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WOW, I did not mean to go so long without posting here. I always swore I wouldn't be one of those people to go months at a time without updating, but, um. Whoops?

But hey, guess what?

I HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave my final presentation for my MBA last night with flying colors. I could not have asked for things to go any better. I presented a business plan that I (along with three others) have literally been working on for nearly two years to a panel of four professionals--three business faculty and one outside business guy. IT WAS GREAT! I mean, lol, not that I'd do that every day because fuck that, but in terms of how smoothly everything went and how the panel reacted to everything, I'm ecstatic. I cried when they came back from deliberation and said told us congratulations, we now have our MBAs. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

(If you're wondering, the business is a drive-thru liquor store. NO, we are not starting this irl, we're SICK OF TALKING ABOUT LIQUOR STORES, LOL.)

Commencement ceremony is a week from tomorrow. In the meantime, I am going to DRINK and READ FIC and WRITE FIC and NOT WORRY ABOUT FUCKING SCHOOL EVERY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/


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CONGRATULATIONS! Very well done. Enjoy it all you can, and especially the commencement ceremony. I hope that writing fic is fun, and look forward to the results!!

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Congrats, well deserved after that much work. Wallowing in fandom and doing fun things will be all the sweeter :D

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Congratulations!! I have an MA, so I know what an achievement this is! WooHoo! Drink, read fic - you've earned it!!

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Congratulations!!! That's so awesome! (Also, sorry for disappearing for... uh, feels like ever, I got a new job last year and lost all free time :( ) So, hi for the first time in a long time and congrats, that's fantastic! Are you going to walk?

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Yep, on May 10! :D

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Fuck to the yeah!

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Congrats :D

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Congratulations!!!!!! \o/

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congrats! that's an amazing accomplishment. and from now on, you only have to present business plans that you really want to create!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is totally amazeballs. I am actually heading back to grad school this fall, ten years after my MA, to do an MSc in a totally different field. I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from thesis-related amnesia, or else I'm just a masochist. "It wasn't that bad," I tell myself. *headdesk*

So you can laugh at me for the next year while admiring your fabulous diploma. You've earned it!

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So much congrats darling!