Mar. 12th, 2013

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I've been out with the death flu since last Friday, so I hadn't been in the office until this morning. And lo and behold, I am greeted with the most FANTASTIC NEWS: remember the horrible VP of my department who was making everyone miserable and was the cause for my sudden frantic job hunting? HE WAS FIRED ON FRIDAY!!!!! Along with the equally horrible director who served under him, who was at one point supposed to be my new boss.

\o/ H A L L E L U J A H \o/

I no longer need to look for a new job! I can keep the one I like! It's like Christmas in March.

Even with the death flu, I managed to turn in my [ profile] harlequinbbang rough draft. And I have an artist? I'm just praying I don't experience my usual big bang drama and get totally screwed out of my art. :/ (I shouldn't say that, I've had some really great collaborations with artists! Just...sometimes the bad experiences stick with you.)

And holy hell, y'all, if you haven't had a chance to start watching Vikings on The History Channel, PLEASE DO SO. It's tropey to the max and has everything from gorgeous, smirky blue-eyed Norsemen (aka Ragnar Lothbrok) to SWEET CAPTIVE ENGLISH MONKS (aka Athelstan, aka that adorable kid from Les Mis). And also bad-ass warrior women (aka Ragnar's awesome wife, Lagertha). And proposed threesomes. I'm just saying. THREESOMES. Seriously. Go read this, and if you like that, read this.


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