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Request #1: The Eagle - The Eagle of the Ninth | Marcus/Esca
There aren't enough AUs in this fandom, especially stripper AUs (HELLO, have you seen Magic Mike, I MEAN REALLY). Anything where Marcus and Esca are rivals would be amazing, and if you're feeling generous I'd even beg for a college frat boy AU (RIVAL FRATS WHERE EACH HAS TO DEFEND THEIR HONOR omg why aren't more of theeeeese sob). I'm also a huge fan of porn...lots of porn. Marcus being dumb and not knowing what he wants. Esca being smart and knowing how to give it to him. I don't necessarily need one or the other topping, just Esca being in control (that being said, Esca being a dominant bottom is GLORIOUS AND WONDERFUL). Voyeurism is A+++++. I'm not squeamish about violence if you want to keep them in canon, but I definitely need a happy ending. No unrequited stuff or character deaths, please!

Request #2: Killjoys | Johnny/Alvis
So if you've paid attention to the show's season finale, you maaaaay have picked up on some weird tension with Johnny and Alvis--I mean, Johnny's wearing Alvis' robes, right?? AND KNOWS ALL THE RIGHT BLESSINGS BECAUSE HE FOLLOWED ALVIS AROUND. Basically what I'm saying is, I ship it and would like some kinky, struggling-with-religion-versus-the-desires-of-the-flesh-type stuff. A side of Dutch and D'avin working their shit out would be great, too, although they don't have to be romantically involved if you don't feel so inclined. I'm not picky on settings; AU or canon, post-season finale or whatever, go nuts!

Request #3: Check Please! | Bitty/Jack
I am a junkie for jealousy and can't get enough of what Bitty's reaction could have possibly been a) to seeing Parse come out of Jack's room all disheveled and b) Jack's subsequent meltdown. IT'S SO DELICIOUS. I desperately need some kind of get-together with Jack and Bitty (preferably porny if possible) where Bitty wants so badly to know more about Jack's history with Parse but can't quite ask. Maybe he gets more details from Shitty and the others, or maybe he does his own research. Either way, Bitty struggling with his feelings and jealousy would be MOST excellent. And kissing, of course. Lots of kissing. And cupcakes.