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aleesha ([personal profile] foxxcub) wrote2013-12-11 05:29 pm


Hiya, LJ.

So, thanks to a few great fandom peeps, I've decided to try and write an original novel for this publisher, specifically for their "Coming of Age" genre. There are open calls for YA LGBT short stories, but, ahahaha, the idea I came up with is going to be WAY LONGER THAN 12K. I'm honestly super, super excited about it, because seriously, me getting paid to write high school AUs IRL? WHY NOT?

I don't want to say I'm putting fanfic on hold in the new year; I don't think I will, necessarily. I still want to work on "Copper" and "Bylines", but I also want to tell the story of Jake Abbott, who definitely isn't gay and definitely isn't into Carson Green, who moves back to town after six years and suddenly isn't the scrawny little blond kid Jake remembers. He's still scowly and sharp with Jake--he clearly remembers Jake picking on him as kids, even though their parents made them walk to the library together for summer reading program--but then there's the issue of Carson now being five inches taller than Jake and built like an athlete (Carson would rather die than play team sports, however; the son of a bio-chem professor mother and a pharmaceutical salesman father gets into science stuff early on). Jake doesn't have crush, though. He's too busy being a star baseball player and pretending that he doesn't have leather-bound journals full of writings for his future novel, or that he doesn't love to read all the books stacked in his room. Carson still thinks Jake's that cocky kid he grew up with, and Jake wants to keep believing Carson's just a dweeby nerd who hates him.

So...there's that. I think that is a story I would like to write. And read. :D?

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