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CONFESSION: I have been in fandom God knows how many years and have never done Yuletide. EVER. So this year, I decided to finally buck up and give it a whirl. So hi!

I'm fairly easy to please, but let me just say that AUs are the way to my heart. This doesn't mean I don't adore the canon of my listed fandoms! But if you want to throw someone in college or a coffee shop or WHATEVER, I am down with that, just sayin'. I like porn, I like pining, I'm not big on domestic fic or kid!fic. Give me angst and drawn-out UST. I don’t care for gen fic, sorry (AT LEAST give me a teen rating...or, you know. Um. *cough*).


1. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) [Hansel/Mina, Gretel] - Seriously, I know I JUST said I don’t like gen fic, buuuut if you wanted to write some cracktastic gen fic where they swear a lot and kill a bunch of demons, that’d be swell. Or, if you wanted to write an AU where they’re in college and Hansel is dealing with fraternity rush and meets a cute townie girl named Mina, I wouldn’t complain. The point here is ~HANSEL~ any time, all the time, yes?

2. The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Marcus/Esca] - Oh boy, I love these two SO MUCH, and hey, they’re in love in canon, so it’s pretty hard to complain about any fic written about them. I have, um, specific kinks with these two? Marcus being needy and slutty and Esca just domming the crap out of him is A+. I also looooooove virgin!Marcus and ~experienced!Esca, so do what that as you will. I once had an idea for a What’s Your Number AU that was never written…:D? I really just love Esca being frowny and exasperated and totally in love with his big, goofy boyfriend.

3. Captive Prince - S.U. Pacat [Damen/Laurent] - I could drown myself in these characters, and while I’d DIE for some great porn, I really would be just as content with a character study of, like, Damen watching Laurent and catalog all the things he loves about him (which is basically the entire series, I know, crol). Or, anything showing Laurent being vulnerable and emotional for Damen alone, either on purpose or without realizing, would kill me in the best way possible. My absolute favorite parts of the series are when Damen shows how well he understands Laurent more than anyone ever has and how that knowledge both flusters, frustrates, and touches Laurent so very deeply.

4. The Quick and The Dead (1995) [Cort/Ellen] - Oh god, please, please, PLEASE JUST WRITE ME A HAPPILY EVER AFTER CODA, i.e. Ellen stays behind and she and Cort have all the sex and rebuild the town and are HOT, BADASS LAWMEN (LAWPEOPLE??) TOGETHER.

5. Bourne Legacy (2012) [Aaron/Marta] - It is my personal headcanon that Aaron is a virgin. I won’t get into the details, but in short he’s never, ever had the kind of life where he could naturally explore his sexual wants and desires like a normal person. He’s only ever been a soldier or a science experiment or an assassin. But with Marta, he can finally learn to be a real person and a human being. Anything you can write that deals with any aspect of this headcanon would be AMAZEBALLS.

THANK YOU, YULETIDE WRITER!! I know whatever you come up with will be fantastic. Please don’t feel like you have adhere verbatim to my requests; they’re suggestions, nothing more! If you’d like to stalk me, feel free! I’m foxxcub here on Livejournal and AO3, and akafoxxcub on Tumblr.

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