Feb. 18th, 2013

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So the last few days have been FULL OF FEELINGS FOR FICTIONAL PEOPLE OH MY GOD. Firstly, this week's Elementary completely slayed me, as in reducing me to blubbering tears, because Sherlock Holmes, y'all. Johnny Lee Miller is SPECTACULAR and has ruined me for BBC Sherlock (but not Downey!Sherlock, c'mon, RDJ > the universe).

Then I spent the entire weekend reading Captive Prince instead of writing a paper. Yes, I know I'm behind with the times, but in my defense I did not want to start this story way back when since it was a WIP and I didn't want to get sucked in. I mistakenly thought the whole story was complete once I heard it had been published on Amazon, but OH NO there's still one more book, sob. I am now obsessed with casting Damen and Laurent, and this graphic collage comes pretty damn close to being my headcanon. I also have MANY MANY THOUGHTS on spoilery things, so if anyone wants to discuss, hit me up. But I will say: bless you, S.U. Pacat, for putting all the best tropes from all my favorite romance novels as a kid into one gloriously epic story.

ALSO IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS STORY YET, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. It's Game of Thrones meets allllll the best epic gay slavefic romances.

And thirdly, hoshit SHAMELESS, i.e. KISS KISS KISSSSSSS. My favorite filthy, white trash OTP forever, ugh. WE'VE BEEN WAITING THREE SEASONS FOR THAT KISS, OKAY? ;____;


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