Mar. 28th, 2013

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Yes, I changed my default icon for the first time in, oh, four years?? I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE. Actually, that's not true; a black and white Hawkeye icon isn't all THAT different from a black and white panda icon...right? I just really love Clint Barton, okay. ;___; The panda's still around, don't worry. But for those of you who pictured me as a panda in real life, I'm sorry to throw your worldview out of whack.

I'm having some interesting live things happening lately. Yesterday I had a job interview with the university I used to work for. Long story short, I applied for a position with them over a month ago when my current job situation looked dire, and then forgot about it when things evened out. The thing is, this position is totally in keeping with my long-term career goals, and I applied for it thinking I wouldn't ever hear from them (when I worked there, I applied for a similar position and never got a response, but this was before I started working on my masters and had the appropriate experience). Let's just say the masters-in-progress on my resume makes a huge difference in who talks to you in higher ed. It's stupid, but true.

While this position will help immensely with making me super marketable in the future, it's not a pay raise. Also, I'll have to work later hours (although they will make compensations for the nights I have class). Not to mention I'll have to pay the remainder of my masters tuition out of pocket. But on the flip side, I'll be on a salary scale that will have me making more in two years than I ever would in my current job. And there's the whole "it'll make my resume shiny" aspect.

I haven't even been offered the job yet, so this may all be a moot point. But if I am offered, it'll be a tough decision. Ugh, adult things. :( Ugh, life. :(


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