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Happy 2014, LJ!

It's New Year's Day here, which means Yuletide reveals! LOL I can't believe I ended up writing what I did, since this fandom was totally a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment addition that I didn't actually think I'd end up getting ahahaha. Behold, my Bee and Puppycat fic!

One Last Thing
Fandom: Bee & Puppycat | Bee/Deckard | 1600 words | G
Once upon a time, the universe had been his.

This was MUCH HARDER TO WRITE THAN I THOUGHT. It's not easily going off of 15 minutes canon that is deceptively complex. I took some liberties with Puppycat's backstory, obviously, and uh, I gave him a name! Anywho, Yuletide was a TON OF FUN, and I don't know why I haven't done it before!

As for my Yuletide gift fic, I got TWO!!

- Now Again a Beloved Son by sevenses, which is 27k (!!!) of canon AU Captive Prince fic (!!!!!!!!!!!!). YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. This fic looks at what would happen if Damen hadn't killed Auguste on the battlefield at Marlas. Gorgeous, complex, and complete in keeping with Damen's canon voice. The bromance between him and Auguste is worth reading alone. This story was an embarrassment of riches, let me tell you.

- extreme songs that told me by Siria, a short, sweet Bourne Legacy character study of Aaron and the insecurities he carries. ♥


I am still making my way through the massive list of stories, but here is a rundown of some really, really great stuff I've managed to find:

- Two Princes by Signe (Captive Prince canon fic, immediately follows the events of book 2)
- Little Murders by Destina (L.A. Confidential, Bud White/Ed Exley fic that's so sharp and painful it'll make your heart bleed)
- Wherever You Go by Alby_Mangroves (The Eagle, Marcus/Esca, follows canon to a point and then takes an interesting turn. Love, love, LOVE the Esca inner monologue here. On a separate note, I'm bummed there were only two Eagle fics written for Yuletide this year.)
- Till China and Africa Meet by Signe (SERIOUSLY, there were FIVE Captive Prince fics written this year and I recommend every damn one of them!!)
- Postbellum by FaustianAspirant (again, more amazing Captive Prince fic. The Laurent voice here is just heartbreakingly perfect.)
- Lines in Palms by Fahye (this is another Captive Prince canon AU, only this one is told from Laurent's POV and it's so good I could die.)

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I'm seriously regretting not watching The Eagle sooner than I did, so I could add it to my Yuletide fandoms. NEXT YEAR THOUGH!