J/S (sort of)...

my lovely Matt Fox dream )

ETA: This is infinitely amusing to me. IT DOESN'T STOP!
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I would like to draw your attention to this:

Lost: A Fairytale by [ profile] sparky77

Written for me after I prompted her last night to write a cracktastic Sawyer/Snape drabble that ended up involving Snape turning Sawyer into a frog. From that, this was born.

“I do love you, Frog!” Jack said triumphantly.

“Yeah,” Frog said, “That’s nice. I’m still undecided on you.”

Made my day. Happy Friday, everyone. :D

EDIT: I almost forgot! [ profile] words_fly_up! Go join now! [ profile] themoononastick in her loveliness has created a fic challenge based around Shakespeare quotes. You pick and choose how you see fit. And the deadline isn't until April. :)
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Are you all reading [ profile] holycitygirl's Jack/Sawyer-as-models AU, "The Stroke"? No, seriously, don't laugh. It's AWESOME. She's up to five chapters already.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Makes you wanna run right out and buy an Abercrombie catalog. :D
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Everyone: Why is Aleesha ded on the floor?

Me: Well, first I was forced into writing Sawyer!ruffsex with Charlie by AT LEAST two people. Then [ profile] uberaeryn wrote me MY BIRTHDAY PORN EARLY. *flails* THEN, [ profile] themoononastick writes hot, yummy, OMGGUH Mal/Simon that's really Mal/Inara in disguise, and therefore, I am here. Ded. On teh floor.

Honestly, I feel SO much better now.


*still ded on floor*

I <3 fall

Oct. 23rd, 2005 07:14 pm
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I went to the store tonight and had to finally dig out my favorite J.Crew peacoat. Ahhh, I love fall. 34 degrees at seven o'clock at night? Hell yeah.

And to keep this from being a completely pointless post, I'd like to tell you all to read [ profile] halfdutch's Ache. Jack/Kate/Sawyer, set in new canon, and absolutely wonderful. Like she said, there's something for everyone. :)

(and she wrote new Jack/James, too--FIRST TIME SEX ZOMG. *flails*)
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Pleaspleasepleaseplease for the love of all that is right in the world read [ profile] eponine119's The Deep End. Jack/James verse at it's best. Pure and simple. I was BROKEN by this fic. Even if you've never read anything in J/J verse, read it anyway. *begs* It's just...I do not have English words to describe how much I'm in love with this fic. The angst, the sadness, the longing... GUH. READ IT.


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