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Dear Yuletide Author [2014 edition]...

Greetings, Yuletide writer! I am SUPER STOKED to have you writing for me, and while I capslock a lot in a dramatic fashion, I promise I'm very easy to please!

1. The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) (Marcus/Esca)

There aren't enough AUs in this fandom, especially stripper AUs (HELLO, have you seen Magic Mike, I MEAN REALLY). Anything where Marcus and Esca are rivals would be amazing, and if you're feeling generous I'd even beg for a college frat boy AU (RIVAL FRATS WHERE EACH HAS TO DEFEND THEIR HONOR omg why aren't more of theeeeese sob). I'm also a huge fan of porn...lots of porn. Marcus being dumb and not knowing what he wants. Esca being smart and knowing how to give it to him. I don't necessarily need one or the other topping, just Esca being in control (that being said, Esca being a dominant bottom is GLORIOUS AND WONDERFUL). Voyeurism is A+++++. I'm not squeamish about violence if you want to keep them in canon, but I definitely need a happy ending. No unrequited stuff or character deaths, please!

2. Captive Prince - C.S. Pacat (Laurent/Damen)

If you're like me, you've chewed both your arms off waiting for the third book to come out. Since I'm desperate for anything Laurent/Damen-related, I will take virtually ANYTHING about these two. You can do a quick-and-dirty PWP, or a lovely little vignette where Laurent shows ALL THE EMOTIONS. Or you can do a what-if scenario, which are always great. I especially love the What-If-Auguste-Had-Lived scenarios, heart-breaking as they are. Porn or no porn, I only ask that you give me a great Laurent POV, because Laurent ;____;<333333.

3. The Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin (Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer)

Um, if you don't know me at all, you should prooooooobably understand that I am obsessed with high school fics. Like, a lot. A LOT, a lot. Hence my slight fixation on this pairing and my love for Byron Pike. I love the triplet dynamic, and how Byron is the ~smart~ one of the bunch, the romantic one. Byron's POV is my favorite; him struggling to figure himself out, and not just his sexuality. First-time fic is like CATNIP for me, so naturally I love virgin/experienced character pairings. Not saying Jeff has to be a man-whore, but I definitely like him with the upper hand in terms of sexual experience. And you don't necessarily have to set it in high school! College settings are perfectly acceptable! Just as long as there's tons of pining and misunderstandings and sweetness and sexiness and angst and boys being stupid, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER, AUTHOR.

Whatever you choose to create, THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!! ♥

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