Jun. 24th, 2013

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WOW OKAY, SO THINGS! As of last week, I think we've officially decided to start working towards buying a new house. The one we're in currently is just too damn small, since we bought it when we were all OMG WHY IS MONEY and didn't want a huge mortgage payment. Which, don't get me wrong, a small mortgage is totes awesome, but tiny closets and bathrooms and shitty carpet is not. This time around we're buying the house we actually want, not just the one that's cheapest.

And uh, we're starting to save for a trip to New Zealand???? NERD TRIP 2015 Y'ALL. There's a chance we might add a quick Australia excursion in there, too, but we'll see, it might cut into my EXTREME LORD OF THE RINGS TOUR and since there's, y'know, 4623454 LOTR/Hobbit cons going on at any given moment, maybe my stalking time of Dean O'Gorman. I mean. What. >.>

I had a super long solo road trip this past weekend wherein I listened to Save Rock and Roll on repeat for like five hours. If you don't think FOB made a concept album about death and rebirth then I don't want to talk to you. Why hasn't anyone written a doctoral thesis on this shit?? And did I mention I'm seeing them in FOUR DAYS??? First time in four years I'll have Patrick Stump live in my face. Since I can't listen to "Save Rock and Roll" (the song) without crying, I think it's fair to say there will be tears. On top of this, I get to have a [livejournal.com profile] slowlikewine for the entiiiiiiire weekend. Which am I more excited for, I DON'T KNOW!!!?

I'm writing again! Yay! It's ridiculous deaging fic where Phil is a moody sixteen year old who is a dick to everyone, idek, someone will read it I guess.


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