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HAPPY NEW YEAR, FLIST! Hooooomg, I am exhausted. So, so exhausted. I got back from Texas on New Year's Eve (Galveston was lovely, but my aunt and uncle--i.e. my dad's sister and brother, one of whom is still recovering from lung cancer--are elderly and not in the best health, so the trip was long and tiring and depressing on many levels), then turned right around and went out to a fancy dinner with Mr. Foxx that included bottomless champagne. THEN, right after midnight, the couple at the table beside us (whom Mr. Foxx swore was Dick Cheney and his wife, the resemblance was UNCANNY) started buying shots for everyone. Needless to say, we ended up literally stumbling up the street at 2:00am like a couple of frat bros and buying a room at the nearest hotel to pass out in. I was hungover as FUCK yesterday, and we still had a two hour drive home. :(((( I haven't unpacked, my house is kind of a disaster area, and I am also getting sick again. I am also back at work for the first time in a week and a half. :((((((

ANYWAY, SPEAKING OF FRAT BROS, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HOBBIT AND THE DRUNKEN FRAT BROS OF MIDDLE EARTH? Or more specifically, Fili and Kili, who basically took over my brain over the Christmas holiday. I literally spent every waking moment not entertaining family reading any and all things Fili/Kili, aka DURINCEST. For the first time, I've reading everything under a pairing tag on AO3. Yes, I know, and I don't want to hear it. THEY ARE HARD TO RESIST, OKAY???


This is Fili and Kili (as played by Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner):

Fili is the older of the two brothers. Kili is the baby and loves archery, beer, and his bro.

THEY ARE BB DWARVES (no, seriously, they are canonically like 17 and 19) FOLLOWING THEIR UNCLE THORIN (who is played by the fucking delicious Richard Armitage) ON AN ADVENTURE!!


I mean, when I say dwarves are the drunken frat bros of Middle Earth, I am not joking. THIS VIDEO IS BASICALLY THE FIRST HALF OF THE MOVIE. I'm sure if Bilbo had had Petron on hand there would have been shots involved.

FTR, Durincest in general can involve Thorin with these two--threesome fic is not uncommon! However, I'm more into the brothers themselves and Thorin just being the exasperated, put-upon uncle who shakes his head at his nephews' shenanigans. I love these bbs a lot, but they are really dumb sometimes.

Now, there's not a whooooole lot of fic on these two currently? But there are some real gems, especially on The Hobbit kink meme. Pretty much anything by [personal profile] sospes is amazing:

* With You By My Side - Deals with the fallout of Fili becoming king of Erebor instead of Thorin.
* Stoke the Fire - Kili and Fili hate each other. SO GREAT.
* Heat - Possessive!Kili uuuuuugh
*** Those Who Wait - THIS is the fic I'd probably have anyone read first if you're wanting to get into this pairing. So, so perfect, and the Fili voice is fantastic and heartbreaking.

Other recs on AO3:

* in places deep (where dark things sleep) by Liu
* The World is Ahead (But Tonight We Sleep) by archae_ology (SLEEPOVER AT BAG END!)
* On the Road by listedheart (PORN)

You can also troll the Durincest tag on Tumblr, because ARRRRRRT. THE ART, PRECIOUSSSSS.

by captainhumprey on Tumblr

by trazolibre on Tumblr

from here

from NiJole-teh-drac on Deviantart

And yes, RPS exists, because Jesus Christ we are only human, y'know??

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It's dark and stormy outside and I have a ton of shit to do, namely homework and housecleaning, but all I want to do is sit and read big bang fics all day, whoops.

So yesterday Mr. Foxx took me running on a mountain bike trail. He goes biking all the time there, and swears to me that all the hills have done wonders for his strength training. I've been meaning to incorporate more hillwork into my runs, but the normal trail I run is pretty damn flat. However, a nature trail IS NOT a mountain bike trail. It's like running a 5k course designed by mountain goats. Mr. Foxx rode his bike behind me, bless his heart, while I attempted to navigate the trail without dying.

Of course, as soon as he rode ahead of me, I tripped on a rock and fell flat on my face. This happened again about fifteen minutes later. Now, I realize that no one's judging me when I fall, but I have this pathological humiliation trigger that happens whenever I fall, especially when I'm running. Even if I FEEL okay, I'll burst into tears. Needless to say, there were a lot of tears in the course of two miles. I'm bruised and scrapped up, but I'm glad I went out there; I'll just have to keep at it until I'm more coordinated.

(my left hand is SO BRUISED)

Other things of note: Skyfall is pretty awesome, although I don't think I'm on the fannish train like so many of you? Maybe it's because I've never been fannish about James Bond, no matter who plays him.

Even if you're not on Tumblr, if you're an Arthur/Eames fan (or even just a fan of gay porn), you REALLY should check out MOST AMAZING TUMBLR.
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So this guy is still our president THANK THE LORD. I have never been so emotionally invested in a presidential election in my life. Gurl, I know he's not perfect, but the alternative just cannot be fathomed. Bu-bye, Mittens.
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Hooookay, so. I have been a paid account user of LJ for nearly 8 years, and I've been through a lot of shit. I mean, a lot. I stayed through Strikethrough '07, and the DOS debacles, and everything in between. But this whole "default friends list" thing is the final straw for me. I am HYPER anal about the way my flist looks and how I read it, and if LJ takes all that away from me, then there's no reason for me to stay.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm GONE, by any means. I'm just...looking into other options. Hence the DW crossposting. I'll probably still continue to read my LJ flist, but I will be crossposting to DW and Tumblr more and more, I think. I hate this, I really do. Jesus, LJ, it's like you WANT me to break up with you. :(

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I have a humongous fic rec for y'all. It's a WIP on the Avengers kinkmeme, but let me assure you that the writer is a friend of mine (who wishes to remain anon until the story is completed and betad) and I have complete faith she will finish. She's been updating almost daily for the past few weeks! What's the story? CANON(ISH) CLINT/COULSON SLAVEFIC:

If you love h/c fic and/or Clint/Coulson, this is the fic for you. And let me tell you, the person writing this is a MASTER at H/C and slavefic. READ IT!!
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Test test test. :D


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